November 12, 2015
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Creating The Unconventional
Elysia Tsai_ owner of Si Boards Balance Boards
Living the dream- that's me!
The fall and winter are here and it's a great time to stay in shape on your Si Board. We have lots to share and keep you motivated!

Read about the exclusive designed Onnit board for their "unconventional" athletes. 

Everyday at Si Boards is a blast and I am so proud to keep on riding! See our updated videos and daily challenge.


Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Si Boards Inc

Over a year ago we teamed up with Onnit, a Texas based company famous for their "Unconventional" training style. When CEO/Owner Aubrey Marcus saw UFC Welterweight Johny Hendricks on a Si Board, he was instantly hooked. Aubrey wanted to include a multi-direction balance training system to his fantastic line of steel maces, clubs, kettlebells, battle ropes and battle bags.

We create the medium Freestyle Original Board (our most popular size) which comes to life with Onnit's cutting edge artistic style, featuring the Mechanical Tiger design. This is the most difficult artwork to silkscreen on the boards because of the large size and intricate detail. But we never gave up and found the secrete path to success. The design is beautiful and awesome!  Go to

Si Boards visits Aubrey Marcus of Onnit
Noah from Black Swan Yoga and Aubrey Marcus of Onnit
Onnit Academy Staff
Onnit Academy Staff ready to make your training awesome!

Danny Castillo MMA and Si Boards
Danny Castillo, UFC MMA Lightweight

Si Boards Onnit Photo shoot
Video Shoot with Noah and Brandon the Film Master

Suspension snowboard training on Si Boards
Snowboard and Suspension Training with Steven

Si Boards at the Onnit Academy
Steven and Jeff make sure your items gets shipped!
In addition to completely unique fitness equipment, Onnit has a phenomenal gym facility known as the Onnit Academy. On a recent trip, I had an amazing opportunity to take their staff through Si Boards training, film for social media, work with gym clients and participate in a weekend educational course.

If you are interested in learning how to use their equipment and start training sequences- their courses are awesome! The information is useful, practical and will prepare you to implement immediately. The atmosphere is fantastic and you will meet other participants who have common goals.

Raw Si  Boards
Raw boards waiting for black basecoat

Si Boards drying racks
Drying racks filled with Onnit boards

Si Boards silkscreens for Onnit boards
Silkscreens for the top and bottom

Silkscreen the Onni designed Si Boards
Bright orange ink flooded on the screen

Silkscreen the Onni designed Si Boards
Ink gets passed through the screen with muscle force

Silkscreen the Onni designed Si Boards
The most intricate and difficult design to silkscreen

Si Boards making the Onnit board
Waiting for the steel rail assembly

Si Boards quality control checks
Quality control checks at every step of the process

Si Boards exclusive Onnit Design
Ready for your unconventional training!
We love creating your one of a kind, hand made exclusive designed board. We look forward to loading up the drying racks and will see you at the silkscreen table!
Aubrey Marcus from Onnit with his Si Board
Aubrey Marcus from Onnit with his Si Board

Click here for, to view product and video

Upcoming Event

Surf Ride DemoFest
Join us at the Surf Ride Demo Day!

Saturday, November 21 from 8 am - 4 pm at Seaside Reef, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

All of the top Surf Ride brands will be there with surfboards, wetsuits, and surf accessories for anyone to try for free!

Come jump on a Si Board and get warmed up before you hit the ocean!

New Product Videos
We are updating all of our product information videos!  See the new additions below. 

Daily Challenge
Get hooked on our Instagram feed @SiBoards and find your daily challenge. We have a themed week and progressive series of moves using your Si Board, Medicine Ball and Power Rope Balls
Don't miss the Si Board and Battle Rope Training and Wrist Mobility this week on Instagram!
Si Boards and Battle rope training
Battle Rope Sequence

Everybody loves the Battle Ropes. Try a few different angles and get deep!
Si Boards wrist mobility with power rope balls
Wrist Mobility
Get your 5" Small Power Rope Balls out and try a few new patterns for wrist mobility

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