As a CHA patient, our job is to help you feel your best. This includes treating you when you are sick and giving you the support you need to improve or maintain your health. We hope that you find this newsletter useful and hope to get your suggestions on other topics of interest!
MyChart upgrades make it easier for you to manage your care

Brian Herrick_ MD
Are you one of the 45,000 CHA patients already using MyCHArt? Or are you interested in learning more about our secure patient portal? Dr. Brian Herrick shares what's new today and what's coming in 2017.
The few things you should always do for your health

David Elvin_ MD
With our health, we often have the best intentions. But given our busy lives, we tend to delay or filter out things we feel are less urgent. According to Dr. David Elvin, there are a few things you should always do to protect your health. Learn what and why.
Protect your kids and grandkids from abusing medications

Ellie Grossman_ MD
All of us want to protect our kids and grandkids from abusing drugs. But you may not be aware what kids are getting high on and how they obtain these drugs. Dr. Ellie Grossman shares some of the latest statistics and provides concrete steps you can take to protect your loved ones.
Can frail adults maintain their health, dignity and independence?

Jonathan Burns_ MD
Do you know someone that is over 55 and needs extra support to stay healthy and live safely at home? The Elder Service Plan could be an option. Dr. Jonathan Burns explains more about how this program is transforming the lives of frail and disabled older adults.
New CHA Pharmacy

CHA East Cambridge Care Center
When you need your medications filled, what is easier than getting them at your doctor's office? Find out about our new Pharmacy at the East Cambridge Care Center, our new online prescription renewal system and our home delivery service.
Healthy Eating

The fall is a great time to incorporate some locally-grown fruits and vegetables into your diet. Check out our healthy recipe for tasty pumpkin bisque!
Yoga at CHA

Yoga Class
Interested in Yoga, but not quite sure you are ready? Speak with your CHA Provider to learn more and receive your discount code. Your first class is free. 
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