Rotational Power - Fun Medicine Ball and Board Moves
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October 28, 2013
Elysia on the Commando with 8.5
Hello again! It's time to wake up your rotational power with these fun med ball moves and to fully utilize your Si Board. And at 40% off on cosmetic "blem" balls- it's the perfect time!

Sincerely yours,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
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Save 40% on Cosmetic Blemished Balls

If you've been thinking about upgrading in ball size or adding to your collection, this is the perfect time to do so. We have all ball sizes- even the 10" Extra Large ball. Quantities are very limited so act fast!

Click picture below to go straight to your ball of choice.

5" Small Ball - $35.95
 2.5 lbs
Perfect for one handed rotations, shoulder stability & grip strength 

6.5" Medium Ball - $74.95
 5.5 lbs
Perfect for two handed agility throws, grip strength & high reps

8.5" Large Ball - $131.95
 12.5 lbs
Perfect for strong rotations, slams and full body overhead thrusts

10" Extra Large Ball - $179.95
20.5 lbs 
Powerhouse slams, thrusts, presses and throws

Our balls are not the easiest to manufacture- it took years just to find somebody to take on the challenge and pour a solid urethane ball in a close mold system. We are glad Mike and Mark kept perfecting the balls! 

Once in a while a cosmetic "BLEM" ball comes along. They have small pinholes, a dent or missing a few grip bumps. Blem balls bounce and ride the exact same as a regular ball and imperfections do not alter performance.

Rotational Med Ball Moves
Try these super fun rotational moves to wake up your abdominal muscles and fine tune your coordination. The 5" Small ball is perfect for one handed moves. The 6.5" Medium ball is great for two handed agility moves.
Plyo Med Ball Rotations- Power For Throwers and Swinging Sports
Plyo Med Ball Rotations- Power For Throwers and Swinging Sports
These rotational moves require a proper warm-up and the ability to control your spinal rotation. Work both sides to unwind yourself and prevent over-activation of the dominant side.


One Handed Overhead Throw- 5" ball is great for grip strength and the ability to catch and toss overhead. Keep your arm in the air for shoulder stability. Perfect for volleyball hitting, tennis serves and basketball rebounding. 


One Arm Side Swings- 5" ball allows you to open your chest, engage through the hips and swing forward. Harness power for swinging sports like baseball, softball and hockey.


Agility with Side Swing - shuffle left and right as you open your shoulder and throw from the side. Perfect for movement sports like tennis forehand, field hockey and lacrosse on the run.


One Arm Seated Catch and Throw - requires seated posture and abdominal control as you punch forward from the chest and catch in the opposite hand. Isolated moves for punching, goal keepers and pushing like a football lineman.


Standing Rotational Throw - two handed side throws take you from a side squat to a powerful front rotation. Great for two handed moves such as batting, rugby and scoring goals with stick sports.


Agility Shuffle with Side Throw - combine it all with forward and backpedals as you step and throw hard. Perfect for sports on the move requiring dynamic and powerful rotations.


Rotation Training For Board Sports And Kicking
Use your Si Board to it's fullest potential by attaching Resistance Bands to the rail. These fun moves rotate the board while on a Half Ball.


Increase Rotational Leg Power- For Kickboxing, Surf, Snow and Soccer Sports
Increase Rotational Leg Power- For Kickboxing, Surf, Snow and Soccer Sports
Centered Placement Carving - evenly distribute your weight and rotate the board in forward and backward moves. You can start with small rotations then move to 90 and 180 degree turns.
Strong Front and Backside Turns - attach the bands to a stable table leg and to the end of your Si Board. Keeping a centered half ball rotate the board away from the bands to engage your glutes and backside muscles. Rotate the board forward and towards the band to engage the hip flexors, abs and front side muscles.
Power Kick and Leg Dominance - move the half ball to the far side of the board and away from the bands. The far leg will now fire up for stability. Kick the board forward and try to keep it elevated in the air. Let the bands rebound you backward.
Push-Up Position and Knee Drive - this move fires up your lat muscle as you pull the board downward and against the bands. Increase core control by driving your knee toward your elbow.
Push-Up with Rotation Pull - complete a push-up while rotating the board towards your knee. This requires co-contraction of the lat and pec and strengthens the shoulder in multiple push-up angles. 
UFC 167 Primetime - This Wednesday! - FOX Sports 1
October 30, 2013  8:30 PM EST

Don't miss the 30 min series for the upcoming St.-Pierre vs Hendricks Welterweight title. They shot lots of video of Johny training on the Si Board and hopefully it made the cut!