January 13, 2016
Happy New Year Si Boarders!
Elysia Tsai_ owner of Si Boards Balance Boards
Living the dream- that's me!

2015 came to a close with lots of updates and fantastic opportunities. I am so proud to work with dedicated vendors to create everlasting products for you. As we head into 2016 I look forward to creating more educational content and value added services to meet your needs. 

We will have our first ever price increase of our products to account for increased manufacturing costs. We want to give you the opportunity to lock in your 2007 prices until February 1, 2016.  Please see our story below.


Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Si Boards Inc

Lock In Your 2007 Prices
To see the full story click this link. Please note you must be on the desktop version. 

It has always been a priority to bring you the highest quality in products, customer service and overall experience. As you may know, our prices have not changed since we started in 2007. As we continue to strive for excellence, we have a few changes ahead that will allow us to maintain our high standards. A price increase of our urethane products will happen February 1, 2016. We want to give you advanced notice. 

Valuing Your Experience
Elysia Customizes your board
Extending your rail and customizing your board
A core value of mine is to give you a wealth of information for free. This includes our mobile instructional app, downloadable images and instructions and videos. We look forward to providing updates and making more videos for you. New ideas constantly spark in my head and many times it's from interaction I have with you. Seeing new moves you post and Instagram or answering your questions leads me to a new branch on this giant instructional tree. 

I feel it is valuable to share knowledge and ideas. As a Si Boarder you get comprehensive training built into your purchase, completely free of charge. 

Since I developed this company from the ground up, I insist on answering all customer service inquiries. Many times, I'll spend 30 minutes on your email or phone call to thoroughly answer your questions about product choices or training exercises. Many are surprised I answer the phone and you usually say "your voice sounds familiar, are you the one in the videos?". As more of you are welcomed into the Si Boards family, my email has rapidly increased and I receive daily phone calls.

Specialized Urethane
Every part is hand trimmed after the molding process. This takes time and a careful hand
Si Boards Mark and Elysia Ball Mold
Mark is one of the urethane masters dedicated to making the best Balls and Rope Balls
Si Boards Pre-Trimmed Urethane Ball
8.5" Large Ball after molding and before finishing processes
As a small business utilizing local manufacturers, I have a unique position to closely monitor every step in the process of making our products. I work closely with our urethane manufacturer to ensure consistency and lasting durability. Due to ever changing manufacturing laws, the process of making our urethane products is much more complex and time consuming than ever.
For example, it can take a whole day to manufacture just one 10" Ball. It takes at least 6 hours to heat the mold thoroughly, then 30 minutes to pour and set the Ball. After the Ball is released it takes another 30 minutes to reheat the mold to proper temperature for the next Ball. We let the Balls cure for 24 hours on the rack and then they are hand trimmed along the mold line and pour holes. All that effort for one amazing super bounce unbreakable Ball! 

Si Boards Urethane Ball Mold
Our Balls are made in a closed mold system which is extremely difficult to pour and cure properly
Si Boards Urethane Balls Pre-Trimming
Rope Balls waiting for trimming. It takes several hours for the mold to properly heat before any balls can be poured
Si Boards Urethane Half Ball Manufacture
Cleaning up the Half Balls. A careful hand and eye are needed to make everything consistent
The process is extremely difficult, requires consistency of many variables and constant adjustment for environmental influences. In fact, in my endless 2006 search for a urethane manufacturer, I was told I was "crazy" and that making this kind of Ball was impossible and not cost effective. Luckily, we found someone to Jump Into the Next Generation with us. 

We use urethane because it is extremely durable, creates everlasting parts and makes the best product possible.

Medicine Ball Graveyard
We value your investment in our products. We are dedicated to creating durable, lasting and unbreakable Balls and Rope Balls. I receive so many emails from frustrated consumers who continually break their rubber medicine balls and rope balls.  We are here to help!

Si Boards Broken Medicine Ball Blue
This ball split after 1 month at a sports performance facility
Si Boards Broken Medicine Ball Red
Worn seams and missing panels
Si Boards Broken Medicine Ball Yellow
Balls not designed for continual bounces
Si Boards PRB Graveyard
Broken rubber Rope Balls and exposed rope that wears
Si Boards Damaged Rope PRB
Rope that easily damages because it is exposed
Si Boards Ball Product Development
3 years of trying to find a ball to ride = several bins of gear
Rails and Boards

All of our products are hand-made and finished by skilled craftspeople using the highest quality materials. Urethane is hand poured and individually trimmed. Our boards start as a plywood sheet and then are cut, shaped, sealed, silkscreened, gripped and assembled by hand. The steel rails are mandrel bent and then finished by hand welding, seam blending and re-flattening inch by inch. It's an incredible amount of skilled labor to make our parts consistently. I have a close relationship with our all of vendors and I love watching them make each and every part with dedication and pride for Si Boarders. 

Si Boards Rail Manufacture
Welding the rail seam. All rails are bent to extremely close tolerance
Rails are acid washed, hand sprayed and powder coated on the assembly line
Si Boards Rail Flattening
The re-flattening table. All flattening is done by hand inch by inch
Si Boards Elysia and Geno
Geno the board master! We've worked together since 2006 prototyping and creating 
Production mode on boards. Getting them sanded smooth
Si Boards Elysia and Wood Guys
These guys are the best... A little goofy at times... But the best board men around!
Your investment in our products is taken very seriously. You are supporting other small businesses and American workers. I have always believed this Si Boards microcosm is special and leads to better products. We quality control every process and take great pride from the beginning steps of manufacturing to the final stages of packing your items securely and shipped safely. From your first email or phone call to follow-up care - We want to you have the best possible experience as a Si Boarder. 

Thank You For Your Time
We will continue to provide a customized product line, versatile multi-function combinations and more pictures that make your mind spin, wondering where to start first. We have a long list of exciting projects to help you succeed and are eager to jump in.

If it's not complex - It's not Si Boards. And that's why I will always answer your questions to help you find the perfect combo.

Thank you again for your support and time to read our story. Have a great ride, have a great slam and thanks for being part of our family!

New Training Videos
Si Boards Baseball_Softball Training Video
Baseball/Softball Training
Jacob Gardner and I have fun at the concrete wall with 3" Mini Balls
Si Boards Shoulder and Core Video
Shoulder and Core Warm-Up
I'll show you a variety of shoulder and core warm up moves using our Power Rope Ball
Instagram Challenge
#siboards to share your story on Instagram.  Jump on our Daily Challenge
Don't miss the Si Board and Mace Series on Instagram!

Si Boards Onnit Mace Video Instagram
Combine the best of both worlds with the Onnit Steel Mace and Si Board
Si Boards Press and Chase Video Instagram
Several Med Ball progressions take you through Olympic Lifting style ball throws
Limited Editions
We have limited edition Surf Original and Surf Starters all made up for you! 

Si Boards Limited Ed. Surf Original
All boards feature black urethane rail blocks and a black rail.
Si Boards Limited Ed. Surf Original Colors
I love all of these combos. My favorite is the Sunset Blue and Pink
Si Boards Limited Ed. Surf Starter
Surf Starters are awesome for beginners
Si Boards Limited Ed. Surf Starter Colors
Something fun for everyone!

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