The Emergency Department or Primary Care?
Dr. Kirsten Meisinger Patients often ask "When I'm sick, what should I do if I have a question or need to be seen quickly? Should I call my doctor's office or just go to the emergency room?" Dr. Kirsten Meisinger, a Regional Medical Director in CHA Primary Care, offers some tips about when to start with your primary care team and when another setting is your best choice.  

Voice of the Patient
A patient recently submitted a 5-star review of CHA Whidden Hospital after her visit to the Emergency Department. Excerpts below.

CHA Whidden Hospital
"We all have ER horror stories where we've sat there for 3 hours just to see someone, and it seems as if nobody cared if you lived or died. This was definitely not the case at Whidden. 

I'm glad this is my closest hospital because if I ever need to go there again, I know that I'm in good hands."

Stay Safe this Winter
Winter Wellness Tips Video Winter is finally here! Are you looking for tips to stay active in the cold weather? Want to make sure you have proper shoveling form? Nick Wilson, our outpatient physical therapy manager, shows us how to avoid injury when removing snow and gives advice on how to best enjoy the winter weather and stay active! Watch here.

How Are Your Sinuses?
Dr. Ayesha N. Khalid
Meet Ayesha N. Khalid, MD, FACS
(Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon)
Instructor in 
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Khalid is a board certified head and neck surgeon who sees patients at CHA's Cambridge and Whidden Hospitals. 

In addition to general otolaryngology, Dr. Khalid has specialized training as a sinus specialist and offers image-guided sinus surgery, advanced sinus procedures and a holistic approach to the management of sinus and allergic disease. 

Dr. Khalid now offers balloon catheter dilation, a minimally invasive procedure done in the office to open the natural sinus openings. This cutting edge technology allows patients to relieve sinus pressure and breathe normally again. Need a consult? Get a referral from your PCP and call us at 617-665-2555.

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