November 25, 2015
Big Thanks to Our Social Media Heroes
Elysia Tsai_ owner of Si Boards Balance Boards
Living the dream- that's me!
I love seeing the social media posts from our balance board maniacs and unbreakable ball slammers.  

It is inspiring to watch your transformation from the first shaky ride to smooth board control and finally to complex training. Absolutely fantastic!

Keep up the posts because you are inspiring us all! 


Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Si Boards Inc

Handstand Ninja
Sharing your social media stories
James Wilson has always been a ninja, even before he took to the biggest stage- appearing on American Ninja Warrior for the past two seasons. His athleticism and strength have served him well. Whether participating in competitions hosted by other ninjas, completing his Masters degree in Kinesiology/Athletic Training from Miami University, or being a dedicated father to Aiden and Mason, he gives his all. 
James loves new challenges. As his commitment to furthering his talents exhausts "traditional" methods of training, he has set out to try all options. From slacklining (tight rope) to Si-Board-ing on everything that he can, he definitely pushes his limits. He improves every day and never accepts failure as an option, only as a first attempt to learn something.
See the Handstand in Action!
see the handstand in action
Click this picture to see him in action

The first time I saw James doing the handstand my eyeballs just about popped out of my head. It had finally happened!

The handstand on one ball was possible!

I love seeing his training videos and the amazing variety. I can't even begin to explain it. He is a true professional who pushes the boundaries of human movement and innovation.

Get connected with his Instagram account and be amazed.  Click here @spartan10423

New Product Videos

Get the most out of your Si Board. See our latest product info videos. 

Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
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Urethane Half Balls
Urethane Half Balls
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Surf Original
Surf Original
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Freestyle Original
Freestyle Original
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Hero Challenge
The Afternoon Pump features re-posts ready to inspire you! Here are just a few. Stay tuned for more riders. 

Get hooked on our Instagram feed @SiBoards and tag us to show us your skills. Go to our Instagram! 

Click on any picture below to see them in action!
Black Swan Yoga Instructor Priscilla is dedicated to mastering the Si Board.
Jeff makes is complex with kettlebells and the mace with pure focus.
Amazing core plank challenge. I love this photo and pure strength! Thanks Alise!
Watch our Rope Balls get slammed to the max by Andrew.
The family that boards together and is ready for the snowboard season.
Super energetic Scott documents all of his progressions.
Naudi Aguilar uses the rope balls in amazing movement sequences.

Adrian trains the top MMA athletes and has fantastic programs and sets.
Kathy from Functional Patterns will show you graceful movements.

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