Program Guide: May 25, 2014 (Iyar 25, 5774) 
Collage by Avital Rotbart 

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There's a lot more to look forward to in this week's newsletter, including:
  • Audio: Celebrate Family Festival - Interview With Participants
  • Audio: The Genetics of Being Jewish: Dr. Karl Skorecki
  • InvitationThe Jewish Experience Open House (June 1st) - Join the Radio Chavura team!
  • Coming Next Week:  Safe Systems and Larry Halpern - A Business Success Story
  • Audio: Israel's War Orphan:  Exclusive Interview with Colonel Yossi Ron  
  • LinksDid You Spot These News & Feature Items?
  • Photo: Pope Francis Visits 'The Other Wall'
  • EventsColorado Jewish Calendar - Don't Miss Any of These Activities
  • Audio: Beth Jacob High School's New World-Class Dormitory
  • Job Opportunity: Schmoozing and Profiting 
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CF2Celebrate Family Festival
Lag B'Omer 2014

The 11th Annual Celebrate Family Festival - held last Sunday at the Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center - was a wonderful community event, attended by thousands of parents and children. 

Among the guests interviewed on this week's program are:
  1. Melanie Gruenwald, director of athletics, family programs, and teens, Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center
  2. Kimberly and Eliana Fishman, chefs, Dads on the Grills BBQ
  3. Jim Barnard, commander, Jewish War Veterans Post #344
  4. Shayna Friedman, director of admissions, Denver Jewish Day School
  5. Leah Schiermeyer and Kala Hirsch, teachers, Aish Preschool
  6. Elaine Lee, director of membership and communications, Temple Micah
  7. Jordan Andersen, counselor, and Ellery Anderson, camper, Camp Ramah of the Rockies
  8. Brenna Deutchman, founder, Blue Jasmine Studios
  9. Lynn Cooper, director of marketing, The Jewish Experience
  10. Rabbi Yisroel Engel, senior rabbi, Bais Menachem
  11. Samuel Vida, founder, Lego Mezuzahs
  12. Shana Morgan-Sherman, membership director, Bnai Havurah
  13. Yael Weinstein, director, Colorado Agency for Jewish Education
  14. Kolby Morris, outgoing youth director, Hebrew Educational Alliance Genetics

The Genetics of Being Jewish
with Dr. Karl Skorecki

Top Photo: Starship Enterprise First Officer Spock
First Row (l-r): Medieval scholar Rashi, Israeli nephrologist Dr. Karl Skorecki, and Israeli singer Hagit Yaso
Second Row (l-r): Indian Jewish youth community leader Meirah Bhastekar, a strand of DNA, and Mr. Ram, a Chinese cantor

Dr. Karl Skorecki, a nephrologist (kidney specialist) who directs research and medical development at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, will be speaking at the University of Denver Hillel (2390 S. Race Street) on Tuesday, May 27th at 7:00 pm, about "The Genetics of Being Jewish." (See ad below)

In our exclusive interview, which provides listeners a preview of what Dr. Skorecki will discuss in Denver, he explains the historical and religious questions raised through the study of DNA, including how a native tribe in southern Africa - the Lemba - ended up with "Jewish genes."  Listen to his full interview hereTheJE

Click on image above to view more event details! SafeSystems


Jewish Values Make For Great Business Values

Larry Halpern
Larry Halpern, Safe Systems President

Larry and Cindy Halpern have built their company, Safe Systems, Inc., into Colorado's largest locally owned security provider by following a Jewish-inspired philosophy of treating customers like members of the family.


Safe Systems, which began in 1982, faithfully serves more than 10,000 residential and business customers in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Ft. Collins, and all along the Front Range.


On June 1st, Larry will be the featured guest on bothRadio Chavura and on 710 KNUS AM's weekly Business Unconventional broadcast.  Joining Larry is Tim Watson, director of sales and marketing. 

Safe Systems Logo


Larry's joint appearance on the two audio programs arises because the story of Safe Systems's phenomenal success is one of interest to both the Jewish community - where Larry and Cindy have long been supportive of many fine nonprofit programs and institutions - and to the secular community, which admires his company's growth, service record and remarkable hiring practices.


Indeed, Larry tells Dean Rotbart, co-host of both Radio Chavura and Business Unconventional, that the secret to Safe Systems's growth has been the quality of employees the company has hired and retained.  Today, Safe Systems employs more than 70 workers who share Larry and Cindy's mission: "to ensure your family or business's on-going safety with the most advanced, custom-designed security systems."


Whether you are a member of the Jewish community who knows Larry and Cindy and appreciates all that they've done; whether you're a homeowner or business professional who might benefit from the great services provided by Safe Systems; or whether you're an owner or entrepreneur who hopes to glean some success insights from Larry, you won't want to miss next week's interview.


Business Unconventional, featuring Dean Rotbart and co-host David Biondo, airs each Sunday at 8 am on 710 KNUS AM, and is also simulcast on the Internet at


The Radio Chavura interview will be available to subscribers of the program's free weekly e-newsletter (, as well as at and the iTunes stores. YossiRon


Israel's War Orphan
Ret. Col. Yossi Ron


On May 13, 1948, the day before Israel declared its independence from the United Kingdom, Arab forces - anticipating the May 14th withdrawal of British troops - attacked the Jewish garrison at Gush Etzion, outside of Jerusalem.

The Jewish defenders surrendered to the Arab attackers after an intense battle. Despite having surrendered, they were all killed. Among those massacred were the parents of Col. Yossi Ron

Col. Ron - then only a year-and-a-half old - remains the only Israeli ever to have lost both parents as soldiers in an Israeli war.

The Battle of Gush Etzion inspired the Israeli government to mark the day before its Independence Day as Memorial Day. Now, the story of the massacre is the focus of a Jewish National Fund project to construct a memorial site in Gush Etzion.

Col. Ron, who came to Denver earlier this month to address the JNF Mountain States Annual Breakfast, is joined on Radio Chavura by Shani Abrams-Simkovitz, director of the Gush Etzion Foundation. You can listen to the audio here.

Watch a video about Col. Ron's story and read more about it here.

Today marks 10,412 days since Jonathan Pollard ( was imprisoned in the United States. Read Maxwell Rotbart's column, Separating fact from fiction about Jonathan Pollard, on

Today marks 1,635 days since Alan Gross ( was imprisoned in Cuba.

Today in Jewish History:  23 years ago, the IDF carried out Operation Solomon, a massive airlift that brought Ethiopian Jews to Israel.  The Israel Air Force safely carried 14,500 Jews to Israeli soil.  Read the full IDF story here.



Talya Rotbart

Edited by 
Talya Rotbart 


Thanks to the following individuals whose keen eyes helped us identify articles of interest in recent editions: Richard Behar, Dr. Herzl MelmedDr. Donald Salem, Lela Kay, Rabbi Daniel Alter, Dr. Harley RotbartCheryl and David Fellows, Tamari Gruszow, and Shirley Lewis. If you spot a news feature that is worth including in a future edition of this newsletter, please email the URL to Talya at [email protected]



The PA continues to receive aid; the PA is still perceived to be a "viable peace partner" that Israel should negotiate with. I can hear the constant refrains of "They may do some horrid things but nevertheless, they are not as bad as that detestable government Hamas" (with whom the PA just entered a unity agreement) and which merely commits terror attacks more frequently than the PA.

Indeed, Western leaders who seek to continue the "peace process" do so by encouraging despots who preach war: receiving Mahmoud Abbas and other members of the PA with open arms without holding them responsible for the terror they produce.

by Laura London (May 21, 2014)


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by the age of 80, people fall at least once a year. These falls, many of which are caused by problems in balance and stability, cost the US government $75 billion a year.



When B-Shoe's patented algorithm-based technology detects a loss of stability - it automatically takes a step backwards. This is a big step (pun intended) in preventing falls, since as opposed to walking canes and walkers; the person doesn't need to prevent the fall themselves.






Eggheads: EU Bans Import of Poultry Products From Judea and Samaria, and From Jerusalem

Arutz Sheva (May 22, 2014)


An EU official in Tel Aviv confirmed the report and said the ruling was issued "in the spirit" of guidelines which came into force in January "prohibiting dealings with settlement-based firms and bodies. 



by Timothy Whiteman (May 19, 2014)

Pro-Israel activist Pamela Geller seeks to have her own bus ad to counter one recently ran by the anti-Israel group American Muslims for Palestine which called for all American foreign aid to the Jewish State brought to a speedy end. To reciprocate, Geller's own organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, calls for an equally speedy end of all American foreign aid to "Islamic countries."


Not her first go-'round with DC authorities, Geller had to take the WAMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) to court in 2012 in order to exercise what she believes was her right to respond to a "Jew-hating" ad previously ran by the American Muslims for Palestine group.


To hammer her point home in the latest advertisement battle, Geller's placard prominently features a photograph of the meeting between German dictator Adolf Hitler and the Muslim cleric Haj Amin el-Husseini, who was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during World War II.

by Lana Malman (May 16, 2014)

Creative Community For Peace thanks Scarlett Johannson and Ellen Degeneres for having the courage of their convictions and maintaining the kind of integrity that represents, as Degeneres so eloquently said, "traditional values" of honesty, equality, kindness and compassion are worth standing for - we couldn't agree more! PhotoWeek


Did You Spot This Photo?
Pope Francis visits 'The Other Wall'

Pope Francis visits the security barrier in the West Bank ahead of his first official visit to Israel - having not yet traveled to the Western Wall. What does the symbolism mean for the future relations of the Abrahamic religions in the Middle East?Calendar

Hebrew Calendar

Radio Chavura's Colorado Jewish Calendar 
May 26 (Monday): The Jewish War Veterans of Colorado will be reading the names of deceased Jewish and special non-Jewish veterans at the Jewish Community Center (350 S. Dahlia, 80246) at 1:00 pm in a two-hour ceremony lead by Rabbi Joshua Narrowe
May 27 (Tuesday): Dr. Karl Skorecki, a nephrologist at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, will be speaking at the University of Denver Hillel (2390 S. Race Street) at 7:00 pm about "The Genetics of Being Jewish." RSVP to Ashleigh Miller at [email protected](See ad below)
Community educator Rivka Gross will be teaching the first of a three-part class on the role that Torah plays in living free of stress. The classes will be held at 8:00 pm at 295 S. Locust Street on May 27, June 10, and June 17. Donation suggested.
May 28 (Wednesday): EDOS (198 S. Holly Street, 80246) will be having a Yom Yerushalaim prayer service and celebratory breakfast starting at 6:30 am.
Bnei Akiva of Denver will be hosting its 4th Annual Yom Yerushalaim Dinner and Trivia Contest at EDOS (198 S. Holly Street, 80246) at 6:00 pm. More information and RSVP at 303-322-7943. Fee.

May 29 (Thursday): The Denver Academy of Torah's 8th grade class will be graduating at Aish Denver (9550 East Belleview Avenue, Greenwood Village) in the evening. More information at 720-859-6806.

  Boulder Jewish Festival - 2014
June 1 (Sunday): Come join The Jewish Experience at the grand opening of its new center at 399 S. Monaco Street. (See ad above)


Temple Emanuel's 18th Annual Mitzvah Day will take place from 8:15 am until 1:30 pm. RSVP and more information here.

A B'nai B'rith program featuring Rabbi Bernard Gerson, Jewish Approaches to Interfaith and Inter-Race Relations in America, will take place at the Jewish Community Center (350 S. Dahlia, 80246) from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Donation suggested.
June 2 (Monday): Habitat for Humanity's Interfaith Alliance will be hosting its 10th Annual Golf Classic at 7:45 am at Glenmoor Country Club (110 Glenmoor Drive, 80113). More information at [email protected].
June 3 (Tuesday): Spend six hours engaged in Jewish learning - starting at 6:00 pm - at Temple Emanuel
(51 Grape Street) ahead of the start of the Shavuot holiday. (See ad below)


June 4 (Wednesday): Shavuot Happy Hour at Rodef Shalom, featuring "Adult" and kid-friendly beverages, with light appetizers. Stay for a family-friendly service with music and the reading of the Ten Commandments. Free and open to all. 5:30 pm. 450 S. Kerney, Denver.

June 6 (Friday): Zalman Popack will be leading a Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat on Denver's East Side. Stay tuned for more details.
June 8 (Sunday):  20th Annual Boulder Jewish Festival will be held from 11 am to 5 pm on the Boulder County Courthouse Lawn and Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Free admission.  A one-day celebration of Jewish culture, featuring live entertainment, fine art and Judaica, ethnic food, community organizations and activities for all ages. Be certain to visit the Radio Chavura booth!
June 9 (Monday): Mizel Museum's No Strings Attached: Puppets and Masks From Around the World camp will be taking place all week long from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for ages 5-10 at the Boulder JCC (3800 Kalmia Avenue, 80301). 
June 16 (Monday): Mizel Museum's Earth Shakin' Planet! camp will be taking place all week long for ages 8-12 at the museum (400 S. Kearney, 80224).
June 22 (Sunday): Jewish Community Appreciation Day at Coors Field will begin at 1:00 pm with Jewish students singing the national anthem on the field. RSVP here.
June 23 (Monday): Mizel Museum's ArtRageous Pets, Compassionate Friends camp will be taking place all week long for ages 6-11 at the museum (400 S. Kearney, 80224).
June 27 (Friday): The B'nai B'rith Annual Leadville Cemetery Cleanup two-day event begins. Call 303-393-7358 for more information.

 Send calendar notices for your organization's upcoming events to us at: [email protected]

Click here to register for this event! BethJacob


Denver's Newest World-Class Jewish Dormitory:
Beth Jacob High School of Denver
Chaya Meyer, programming director at Beth Jacob High School speaks with co-host Maxwell Rotbart
Recently on Radio Chavura, we were joined by Chaya Meyer, director of programming at Beth Jacob High School of Denver and Feivel Gallard, a longtime dormitory parent at the school.  Our two guests discussed the completion of dorm renovations at Bais Yaakov, as well as the strong appeal of the girls' high school.

The renovations, which have been ten years in the making, include data ports connecting to school servers; an upgraded assembly area with sound and video systems; increased campus security; new energy-efficient lighting; new exercise facilities and communal areas - including a patio with picnic tables; new landscaping; remodeled closets and restrooms; central heating and air-conditioning; and new carpeting.

*In honor of Sefirat HaOmer, this week's audio is only available as a no-music edition.Jobs

 What A Job! - Schmoozing and Profiting


Sales Collage


Radio Chavura, which will soon complete its second year serving the local Jewish community, is seeking a part-time, commission-only sales person to sell sponsorships for our program, newsletter, website, and other content. 


The right candidate will enjoy "schmoozing" with Jewish business owners and non-Jewish businesses that serve greater Denver's vibrant Jewish community. This is a perfect opportunity for a candidate with previous sales experience who would enjoy the networking and socializing that comes with doing person-to-person sales. 


We pay a generous commission on all sales, beginning at 20% and ranging as high as 45%.   


Please email a brief note of interest, contact information, and sales experience to [email protected]. For more information, phone Maxwell or Dean at 855-JEWISH-4.

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