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December 13, 2013
Elysia on the Commando with 8.5
Thank you all for flooding my email, jamming the phone lines and depleting inventory! I'm so happy to share your stories of why you gave the gift of balance. Let's keep up the holiday spirit and continue the 30% off combo sale until the end of the year. 

Sincerely yours,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Si Boards, Inc

Perfect Combo Packages Are A Huge Hit!

Let's keep sharing the holiday spirit! I would like to give you time to ride and share the word with others. Holiday sale extended until December 31st.

Boyfriends, Grandmas and Uncles of the Year!

Andrew in NY fulfilled his girlfriend's wish list and got her a Surf Starter combo for strengthening and rehab. She's a runner and follows Jay Dicharry's "Anatomy for Runners" blog. 
Surf Starter 5 in 1
Surf Starter Combo

Diane thought her grandsons would enjoy Starter Turbo and Freestyle combos.  Reiley trains for high school football and basketball and Max trains in semi-pro motocross in Washington. And since her son Kevin is an active runner, a Freestyle Original board will keep him active.

Andy from Portland who surfs, snowboards and will start wakeboarding loves the idea of balance boards. He bought one Original board and one ball in every size. Then decided to send a 10" 20 lb ball across the country for his family to enjoy.

Fun at the Office
Turbo Starter 5 in 1
Turbo Starter Combo

Jason is keeping active at the office on his Turbo Starter board and when he's not mountain biking around San Francisco.

Phil piqued interest  in Indiana when he brought the 6.5" ball to bounce during breaks. Kathy who had a hip replacement noticed standing on his wobble board loosened up her restrictions and decided she wanted a Turbo raw board and 3" mini half balls.

Chris and his traveling office decided a Turbo Starter was perfect for the airplane when hes not home training for surfing on his Original board.

All Around Athletes
Freestyle Starter 5 in 1
Freestyle Starter Combo

Mike's son Elijah is starting a parkour team in Illinois and is always looking for ways to train his core. A Turbo Starter combo is on the way!

Scott in MA plans to help his daughter rehab from an ankle injury and prep for volleyball, basketball and soccer seasons. His son is a snowboarder and skater who wants to ride all day long on the Freestyle Starter.

Alex loves to ski in Maryland and thinks normal exercise is boring. His choice of the Freestyle Original combo is perfect for an active lifestyle.

Pip decided to take up Roller Derby in LA and is on the Fresh Meat squad. She's training hard on her Turbo Starter board to get that quick balance in check.
Complete Sets of Balls
10" 20 lb Extra Large Ball

Manuel has been using our balls for years and decided to complete his set with a 6.5" and a 10" ball. He loves balancing on them getting a great upper body workout.

Matthew kept breaking his regular med balls and decided ours were the way to go. Little by little he completed his set and now the 10" ball is warmed-up.

After a few training sessions with Matthew, Evan had to have his own set and ventured on the 5", 6.5" and 8.6" balls. The concrete courts in LA are taking a beating from Matthew and Evan!
Transitioning to A Si Board
Freestyle Original Combo
Freestyle Original Combo

Zinovy kiteboards and trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and will winter season train on his Freestyle Original combo in New Jersey.

Jim in NJ wants a large Commando board for big moves and full body training as he jumps onto a larger board.

Craig in PA works with at risk youth and decided the Freestyle Original combo would be perfect for his interest in combining visual training while balancing.

Across The Boarders
Turbo Original Combo

Carlos from Brazil is vacationing in Hawaii to catch some waves on the north shore. His Surf Original combo will be put to great dryland training.

Phil in Germany has a Freestyle Original Combo for the family and a Turbo Original combo for his sister. That's one big balance party.

Cassie in Canada begged her parents for a board and now has her Freestyle Starter combo for basketball and 400 meter sprint training.

Petri in Finland skis, bikes, rock climbs and
Surf Original 10 in 1
Surf Original Combo
judo trains. He loves the idea of balance training and has his own Turbo and Freestyle Originals to enjoy.

Darren in Australia keeps adding to his collection to train for surfing and endurance bike rides. He's loving the footwork and SUP training with his half balls. 

Ryan in Canada thought the Commando board would be perfect for his motocross training.   

High Visibility 3" Balls
Perfect for Baseball and Softball Training

Our 3" balls now come in a variety of bright colors! Perfect for high visibility training if throwing on dark floors, working on quick hands or to set yourself apart. 

These Double Play kits include 2 balls and 10 baseball/softball throwing drills. Easily practice grounders, pop flies, accuracy and quick hands. Work by yourself or with a buddy.

Balls come in Black, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

What's Ahead?
ACL Prevention Exercises
  • Did you know 200,000 ACL injury occur annually
  • 70% are non-contact injuries
  • Females have up to 6 times greater risk for injury 
Let's chat about the ACL and specific training exercises.

Save 20%
Save 20% on everything at Si Boards! A great time to share the love of balance training and jumping into the next generation. Finish your holiday pie, the race to the mall and the tight sales deadlines. Si Boards invites you to take your time and get the right combo for you. Offer is good until the end of the year!

At the checkout page use the code: holiday
Offer Expires: December 31th