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December 25, 2014 - Kollel
Some of the 100s of happy children who participated in the annual Jewish Family Extravaganza, hosted by The Denver Community Kollel.  The event was held on December 25th at South Suburban Family Sports Center in Centennial. 
(Click on photo above to view more pictures from this year's celebration.)
January 18, 2015 
(Tevet 27, 5775)

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Dates To Note
Zero Motivation
The comedy, Zero Motivation, will be shown on February 15th
at the 2015 Denver Jewish Film Festival
  • Tuesday, January 20th - 63rd Annual Hillel Academy Dinner
  • Wednesday, January 21st - Rachel Kodanaz and Jamie Sarche present "Ages & Stages." (See ad below)
  • Saturday, January 24th - Neshama Carlebach Concert at Temple Emanuel.
  • Monday, January 25th - Kosher Baked Ziti Dinner benefiting the Denver Academy of Torah senior class.  (See ad below)
  • Monday, February 2nd - Dr. Kim Klimek of MSU Denver speaks about Medieval Jewish History at Temple Sinai.
  • Wednesday, February 4th - The 19th Denver Jewish Film Festival opens. Runs through Sunday, February 15th.  More information.
  • Saturday, February 21st - Jewish rock musician Rick Recht in concert at Temple Micah.  (See ad below)
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Denver Jewish Community Mourns
Israeli Terror Victim Dalya Lemkus, 26 

There is rarely much separation between terror victims in Israel and loved ones here in Colorado.

Scan the gory headlines from over there, and you'll likely find an affected family or close friend living in our midst.

So it is with Dalya Lemkus z"l, 26, who was twice a victim of Arab-on-Jew terror in Israel. In February 2006, after she was one of two people stabbed at the Gush Etzion junction by a terrorist, she vowed to respond by continuing her routines unabated by fear. "Terror won't control my life," she vowed.

And it never did.

Tragically, however, terror did end her life on November 10th of last year.

Dalya Lemkus
Dalya Lemkus z"l


On that fateful day, Dalya, one of six children of South African olim Nachum and Brenda Lemkus, found herself once again only a short distance from the hitch-hiking post where she was first attacked. Dalya was again seeking a ride home to the Tekoa settlement. Only this time, when a Jihadist first ran her over with his vehicle and then completed his evil mission by stabbing her, Dalya did not survive.


Another of Israel's bright, vibrant and priceless young lives was extinguished.


A Shloshim service for Dalya, marking 30 days since her burial, was held at BMH-BJ on December 9th, organized by Brian and Sarina Lemkus Kopinsky, her uncle and aunt, as well as other members of our community.

The service for Dalya, led by Cantor Joel Lichterman, included recitation of the 26th Psalm, appropriate for both its content and because Dalya will eternally remain a 26 year old.


Read more about Dalya and her Shloshim in Denver here.

Click here to hear Cantor Lichterman and the BMH-BJ choir sing the Al Tira prayer - "Have No Fear."

To hear the remarks of Sarina Lemkus Kopinsky, click here.

To hear the remarks of Brian Kopinsky, click here.

To hear the remarks of Rabbi Marc Gitler, click here.

It is a tradition for those who gather for the Shloshim to give to charity on behalf of the deceased. Dalya's family has requested that funds be donated to complete and furnish the Simchat Dalya Hall at Congregation Sukkat David in Tekoa, where Dalya prayed every Shabbat.


To make a tax-deductible donation, visit the Gush Etzion Foundation at: http://www.gush-etzion.org.il/donate_now1.asp. Please be sure to note that your contribution is for "Simchat Dalya." You can also donate by credit card by phoning 800-705-1626.

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Women's Wellness Workshop - Denver Community Kollel

Held Tuesday, January 13th, at Cableland. Featuring keynote speaker, Debbi Selengut, noted educator and speaker.
Annual Denver Community Kollel - Jewish Family Extravaganza
Kollel SamplerHundreds of children and their families participated in this annual winter-time event.
Featuring both the boys and the girls teams in head-to-head competition. Held December 10, 2014 at the Denver Jewish Day School gymnasium.Ages
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1865 Revisited 
Are You A History Buff? 


In 1865, a U.S. President was assassinated. Seven months later a future president - one who would die in office as well - was born.


In 1865, slavery was outlawed in the United States. That same year, a man who would enslave and massacre millions of Africans can to power in Europe.


In 1865, two future Nobel Prize recipients were born. So was the Ku Klux Klan.


In 1865, the greatest maritime disaster in U.S. history took place. That same year Alice first went down the rabbit hole.


It was a time of upheaval; a time of change. One hundred and fifty years ago, America woke up on Friday, January 1 as a nation at war. Though we went to sleep on December 31, 1865 at peace, it's not clear that the racial conflicts of that year have truly ended.


For the next 12-months, Radio Chavura host and licensed history teacher Maxwell Rotbart will be blogging, tweeting, and teaching courses about the events of 1865.


Welcome to The History Buffs Clubwww.historybuffsclub.wordpress.com), a virtual gathering spot for Jewish history enthusiasts in Colorado.


With regular history-inspired posts at www.twitter.com/history_buffs, blog entries and interviews at  www.historybuffsclub.wordpress.com, and occasional in-person get-togethers, The History Buffs Club is finally a place that those fascinated by the social studies can celebrate.


To express your interest in joining The History Buffs Club (ages 13 and up), to recommend a blog entry or interview subject, or to suggest a topic for general discussion, email Maxwell: maxwell@chavura.comPreviously


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Rick Recht

Today marks 10,650 days since Jonathan Pollard (www.jonathanpollard.org) was imprisoned in the United States. That's more than 30 years behind bars!  The median sentence for the offense Pollard committed - one count of passing classified information to an ally - is 2 to 4 years. 

Read Maxwell Rotbart's column, Separating fact from fiction about Jonathan Pollard, on Examiner.com.

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