Is Balance Training Effective For All Sport Performance?
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Combine full range of motion with the 4 stances and 4 trunk positions.

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August 6, 2013

Breaking the Rules... That's been my motto from the beginning. Challenge the traditional notions of small boards, simple exercises and constrained motions. Jump into the next generation of balance training with me.

Sincerely yours,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Si Boards, Inc
Making way for new board tops!

Help me get these boards into the hands of somebody who will thrash them with good use!
All boards are built to spec with the same high quality manufacturing. The new SI logo wants to jump on board!
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Get the Commando board hereGet the Turbo Original here
Get the Commando board hereGet the Turbo Original here
Get the Commando board hereGet the Turbo Original here
(45" x 19")
Starting at: $319.95

Big, strong and in charge. 
Designed for taller riders, 
full body moves and hard 
core leg strength.

Perfect for full body moves.
(27" x 15")

Starting at $245.95

Fast, whippy and perfect 
for any jet setter on the go. 
Small riders easily fit on 
this fun and quick board.
Perfect board for travel.

All Around Athletes
Meet Phil... He has 5 Si Boards... He's training for lifePhil and his 5 Si Boards
I'm 5' 10.5" with two active young children, a healthy spouse and a 100+ year old house.  Staying in shape is simply a must.
My favorite board is the Freestyle Original and 6.5" ball. The Commando demands my attention when I want to push strength training.
The ride is dynamic, physically challenging, and can demand my attention. I'm always surprised at how my legs feel so well worked and so rock steady when I dismount. The feel of riding is exhilarating when you're in the groove. It's the oddest sensation of floating and being firmly planted at the same time. 
I got hooked by the feel of the ride quickly and purchased a Kick Start for my daughter with Down Syndrome to help her with core strengthening. The Turbo Original is a good fit for my 5' tall adolescent son. 
When I'm riding a Si-Board, I get a sense of great physical challenge, physical grace, and the thrill of moving in ways most people can't begin to comprehend.

What's The Science Say?
Can balance training make you run faster, jump higher and improve your strength?
Science Facts

Studies are have been inconsistent. German researchers did a systematic review of 20 clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of balance training for neuromuscular control and performance enhancement. Most studies assessed balance using a single leg stance.

Here's what they found:
  • Balance training was effective for improving postural sway and dynamic balance in athletes and nonathletes. 
  • Strength training was more effective for improvements to sprinting, jumping and strength activities.
  • The exact training effect on the neural adaptation of why balance training improves function was inconclusive. A consensus could not be found within the studies.
  • Improvements were more pronounced when balance training lasted longer than 6 weeks compared to short duration. 
To improve in all aspects of your sport, you must specifically train for those. Posture control is necessary for injury prevention and being able to stay on your feet longer. Balance training is one piece of the puzzle to help you become a better athlete. 
Zech A, Hubscher M, Vogt L, Banzer W, Hansel F, Pfeifer K.Balance training for neuromuscular control and performance enhancement: a systematic review. 
J Athl Train. 2010;45(4):392-403.
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