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Program Guide: February 16, 2014 (Adar Rishon 16, 5774) 
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There's a lot to look forward to in this week's newsletter, including:
  • ArticleDenver Jewish Day School CEO Helps Parents Make Intelligent School Choices 
  • Audio: Translating "Zionism: Beginning and End" by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas  
  • Links: Did You Spot These News & Feature Items?  
  • Photo: Denver Jewish Day School Students Meet Television Actress
  • Events: Colorado Jewish Calendar  
  • Photos: The Jewish Experience - Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate
  • PhotosFirst-Ever Basketball Game Between Two Jewish Colorado High Schools
  • Photos: Posters for Apartheid Week  
  • AudioLessons for Denver's Jewish Day Schools and Educators From A Leading National ExpertAviHalzel

From The Desk of Avi Halzel:

Mr. Halzel is Head of School and CEO at Denver Jewish Day School
Avi Halzel is Head of School and CEO at Denver Jewish Day School
Avi Halzel is the head of school and chief executive officer at Denver Jewish Day School, the largest Jewish school in Colorado. A recognized authority on Jewish education, Mr. Halzel understands what parents go through in choosing to send their children to a Jewish school instead of a highly-regarded secular school.

Addressing prospective Jewish school parents, Mr. Halzel suggests that - before making a final decision regarding their child's educational future - they consider five metrics, including what current school parents have to say and the value system held by the community.


You can read Mr. Halzel's full report here. Those parents who wish to learn more about Denver Jewish Day School may contact admissions director Shayna Friedman at 720-449-9550.ThisWeek



Translating "Zionism: Beginning and End" 
by Palestinian Authority
Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, at the United Nations in 2011
Photo Credit: CNN
The cover of Mahmoud Abbas's 
"Zionism: Beginning and End"
In his official biography on the website of the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas lists the authorship of "Zionism: Beginning and End" as among his accomplishments. The 143-page Arabic language book (first published in 1977 and reprinted in 2011) reveals Abbas to be a radical on par with his terrorist predecessor, Yasser Arafat


Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a previous guest on Radio Chavura, is heading a project to translate the book into English so that Americans can understand just how duplicitous Abbas is - offering a different message to Arab and western audiences. Nurit Greenger, a Los Angeles-based friend and ally of Dr. Kedar, joins us to discuss the translation project and the veiled extremism of Mahmoud Abbas. 


You can help support the translation project here.





Talya Rotbart

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Thanks to the following individuals whose keen eyes helped us identify articles of interest in recent editions: Richard Behar, Dr. Herzl MelmedDr. Donald Salem, Lela Kay, Cheryl and David Fellows, Tamari Gruszow, and Shirley Lewis. If you spot a news feature that is worth including in a future edition of this newsletter, please email the URL to Talya at [email protected].



Terrorist planned attack in order to be imprisoned and receive PA salary

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik (February 16, 2014)


"The testimony of this Palestinian terrorist confirms PMW's contention that the PA's policy of paying high salaries to terrorists during their imprisonment in Israel and after their release not only rewards terror, but also constitutes a motivation for terror.


In his statement, the terrorist showed precise knowledge of the payments the PA gives to those arrested for terror. He explained that PA law grants terrorists imprisoned for more than five years a salary of 4,000 shekels a month, which continues for three years following their release from prison. This is in addition to monthly salary payments while in prison. The terrorist explained that because his first imprisonment for planning a suicide terror attack (which was foiled) lasted less than five years, it was not enough to prompt the 4,000 shekels monthly salary upon release. He therefore planned another attack in order to reach a total of five years in prison, which would entitle him to the additional salary upon his second release, which would cover his debts."


Why Turkey is Gone For Good

by Caroline Glick (February 14, 2014)


"In March 2013, Erdogan relented in his demand that Israel end the blockade and acceded to a reconciliation deal offered by US President Barack Obama in a three-way telephone call with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that took place during Obama's visit to Israel. Following the phone call, Netanyahu apologized for "operational errors," by IDF sailors aboard the Mavi Marmara and offered to compensate the families...

Netanyahu was beginning to build political support for his decision to agree to Turkey's demand for a massive $20 million settlement of claims against Israel by the dead terrorists' families. But then Erdogan walked away."

Presbyterian Church group: Zionism is the problem
by Lazar Berman (February 11, 2014)


Check out a February 7th press release from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which is again proposing divestment of funds from businesses that have relationships with Israel. Be sure to buy from the companies that they want to boycott: Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, and Motorola.

Says Christian-Jewish relations scholar Murray Watson on modern American Christian antagonism towards Judaism:


"To a generation that has grown up with the idea of radical equality - that all people are fundamentally equal, and certainly equal in terms of God's love and care, the idea that any particular group could claim to be 'chosen' in a way which makes them qualitatively different from others, strikes some Christians as arrogant, as if 'chosenness' was to be equated with 'moral superiority'...


I have said for a long time that this interpretation of chosenness is actually a Christian caricature, and doesn't correspond to Jewish thinking or theology, which speaks of that 'chosenness' as something of a burden or a responsibility that is borne, often at great expense, for the sake of God's love."  


by Sharona Schwartz (February 11, 2014)


"'There will not be peace without Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. There will not be peace without an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967. Every piece of land that Israel occupied in 1967 is Palestinian land that belongs to the state of Palestine,' Habash said.


Asked what about Jews who wish to pray at their holiest site, Habash said, 'Welcome. Welcome. Without any problem, welcome. There will not be any limitations on freedom of worship. Worship is one thing, and politics are another.'


Israelis may not be comforted by the religious affairs minister's assurances over freedom of worship. There have been several cases of Palestinian violence aimed at Jewish holy sites, including shooting and burning attacks at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus and Rachel's Tomb outside Bethlehem."

by Venessa Wong and Kyle Stock (February 5, 2014)

"The [recently announced Coca-Cola/Keurig] alliance may be a bad recipe for SodaStream, which currently dominates the DIY cold-brew market. The Israeli company's machines are now in 7 million homes, a majority of which are outside the U.S., and it has locked up licensing deals with popular beverage brands, including Kool-Aid, Ocean Spray, Crystal Light, and Country Time Lemonade. 

SodaStream lacks a powerful soft drink partner, so the company's little flavor pods simply say "Soda Mix" on the side-a hard matchup against the best-selling cola world. The new competitive environment promises to pit SodaStream's "Diet Orange Mango" against Keurig Cold's Fanta."DidYouSpotPhoto

Did You Spot This Photo?
Award-Winning Actress Ariel Winter Poses
With Denver Jewish Day School Students

On her Denver Jewish Day School class trip to Los Angeles, freshman Aleeza Strouse (center) recognized and "chased down" the 16-year-old actress (3rd from left), who plays intelligent middle-child Alex Dunphy on ABC's "Modern Family." Winter graciously posed for a photo with Strouse and her friends.Calendar

Hebrew Calendar

Radio Chavura's Colorado Jewish Calendar 
February 17 (Monday): The Ladies of Beth Jacob luncheon takes place from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm at 1261 Zenobia Street. RSVP at 303-893-1333.


February 19 (Wednesday): The JCC South Denver invites Debbie Goodman, JCC Director of Jewish Life and Learning, to bring her "Lunch and Learn" series to southeast Denver. The class will also be held on March 12th. The February 19th class (11:45 am - 1:00 pm) will showcase the film Las Abuelas de Plaza Mayo, followed by a discussion. Cost is $5/person. 
The Colorado Section of the National Council of Jewish Women will have a panel discussion at Temple Sinai from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, moderated by CBS-4 anchor Gloria Neal, about "Women and Homelessness in Metro Denver: Looking for Safe Haven." Please bring feminine hygiene and other related products. Call 303-759-1827 for more information.


The annual dinner for the Temple Sinai Brotherhood will take place at 6:00 pm. Call Paul Levine 303-779-5625.


The Jewish Experience will host Rabbi Ken Spiro, author of "WorldPerfect - The Jewish Impact on Civilization," as the first guest at TJE's new home. Call 303-316-6412 for more information.  Tentative.
February 21 (Friday): At 7:00 pm, Temple Sinai will host a Social Action Shabbat Service honoring those community members who have spent many years engaged in various Tikkun Olam initiatives. 
February 22 (Saturday):  A fabulous evening of fun, gourmet feast and an array of incredible auctions are in store at the Yeshiva Toras Chaim Melave Malka.  8:00 pm. 1555 Stuart Street, Denver, 80204. Phone: 303-629-8200.
Congregations HarHashem and Bonai Shalom in Boulder will be hosting a "Special No Shushing Inclusion Havdalah Ceremony" at 7:00 pm for all community members. For more information, email Rachel Gehr at [email protected] or Judy Megibow at [email protected].

February 23 (Sunday): Chabad of Colorado presents a fashion show-style event titled "Jewish Women Through the Ages: An Evening of Tribute to Jewish Women." The event will take place at Artwork Network (878 Santa Fe Drive) from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Open to all women. RSVP with Chana Feige Abrahams at 720-838-4093. Fee.
The Areivim Taskforce of Denver offers an eight-hour class on Mental Health First Aid, starting at 9:15 am. The class takes place at Beis Menachem (400 S. Holly Street). Please RSVP by February 13. The class will also take place on March 23 at Congregation Zera Abraham (1560 Winona Court) starting at 10:00 am. Contact Rabbi Shraga Freedman at 303-335-8968 for more information or to RSVP.
February 24 (Monday):  JEWISHcolorado and Jewish Community Relations Council's "Date With The State" to be held in the Old Supreme Court Chambers at The State Capitol, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Reservations:  Janet Sherman, JCRC Director, at 303-316-6490 or [email protected].  Event co-chairs: Glenda Kaufman and Jennifer Dechtman.
February 27 (Thursday): The Hebrew Educational Alliance will host an "All-Judaic & Israeli Art & Jewelry Festival." Runs through March 3rd. Contact Neal Price at 303-758-9400 for more information or to volunteer. [See ad below.]
Join Temple Emanuel at the Pepsi Center to watch the Denver Nuggets play the Los Angeles Clippers at 8:30 pm. Purchase tickets at
March 9 (Sunday): The DAT Minyan will host their annual event at the Clyfford Still Museum at 1250 Bannock Street, alongside the Denver Art Museum, at 7:30 pm. Click here for more information.
March 11 (Tuesday): The Denver Community Kollel will host its 16th annual celebration at 6:30 pm at Aish Denver, honoring Michael and Randy Weiss, Bob and Allison Weiss, and Jeremy and Sora Simblist. Guest speaker will be Rabbi Yochanan Zweig. RSVP (or place a journal ad) at 303-820-2855. [See ad below.]
March 16 (Sunday):  The BMH-BJ Women's League will present its Annual Purim Carnival.  11:00 am to 3:00 pm
March 22 (Saturday): Temple Micah will host a "Sock Hop" dance and costume contest at 7:00 pm at 5209 Montview Blvd. "Don't forget your saddle shoes, pony tail, chiffon scarves, sharp blouse and poodle skirt... OR how about slick hair, leather or letter jacket, white t-shirt and keen rolled-up jeans?" Call Elaine Lee at 303-388-4239 x1 for more information.

 Send calendar notices for your organization's upcoming events to us at: [email protected]


Were You There? Who Do You Recognize?

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate
Click here to view all 84 exclusive photos!
The Jewish Experience held its annual Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate fundraiser on Saturday night, February 8th. Rabbi Ahron Wasserman, Rabbi Raphael Leban, and the entire TJE team were wonderful hosts, and we wish them a hearty "Mazel Tov" on the upcoming opening of their new center at 399 S. Monaco Parkway.PhotoEssay2

Historic Match-Up:
First-Ever Basketball Game 
Between Two Jewish Colorado High Schools


Denver Jewish Day School Tigers v. Denver Academy of Torah Wolves
February 3, 2013 @ Denver JDS

(l-r) Members of the DAT women's team pose for a group portrait after the game,
DAT men's team captain Tzvi Fischer is blocked by Denver JDS co-captain Sam Boscoe
Click here to view photos from the game!

Both the mens and the womens basketball teams from Denver Jewish Day School and Denver Academy of Torah faced off in separate games on Monday evening, February 3rd, marking the first time in Colorado history that teams from two different local Jewish high schools competed head-to-head.

Liat Fischer, women's team captain for the DAT Wolves (and a guest on last week's edition of Radio Chavura), fought hard to keep her team - in only its second game ever - from floundering against the Denver JDS Tigers, lead by co-captains Noemi GuiotRikki Wedgle, and Kirya Jultak

The Tigers are part of the 5280 League; the Wolves are not yet officially sanctioned. The game was played as a friendly tournament between the two Jewish schools. 

Following the women's match, which the Tigers won 48-10, the mens teams faced off, led by Denver JDS co-captains Kyle NowakSam Boscoe, and Daniel Bush, and DAT captain Tzvi Fischer. The mens Tigers defeated the Wolves 59-25.

Avital Rotbart, Radio Chavura's staff photographer, attended both games to capture the energy and history. Click here to view her complete photo essay.

Denver Academy of Torah High School - the state's newest Jewish high school - opened its doors in 2010 under the leadership of Rabbi Daniel AlterDr. Juli Kramer, and Mrs. Naomi Lev. Denver Jewish Day School is headed by Mr. Avi HalzelMr. Bryan Hay, and Rabbi Mark Goodman.
Please click on the images below to show your support for each of Denver's top-tier Jewish day schools:


[February 24 - March 2, 2014]
Click here to view more posters



Lessons For Denver's Jewish Schools and Educators
From A Leading National Expert
Dr. Gil Graff, BJE
Parents and grandparents of Jewish school-age children, as well as educators and other supporters, will not want to miss last week's thought-provoking episode of Radio Chavura.
Dr. Gil Graff, executive director of the Builders of Jewish Education organization in Los Angeles, has spent the last 20-years helping to mold that city's Jewish educational system into one of the finest in the nation. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Graff shares his experiences, and identifies ways that smaller communities - such as Denver - can adapt the Los Angeles model to buttress their finances and increase the quality of their educational offerings.
Among the topics that Dr. Graff explores are:
  • Building educational endowments for Jewish schools
  • Working collaboratively amongst schools on professional development
  • Pooling purchasing power to reduce the costs of technology and other common expenses
Dr. Graff also discusses methods to help encourage wealthy Jewish philanthropists - who often favor construction projects - to understand the value of making large donations toward the operations of Jewish schools and educational groups.  Explains Dr. Graff:

"Buildings are not enduring. Buildings come and go. What is eternal is education. What you teach a person, that person incorporates in his or her life; they teach it to the next generation. It is education which is enduring and which represents eternity."


Hear Dr. Graff's many valuable insights now, by clicking here.

To Contact Avital, Phone 1-855-539-4744

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- Ansel Adams



Avital has quickly earned a reputation for her stunning ability to capture priceless moments of joy and celebration.  In addition to her work on behalf of Radio Chavura and Business Unconventional, she serves as a staff photographer at Girls Inc. and Camp Maayan.


Avital puts her heart and soul into photography - and it shows.  Talk to her about capturing the "spirit" of your loved ones and your most important moments.  

Email: [email protected] or phone 1-855-JEWISH-4 (539-4744).


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Today marks 10,314 days since Jonathan Pollard ( was imprisoned in the United States.
Top US Officials: Free Jonathan Pollard Now!
Top US Officials: Free Jonathan Pollard Now!
Click on image to view video 

Today marks 1,537 days since Alan Gross ( was imprisoned in Cuba.

Jacob Ostreicher was imprisoned in Bolivia in June 2011.  He was released on December 16, 2013.

You can hear this week's full show right now, here. All previous broadcasts are available for free from

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