Thoracic Surgery at CHA
The CHA Department of Surgery is delighted to announce the arrival of Jennifer Wilson, MD, who has joined us from the Department of Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to direct our new CHA Division of Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Wilson will be seeing patients at all CHA hospitals, doing a full range of procedures, surgeries and consultations in her field of thoracic surgery. With her skills, training and experience we will be able to greatly enhance the scope of services available to patients at CHA including a wide range of upper GI, lung, chest and surgical oncology evaluations and surgeries. She will work in close collaboration with the Pulmonary Medicine, GI Medicine and Medical Oncology services.
While Dr. Wilson will be primarily at CHA, she will be a fully integrated member of the Thoracic Surgery Division at BIDMC. Our division will include her three partners at BI - Sidharta Gangadharan, MD, Division Chief, Michael Kent, MD, and Richard Whyte, MD, who will be providing coverage at CHA on an ongoing basis.
As we look ahead to the fall, Dr. Wilson will be working collaboratively with our medical specialty services including Pulmonary, Oncology, Critical Care, and GI to serve our patients at CHA. In addition, the team is aiming to develop a lung cancer screening program. Please welcome Dr. Wilson when you see her!

Neurology News
Rachel Nardin, MD
Division Chief of Neurology
Who to refer to?
While all our neurologists are highly trained and capable of handling most patient needs, our team does have individual clinical interests that may help inform a referral. 

Rachel Nardin, MD
Neuromuscular Disease

Behavioral Neurology

Movement Disorders

General Neurology

Cerebrovascular Disease

When should I make an urgent consult to Neurology?
Some colleagues have asked us when a Neurology referral should be urgent. As the number of possible scenarios are large and varied, for general purposes, please reserve urgent consults for patients with subacute neurologic symptoms where you feel timely diagnosis and management is needed or for patients with significant neurologic deficits on examination. Examples might include new seizure or a patient with significant weakness in the extremities. For acute symptoms that may be life-threatening, emergency room care is usually best (TIA or recent stroke, suspected Guillain-Barre syndrome, cauda equina syndrome or cord compression).
If you have questions on urgency, you can always page or EPIC message the on-call neurologist. They can help determine the urgency, most appropriate site of care and whether there are helpful tests you can order in advance of the neurology visit. 

Service Updates

Dermatology Update
With Dr. Sunaina Likhari's recent departure, there is diminished capacity in Dermatology. The good news is that we have recruited a new dermatologist and PA who will be joining us after the summer. Until that time, we hope to use dermatology as efficiently as possible. Here are two things you can do to help:
  1. Use telederm. It works, is becoming more popular and we have capacity. A recent review of 500 telederm consultations found that 65% of cases were managed effectively without an in-person visit. When an in-person visit was needed, the no-show rate was 5%, compared to the historical no-show rate of 20-25%. Triaging patients through telederm seems to help the right patients get into the dermatology clinic.
  2. Please do not schedule non-urgent patients in "urgent" slots. This crowds out other CHA patients who really need access. Examples of non-urgent patients include acne, hair loss and skin tags. Conditions that are truly urgent include lesions with a high concern for melanoma, patients with severe flares of skin disease and patients with blistering skin diseases.
Excellent dermatological care is a priority for CHA. With your careful use of the limited resource, we can help our patients and achieve Medicaid waiver and BIDCO goals of increased access with decreased outmigration. You will also be supporting your dermatology colleagues.  

Nephrology Update
Please welcome Dr. Katarina Illanes, who will be joining us as a 0.5 FTE nephrologist, replacing Dr. Lena Caldarusa. Dr. Illanes will be starting her full sessions on 11/1/2016, seeing outpatients at Somerville Medical Specialties and doing inpatient nephrology consults at Whidden Hospital. 

In the meantime, we will have limited capacity in outpatient Nephrology until November. Dr. Illanes will be holding a few outpatient sessions this summer, and approximately four per month in September and October, but these have filled quickly with patients who need follow up in that timeframe. Dr. Ashraf Selim has volunteered to help by taking on extra sessions to see these follow ups as well.
To manage your patient needs, please refer any new patients who need to be seen before November to the BIDMC Nephrology Service. If you have urgent issues or questions regarding a patient who was being followed by Dr. Caldarusa, please contact Dr. Melanie Brunt directly via EPIC inbasket or Outlook.

Welcome to Our New Staff

We are pleased to welcome Adam Gaffney, MD, to our Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. Dr. Gaffney is a graduate of the New York University School of Medicine who recently completed his Pulmonary training in the combined Harvard fellowship program. Prior to that he was at Columbia University Medical Center - NY Presbyterian Hospital, where he completed Internal Medicine training and served as Chief Resident. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease and will be seeing patients in the ICUs and doing inpatient pulmonary consultations at both Cambridge and Whidden Hospital.