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Program Guide: August 4, 2014 (Av 8, 5774) 

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There's a lot to look forward to in this week's newsletter, including:
  • Meet Emma: A Rescue Dog and Jewish Pet of the Week
  • IsraelScore™ Celebrity Index: Tracking Our Friends and Our Enemies
  • Watch: Joan Rivers, Bill Maher, Simon Cowell and Howard Stern Support Israel
  • Hear Rabbi Ken Spiro Explain the Roots of the Current Turmoil in the Middle East 
  • Revolutionizing Online Jewish Education - An Interview with Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone
  • Temple Emaneul's Rabbinic Interns - Rabbi Yael Rooks-Rapport and Rabbi Sam Kaye
  • JNF Helping to Turn the Negev into Wonderful Jewish Communities - An Interview with Yedidya Harush
  • May Their Memories Be A Blessing:  Roz Weiss and Bel Kaufman (Previous Guests)
  • News and Features You Don't Want To Miss
  • Tisha B'Av Tomorrow at The Jewish Experience
  • Save the Date:  52nd Annual EDOS Dinner
  • Colorado Jewish Calendar
  • And More...... Be Sure To Scroll Down!!!   


An Exclusive Interview with Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone
Revolutionizing Online Jewish Education

Rabbi Lightstone


Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone is one of the foremost pioneers in Jewish education in the United States. The Denver Jewish Day School graduate - and former director of NCSY New York - is now heading up Mekorot, a new organization that is revolutionizing online middle and high school Jewish learning.


Using the latest in technology and pedagogy, the innovators at Mekorot are developing top-tier Judaic curricula that can be implemented in day schools and alternative programs alike.


Allowing the students to learn at their own pace in a "blended learning" environment, Mekorot's programming is accessible, affordable, and leads to accountability. To learn how to bring Mekorot to your school, visit its website here. Follow Rabbi Lightsone on Twitter here.


Listen now.

Happenings at The Jewish Experience:

Live Video Conference with Rabbi Ken Spiro
Speaking from Jerusalem on Turmoil in the Middle East
July 24th and July 31st

Noted Jewish historian and author Rabbi Ken Spiro was - via live videofeed from Jerusalem - the speaker at two well-attended talks last month - both on the turmoil in the Middle East and its roots.  The classes were part of the Guest Speaker series conducted by The Jewish Experience.

The lunchtime events featured meals from Brooklyn Pizza and were introduced by Rabbi Raphael Leban, managing director at The Jewish Experience. In his first talk, Rabbi Spiro addressed the competing history of Muslim and Jewish claims to the Land of Israel, exploring the rise of both religions and their religious and national histories in the Levant.

In his second talk, Rabbi Spiro covered the history of Zionism and modern Israel - beginning with czarist pogroms in Russia in the 1880s and ending with the present conflict in Gaza.

With humor and wit, Rabbi Spiro's lectures are exemplary of the type of programming offered by The Jewish Experience at its new center (399 S. Monaco Parkway, 80224). Learn more about The Jewish Experience here, and follow TJE on Twitter here.

See photos of the two lectures here.

A Scorecard on Those Prominent Individuals 
Who Stand with, and Against, Israel


The IsraelScore™ Celebrity Index is intended to help our listeners and readers track Israel's friends, and those providing comfort to our enemies, so that you can 'vote' intelligently when you go to the movies, checkout counter, or election booth. 

If you permit your children to view movies featuring those actors who condemn Israel, or purchase music by singers and groups that support the BDS movement, you are harming Israel and the Jewish people.

Click here to see which celebrities Stand With Israel and Stand Against Israel*.

Send your suggestions for other celebrities to include on the IsraelScore™ Celebrity Index to:

*List is in formation. For regular updates, follow

These Four Celebrities Stand With Israel

"You're All Insane"

(Warning: Vulgar)

The Jewish National Fund/Radio Chavura 
Rocky Mountain Jewish Pet of the Week 

Meet Emma: A rescue dog owned by Rich Schad of Louisville, Colorado
Emma lays on the bed of a cancer patient; the gentleman is at the end of fourth-stage. Emma's tail wags gently next to him on his bed, and her eyes are filled with love for this man as he scratches behind her ears. Emma creates a bridge, a safe crossing to a place of compassion, tolerance, and understanding.

In Honor of Our Beloved Jewish Pets
JNF and Radio Chavura are asking Mountain States pet lovers to share their favorite Jewish pet photos and stories with the public, while also supporting the vital work conducted by JNF in building a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people.

A righteous man knows the soul of his animal - Proverbs 12:10Interns


Interviews with Rabbi Yael Rooks-Rapport & Rabbi Sam Kaye
Rabbinic Interns At Temple Emanuel

Temple Emanuel interns
Rabbi Yael Rooks-Rapport and Rabbi Sam Kaye with Radio Chavura's Maxwell Rotbart

This summer, Temple Emanuel has been hosted two rabbinic interns from the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion, the ordination agency for Reform Judaism. The first, Rabbi Yael Rooks-Rapport is a native of Kentucky where both of her parents are practicing rabbis (in fact, her parents are among the first husband-wife rabbinical teams in history). Yael finishes her program in Spring 2015. 


The second intern at Temple Emanuel this summer is Rabbi Sam Kaye, son of Denver's Rabbi Steven Kaye, who now runs the Or Chadash coaching and consulting service. Sam just completed his first year at HUC-JIR.


Yael and Sam eloquently describe their goals for the future and their time at Temple Emanuel, under the direction of the dynamic Rabbi Joseph Black. This interview is a wonderful look at the happenings at the 51 Grape Street community. 


Listen now.




Yedidya Harush
Israeli Pioneer Working with JNF


David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, dreamed of turning the nation's barren southern desert region - the Negev - into thriving Jewish communities. Now a young Israeli pioneer, Yedidya Harush - working with the Jewish National Fund - is building new towns and villages in what was nothingness just a few years ago. Yedidya joined Radio Chavura co-hosts Maxwell and Dean Rotbart in late-June 2014 to talk about the growth of the new cities of NavehBnei Netzarim, and Shlomit.


These areas are now within the range of Gaza rocket fire and need our support to continue to grow. Click here to learn more about how you can support these projects.


Roz Weiss, z'l
(1934 - 2014)

Roz Weissco-owner of Denver's iconic Boutique Judaica gift shop, passed away last week. We interviewed Roz and her business partner, Carolyn Auerbach, for an episode of Radio Chavura that was broadcast on March 3, 2013. Roz was the beloved wife of Cantor Moshe Weiss - a past recipient of Radio Chavura's Pillars of the Colorado Jewish Community honor; and the mother of Cheryl Weiss and Dr. Karen (Dr. Robert) Weinberg; grandmother of Natalie and Dayna Weinberg.

Click here to listen to our interview with Roz and Carolyn. Click here to read Dean Rotbart's March 2013 article about Roz Weiss.

Bel Kaufman, z'l
(1911 - 2014)

Bel Kaufman, granddaughter of famed Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem - and author of "Up The Down Staircase" - passed away on July 25, 2014, at age 103. We interviewed her and her husband, Sidney Gluck, for an episode that aired on January 19, 2014.

Click here to listen to our interview with Bel. Click here to read Maxwell Rotbart's January article about Bel Kaufman.

Exclusive Chavura Photos Galorie   
Were You There?  Who Do You Recognize?

Jewish Community Appreciation Day with the Colorado Rockies

On June 30th, 18 days after being kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists, Eyal YifrachGilad Shaar and Naftali Frankel, yeshiva students in Gush Etzion, were found murdered.

Today marks 10,482 days since Jonathan Pollard ( was imprisoned in the United States. Read Maxwell Rotbart's column, Separating fact from fiction about Jonathan Pollard, on

Today marks 1,705 days since Alan Gross ( was imprisoned in Cuba. Alan Gross's mother passed away in June 2014. Read about the most recent details of Alan's plight here. TalyasNews



Talya Rotbart

Edited by 
Talya Rotbart 


Thanks to the following individuals whose keen eyes helped us identify articles of interest in recent editions: Richard Behar, Shlomo FriedDr. Herzl MelmedDr. Donald Salem, Lela Kay, Chaya Parkoff, Eve LevyRabbi Daniel Alter, Dr. Harley Rotbart, Dr. Rachel RabinovitchCheryl and David Fellows, Tamari Gruszow, and Shirley Lewis. 

If you spot a news feature that is worth including in a future edition of this newsletter, please email the URL to Talya at

by Michael Oren (August 1, 2014)

In certain academic and media circles, Zionism is synonymous with colonialism and imperialism. Critics on the radical right and left have likened it to racism or, worse, Nazism. And that is in the West. In the Middle East, Zionism is the ultimate abomination-the product of a Holocaust that many in the region deny ever happened while maintaining nevertheless that the Zionists deserved it.

What is it about Zionism that elicits such loathing? After all, the longing of a dispersed people for a state of their own cannot possibly be so repugnant, especially after that people endured centuries of massacres and expulsions, culminating in history's largest mass murder. Perhaps revulsion toward Zionism stems from its unusual blend of national identity, religion and loyalty to a land. Japan offers the closest parallel, but despite its rapacious past, Japanese nationalism doesn't evoke the abhorrence aroused by Zionism.

Manila Motorcade In Support of Israel

by Shay Yellin (July 29, 2014)




by David Horovitz (July 27, 2014)

Israel and the US are meant to be allies; the US is meant to be committed to the protection of Israel in this most ruthless of neighborhoods; together, the US and Israel are meant to be trying to marginalize the murderous Islamic extremism that threatens the free world. Yet here was the top US diplomat appearing to accommodate a vicious terrorist organization bent on Israel's destruction, with a formula that would leave Hamas better equipped to achieve that goal.


The appalled response to the Kerry proposal by the members of the security cabinet on Friday night, however, made plain nothing had gotten lost in translation at all. The secretary's proposal managed to unite Israel's disparate group of key political leaders - from Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Liberman on the right, through Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni on the center-left - in a unanimous response of horrified rejection and leaked castigation.

By Liel Leibovitz (July 23, 2014)

Israeli troops entering Gaza last week have so far uncovered 18 tunnels used by Hamas to send armed terrorists into Israel and built using an estimated 800,000 tons of concrete.

What else might that much concrete build? Erecting Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, required 110,000 tons of concrete. Hamas, then, could've treated itself to seven such monstrosities and still had a few tens of thousands of tons to spare. If it wanted to build kindergartens equipped with bomb shelters, like Israel has built for the besieged citizens of Sderot, for example-after all, noted military strategists like Jon Stewart have spent last week proclaiming that Gaza's citizens had nowhere to hide from Israel's artillery-Hamas could have used its leftovers to whip up about two that were each as big as Giants Stadium. And that's just 18 tunnels. Egypt, on its end, recently claimed to have destroyed an additional 1,370. That's a lot of concrete.

by Dennis Prager (July 23, 2014)

From a moral perspective, look at the world since 2000. North Korea remains an entire country that is essentially a large concentration camp. Tibet, one of mankind's oldest cultures, continues to be occupied and destroyed by China.

Somalia no longer exists as a country. It is an anarchic state in which the cruelest and strongest (usually one and the same) prevail. In Congo, between 1998 and 2003, about 5.5 million people were killed - nearly the same as the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

In Syria, about 150,000 people have been killed in the last three years, and millions have been rendered homeless. In Iraq, there is a mass murder from terror bombings almost every week. In Mexico, since 2006, approximately 120,000 people have been killed in the country's drug wars. Iran, a genocide-advocating theocratic dictatorship, is very near having the capacity to make nuclear weapons.



Did You Spot This Video?
An Emotional 10-Minutes About Living On The Gaza Border

The Jewish Experience

East Denver Orthodox Synagogue
52nd Annual Dinner
September 18, 2014 - 7pm
Honoring: Dr. Yitzchak & Michelle Teitelbaum with the Service and Leadership Award
Recognizing: George Gumbiner with the HaKarat HaTov Award
Guest Speaker: Dr. David Pelcovitz

Hebrew Calendar

Radio Chavura's Colorado Jewish Calendar 


August 4 (Monday): At 7:00 p.m., come attend a "Tisha B'Av - Exploring our Meaningful Minhagim" dairy dinner, learning and reading of Lamentations at Congregation Rodef Shalom (450 S. Kearny, 80224). RSVP to 303-399-0035 or RSVP online. Fee.


August 5 (Tuesday): Come to the East Denver Orthodox Synagogue (198 S. Holly, 80246) on Tisha B'Av and view meaningful videos from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. More information at 303-322-7943.



Come to The Jewish Experience Center (399 S. Monaco Parkway, 80224) including adult and children's programmings provided by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation for Tisha B'Av. [See Ad Above]


August 7 (Thursday): Come to Tattered Cover Book Store (2625 E. Colfax Avenue) at 7:00 pm and hear Paula Burger and Andrea Jacobs read from "Paula's Window" and sign the book.


August 15 (Friday): Temple Emanuel is preparing "a wonderful weekend of activities to celebrate Shwayder Camp's 65th anniversary [from] August 15-17" and needs volunteers. Email Francie Miran to learn how you can participate.


August 16 (Saturday): At 5:00 p.m., come attend a "Heavenly Lemonade" class with Rabbi Bernard Gerson at Congregation Rodef Shalom (450 S. Kearny, 80224). While the event is free and open to the public, reservations are requested at 303-399-0035.  


August 17 (Sunday): Join the Boulder JCC (3800 Kalmia Avenue) from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm for its 2nd Annual Family Fun, Food & Fitness Festival, featuring archery, frisbees, beanbag toss, a GaGa pit, and more. 


Come to a fun, 16-mile bike ride from Ekar Farm to Delany Farm along the Highline Canal trail. Younger bicyclists will participate in a 5-mile ride. Register at

August 24 (Sunday): The Hebrew Educational Alliance will be having a "Mitzvah 613 - Writing Our Legacy" Torah-letter writing campaign starting on August 24 and continuing through August 26. Click here for more information.



At 11:00 a.m, come learn about the Jewish communities of India with Sandra Bornstein at Congregation Rodef Shalom (450 S. Kearny, 80224). Reservations at 303-399-0035 are strongly encouraged. Fee.



Temple Sinai has designated today as a Habitat Interfaith Alliance building day. For more information or to participate, contact Lisa Friedman at 303-758-0778.



Come to the Lone Tree Arts Center (10075 Commons St, 80124) to hear Eva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank, z'l, in an event benefitting Chabad Jewish Center of South Metro Denver, The Garden Preschool and Early Learning Center, and The Friendship Circle.


August 26 (Tuesday): At 9:30 a.m., attend a morning of baseball trivia, music, history, and more with Rabbi Steven Rubinstein, Kavod On The Road and Congregation Rodef Shalom (450 S. Kearny, 80024). RSVP to 303-399-0035. Suggested donation.


August 28 (Thursday): Congregation Rodef Shalom has designated today, from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm as a Habitat Interfaith Alliance building day in Montbello. For more information or to participate, contact 

Leslie Tjarks (303-220-0189) or Janet Smith (303-755-4333).



Please come and welcome two new members of the Rose Community Foundation (600 S. Cherry Street #1200, 80246) - Jennifer Moe, incoming director of external communications and public relations, and Beckett Stokes, incoming director of internal communications - at a reception from 4:30 - 6:00 pm. RSVP by August 20th to Alicia at

September 5 (Friday): Temple Sinai has designated today as a Habitat Interfaith Alliance building day. For more information or to participate, contact Lisa Friedman at 303-758-0778.


September 7 (Sunday): From  3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. come attend a Congregation Rodef Shalom picnic, BBQ, games, and face painting event at Cook Park (Monaco and Cherry Creek South). Prospective members attend free. RSVP to 303-399-0035. Fee.


Come attend a day-long Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado seminar. Call Ellen Kowitt at 303-929-6212 for more information.


 Send calendar notices for your organization's upcoming events to us at:

Exclusive Audios & Articles
No cure for stupid in EU's outpouring of anti-Israel vitriol
If historic and lingering European anti-Semitism wasn't enough to enflame the population against Israel and the Jewish people, then Arab immigration has served as potent lighter fluid

By Dean Rotbart
Read the full article  
A survivor of the July 1942 Nazi roundup of French Jews is again afraid
We don't have to speak Arabic to hear the warnings now. The mass Muslim migration to Europe has brought with it a hatred of the Jews and everything that represents western values and multiculturalism

By Talya Rotbart
Read the full article

Reflections on the five Israeli soldiers who perished this past Shabbos
They awoke this Shabbos having no clue they were never going to greet another sunrise; having no clue they had seen their families for the final time; having no clue that they were going to die.

By Avital Rotbart
 Read the full article
Jewish Family Service of Colorado Showcases the Best of the Jewish People
JFS provides care based on the Jewish values of repairing the world and engaging in acts of loving kindness

Yana Vishnitsky 
President & CEO 
Read More

Recently on Radio Chavura

Yana Vishnitsky
Jewish Family Service of Colorado
An Interview with Yana Vishnitsky

Recently on Radio Chavura, we spoke with Yana Vishnitsky, president and CEO of Jewish Family Service of Colorado, about the important role that JFS plays in our community.


As an immigrant, Yana, herself, has a special connection to JFS, which she explained during our interview.


Begun in 1872 as the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society, today JFS of Colorado directly serves 23,000 Coloradans annually - both Jews and non-Jews.


Working with the elderly (in-home meals and cleaning); mentally endangered (kids with difficult home lives and adults suffering from depression); special needs (people with Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injuries and others who cannot live independently); and impoverished members of our society (unable to afford sufficient food, rent, and medical care), JFS provides care based on the Jewish values of repairing the world and engaging in acts of loving kindness.


JFS's much lauded Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Food Pantry provides meals for 1,600 people each month; that's in addition to the 3,200 nutritious meals that JFS's Lunchbox Express program delivers weekly to children when school is not in session.


With 850 volunteers and a dedicated staff headed by Yana, Jewish Family Service of Colorado showcases the best of the Jewish people.


Hear the interview now.

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