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Elysia on the Commando with 8.5
I love meeting new people and learning about the clients you work with, your workout regimen and how we can work together to help our athletes. In case you missed any info on our products- here it is! 

Sincerely yours,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Si Boards, Inc

Balance Training Systems 
It's Time To Get Multi...

Si Boards are versatile training boards for all types of athletes

Multi-purpose, Multi-functional and Multi-directional. I set out to create a balance training system that allowed me to work with a variety of athletes and skill progression. The Si Board was born and has evolved into the most versatile training tool you can use with everybody! 

Unique Features: Simply change out the balls and half balls under your board and go from a rocker, wobble, single pivot, double pivot and multi-direction board. Add bands for even more posture control. Immediately feel your muscles engage and make every move meaningful.

top 5 benefits to you
Unbreakable Balls- Unbreakable Guarantee
The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Ball slam sequence for full body power
What is the true cost of a broken medicine ball? Your time, money and frustration. Don't add to the med ball graveyard. Invest in yourself with our unbreakable balls. Specifically designed for high rep slams, rebounds and to keep you going.

Unique Features: Our balls are made as one piece of solid cast urethane. No seams to break open, filling to spill out or hole plug that can come loose. Made from high rebound urethane for ultimate durability compared to rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather. 70% rebound from a still drop and 200% return from a slam makes these balls unlike any other.

top 5 benefits for you
Power Rope Balls
Rotational Training Just Got Better!  

Swinging sequence for ultimate power
Our predictable rebound, durable urethane rope ball gives you consistent reps to develop fluid swinging motions. Very effective in training postural control and spinal stability needed for rotational training. Extremely fun!

Unique Features: Traditional rope balls have an exposed rope that eventually wears from ground contact. They are also made from hollow rubber with a rebound that is unpredictable and can be dangerous. Our rope balls feature a protected rope cap and a reactive bounce that allows you to train with continuous reps. You can also split the rope in two and train wide hand positions.
Top 5 Benefits For You
Trade Show Video
See The Full Video Here

If you missed our 30 min fast paced video, here is the link. I talk about my background, how Si Boards are made, our unique products and recommendations for you.

Featuring demonstrations using our boards, balls and rope balls. A great variety for traditional sports, aging populations, extreme sports and something to get you thinking.

Welcome To Si Boards Balance Boards, Medicine Balls and Rope Balls
Welcome To Si Boards Balance Boards, Medicine Balls and Rope Balls

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Dryland Surf Trainer- Stay In Shape and Transform Your Surfing