August 4, 2015
I'm Back!
It's Been One Crazy Ride

Living the dream- that's me!
I can't believe a year passed by since my last update.  It's time for me to pop back up and let you know about all the amazing events and successes this past year.

Juggling both a manufacturing and retail company is a challenge. I just keep on pushing through with the help of absolutely wonderful suppliers, business mentors, friends, family and supportive Si Board Maniacs. Big thanks to everybody!

Looking forward to staying in touch.


Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Si Boards Inc

The Si Boratory
Last September I finally moved into shop headquarters.  After months of searching for the perfect location this gem opened up and became home to manufacturing, shipping, product development and endless videos for social media.  

Big thanks to Mando who helped me move during the hottest week of the summer.  Victoria, a woodworking genius helped transform the shop to mission organization. Welcome to our new home!

Si Boards Headquarters
Time to get organized!

Si Boards Demo Area
Setting up the demo area

Victoria builds more shelving
Victoria builds out the shop

Onnit co-branded Si Boards
Getting the workflow down

Shipping your Si Boards
Shipping your Si Boards

Si Boards on the drying racks
The next round of boards

Production Mode
As soon as I moved into the new shop, we had rails to drill, boards to silkscreen and grip, orders to assemble and pallets to ship. We hit the ground at full sprint speed and have not had a moment to slow down. 

I feel like I have been on a non-stop world tour. I love it!

Si Boards Steel Rails
Let's drill some rails!

Si Boards big orders
Shipping big orders to Texas

Si Boards Surf Original and Starters
Boards waiting for you

Silkscreen Process
Silkscreen the Surf models. It's the "old school" way of putting the graphics on your boards. Ink gets pushed through a mesh screen. 

Mando and I creating boards for toddlers
Mando and I making mini boards for toddlers

Raw boards
Raw boards waiting for base coat

Fantastic Updates Ahead
Onnit Co-Branded boards
Onnit Co-Branded boards

Sharing your social media stories
Sharing your social media stories

Surf Ride in Solana Beach, California
Surf Ride in Solana Beach California

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