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November 29, 2013
Elysia on the Commando with 8.5
Happy holidays to all! Si Boards wouldn't be here without your support! As a big thanks- it's time to share the love with our holiday discounts. Get on board with the 10 in 1 and 5 in 1 Systems at 30% off. And if you already have a great set up, save 20% on everything else!

Sincerely yours,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Si Boards, Inc
Reserve Your Perfect Combo Package
Si Boards 30% off holiday sale boards
Keep scrolling down to see the details of these 7 awesome combos. Take your time and decide what's right for you. Holiday discount applies until December 10th.

Turbo Starter 5 in 1
Turbo Starter (27" x 15")
Economy Small Board
Jump in and get started on balance training with this perfect combo for growing kids, travel, training on the go and outdoor surfaces. 
  • Turbo Starter (27" X 15")
  • 3" Mini Balls x 2
  • 5" Half Ball x 2 
Regular retail $245

Freestyle Starter 5 in 1
Freestyle Starter (36" x 18)
Economy Medium Board
A perfect board size for riding, wide stances and full body moves. Great for kids who will grow into this board and progress to a larger ball.
  • Freestyle Starter (36" X 18")
  • 3" Mini Balls x 2
  • 5" Small Ball x 1
  • 5" Half Ball x 2 
Regular retail $338

Surf Starter 5 in 1
Surf Starter (43" x 18")
Economy Medium Board
Get your feet wet and start training on this progressive combo. Great for travel and outdoor exercise. Larger ball gives you space for big turns. 
  • Surf Starter (43" X 18")
  • 3" Mini Balls x 2
  • 5" Small Ball x 1
  • 5" Half Ball x 2
  • 6.5" Half Ball x 1 
Regular retail $384

Turbo Original (27" x 15")
Small Sized Board
Develop your speed and reactions. Quickly carve this board with little effort and fine tune your stabilizers. Perfect combos for smaller riders, travel and training on the go. 
  • Turbo Original (27" X 15")
  • 5" Small Balls x 2
  • 6.5" Half Balls x 2
  • Resistance Band System 
Regular retail $605

Surf Original 10 in 1
Surf Original (43" x 18") 
Medium Sized Board
Perfect pop-ups, footwork, rotational power and paddling strength. Work big turns with ultimate core control. 
  • Surf Original (43" X 18")
  • 5" Small Balls x 2
  • 6.5" Medium Ball x 1
  • 8.5" Large Ball x 1
  • 8.5" Half Balls x 2
  • Resistance Band System 
Regular retail $1,064

Freestyle Original (36" x 18")
 Medium Sized Board
This popular sized board is great for upper body training and full body moves that challenge you to stay steady and compact. Quickly kick this board around while you feel the weight challenge your leg strength.
  • Freestyle Original (36" X 18")
  • 5" Small Balls x 2
  • 6.5" Medium Ball x 1
  • 8.5" Half Balls x 2
  • Resistance Band System 
Regular retail $840

Commando (45" x 19")
Large Sized Board
Develop leg strength and full body coordination with endless exercise variety. Full line up of balls doubles the fun when used as med balls. The weight of this board challenges your strength and stamina to the max! 
  • Commando Board
  • 5" Small Ball x 1
  • 6.5" Medium Ball x 2
  • 8.5" Large Ball x 1
  • 8.5" Half Ball x 2
  • Resistance Band System

Regular retail $1,155


10 In 1 Training Systems
Multi-direction training with resistance bands
Take one Original board with the steel rail and let loose on the greatest adventure in balance training and sports performance. 
All you need are two balls, two half balls and the resistance bands to create amazing combinations of balance platforms with full body control.

The bands engage your upper body for posture/scap stability, shoulder strength, core control and increase the fun x 10.

Here are the combinations to get your started.
  1. Rocker Board- 2 half balls
  2. Wobble Board- 1 half ball
  3. Single Pivot Board- 1 half ball and 1 ball
  4. Double Pivot Board- 2 balls
  5. Multi-Direction Board- 1 ball
Save 20%
Save 20% on everything at Si Boards! A great time to share the love of balance training and jumping into the next generation. Finish your holiday pie, the race to the mall and the tight sales deadlines. Si Boards invites you to take your time and get the right combo for you. Offer is good until the end of the year!

At the checkout page use the code: holiday
Offer Expires: December 31th