Balance & Strength For Toddlers and Older Adults
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Stability Training For Sprinters- Steady In the Blocks
Complex Movement For Runners
Phoebe Rides the Kick Start for Toddlers

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September 13, 2013
Elysia on the Commando with 8.5
Many new Si Boarders are in their late 40's to mid 60's, getting back into shape and staying active. Enjoy these two videos and some science facts. Get inspired to share the fun for all age groups!

Sincerely yours,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Si Boards, Inc
Phoebe Masters The Si Board

Phoebe is full of energy, curious and secretly taking notes. I've watched her grow from being knee high to a grasshopper to no training wheels and one handed bike riding. "The Si-Board and bike are my favorite fun things!"
This super cute video show Phoebe at 1.5 years old and at 4.5 years old perfecting her balance skills. 
 Balance Training For Kids

At 1.5 years old Phoebe jumped on the Kick Start Si Board. This mini kids board is perfect for toddlers who want to train like the big kids. I absolutely love the way she pulls up her yoga pants and gets on the half ball like a pro! 
Rosa, Phoebe's mom, says the Si Board has helped her excel in activities that required balance, such as gymnastics, basketball and her decline push-ups in the park.
Keep up the good work Phoebe!
Phoebe Rides The Kick Start Board
Phoebe Decline Push Up In The Park

Papa Tsai Trains For Daily Living Activities
I put my dad to the test and simulated daily living activities with balance, strength and core stability. He laughed the entire time and it was a great afternoon!
Young at heart and a social butterfly, he will tell you he's 28 years old. As a silver fox he stays active by enjoying his daily weight training at the gym, laughter yoga, coffee and cookie (and gossip) time at the community center and walks on the beach.

Balance Training: Aging With Strength and Function
I included these moves:
  • Rocker Board Side To Side: Squat stance with shoulder flies and bicep curls to simulate picking up groceries or lifting objects overhead.
  • Rocker Board Forward and Backward: Squats with 5 lb weight for posture stability and to engage the ankle flexors.
  • Wobble Board: Push-ups to strengthen the core, shoulders and hips when pushing a shopping cart.
  • Wobble Board: Dips for strength to push off the couch or chair.
  • Rocker Board Body Surfing: Superman exercise for core control and endless giggling.
Papa Tsai used the Ultimate Fitness which is designed for Personal Trainers, Rehab and Fitness on the go. Easy to carry and sets up anywhere. The 5" Half Balls are just the right height for basic stability training.

Elements Of Effective Fall Prevention Training
Science Facts Program Design For Older Adults 
A research team published a qualitative review of 100+ clinical studies on older adults. The aim was to find age-related relationships between strength/power and balance performance to design programs to reduce the risk for falls and injuries.


Results are still preliminary for specific training volume, time and intensity. However, these main concepts should be incorporated to maintain strength, function and simulate daily living activities.


Strength Training:
  • Heavy Resistance Strength Training: will improve strength and muscle mass but may not clearly improve balance. 
  • Power Training/High-Velocity Strength Training: will improve strength and functional performance. 
  • Power Training With Low To Moderate Loads: will improve balance and functional performance.
Balance Training: 
  • Dynamic Steady-State with Multi-Task Conditions: standing balance, walking balance, walking balance with cognitive or other motor tasks such as talking and carrying weighted objects.
  • Reactive Balance: being challenged/tapped out of position with standing/walking exercises. 
PS: Researchers defined "older" adults between 60 - >80 years old.
Granacher U, Muehlbauer T, Gruber M. A qualitative review of balance and strength performance in healthy older adults: impact for testing and training. J Aging Res. 2012;2012:708905. Article Link
 What's Ahead?
Commando Champions Package All About Rotation

Rotational Power with our 5" and 6.5"balls. Learn how to create ambidextrous movement and fire up your core control.

Rotational Power with our Resistance Bands and Original boards. Surfers, board sports and kicking motions- this is amazing!

So much fun, a few videos and soreness the next day.