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Melmed, Kedar & Amsel
Love of Israel and Torah! 
Dr. Herzl Melded - Radio Chavura
Dr. Herzl Melmed - Action Israel

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 Every Sunday @ 6:30 p.m. on 990 KRKS AM in Denver


This week on the broadcast edition of Radio Chavura, we will be speaking with Dr. Herzl Melmed, one of Denver's premier Zionist leaders and Chairman of ActionIsrael, a grassroots organization dedicated to actively supporting Israel.  Dr. Melmed is also co-founder of the highly regarded Middle East Study Group, which meets monthly.


We then speak with Lt. Col. Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a professor of Arab Studies at Bar-Ilan University. Dr. Kedar will be in Denver this week speaking at multiple events, courtesy of ActionIsrael.  He is an expert on Islam, Islamic Movements, gender issues in Islam, Arabic mass media, popular culture in the Arab world, state and society in the Arab world.  His topic: "Can the Arab World Accept Israel as a Jewish State?"

Kedar on YouTube

View his famous YouTube smackdown of an Al Jazeera reporter.


Finally, we speak with Rabbi Yehuda Amsel, a teacher and friend to hundreds of grateful Colorado families, who will be the recipient of a Denver Community Kollel award at the Kollel's 15th Anniversary Celebration on February 26th.


A YouTube Investigation:
Jacob Wedgle
James Bondstein (Agent 00-Zion) - Assigned to the Crime


By day, he's Jacob Wedgle - a mild-mannered student at the Denver Academy of Torah. Jacob attends class, completes his homework (when he's not being interviewed on Radio Chavura!), and plays basketball with his friends at recess.


By night, he's James Bondstein, a suave, British-accented,
Manischewitz-drinking (shaken, not stirred) secret agent. And James has got a very important mystery to solve: all of the Chumashim - printed Torah books - have disappeared from two Denver synagogues - BMH-BJ Congregation
and the DAT Minyan!


In their place is a copy of Staff, a Jewish thriller novel by local author (and Jacob's uncle) Jeff WedgleStrange.


Even stranger, Mr. Wedgle claims to know nothing about the switch. Is he telling the truth? Can James identify the true culprit? Will he be able to save the Shabbos davening?


Last week on Radio Chavura, we spoke with Jacob, his father Howard, uncle Jeff, and family friend Larry Buter about the ingenious YouTube video that they created in celebration of Jacob's recent Bar Mitzvah.


Case of the Missing Chumashim


Chavura Community Calendar


January 30 (Wednesday) 


Middle East Study Group * Featuring Dr. Mordechai Kedar (6192 S. Galena Way * 80111 - @7:00 pm) * RSVP @ 303-773-3891 * Free (Honorarium Requested) 


January 31 (Thursday): 


The Denver Synagogue: BMH-BJ Congregation * Featuring Dr. Mordechai Kedar (560 S. Monaco Parkway * 80224 - @7:00 pm) * More Info @ 720-244-1930 * Free


 February 2 (Saturday Night)


The Jewish Experience - 11 Annual Gala Event: Wine * Cheese & Chocolate Dessert Challenge * Toast to Rabbi Raphael Leban * History Colorado - @ 8:00 pm * RSVP @303-316-6412.


February 10 (Sunday)


DAT Minyan Annual Fundraiser *  Honoring Craig Schottenstein and Rabbi Yisrael and Tova Rosenfeld * McNichols Civic Center Building - @ 6:00 pm


February 19 (Tuesday)  

Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce - Q&A with Ethan Lazarus, M.D. * Fiocchi's Pizzeria Bar - @ 5:30 pm


February 23 (Saturday)


Rocky Mountain Jewgrass - Purim Show * Come in costume to win prizes and join in the merriment! * Swallow Hill Music Association - @ 8:00 pm *


February 26 (Tuesday)


Denver Community Kollel - 15th Anniversary Celebration * Awarding Rabbi Yehuda Amsel * McNichols Civic Center Building - @ 6:30 pm * More information 



March 3 (Sunday)


DAT School - 20th Annual Dinner * Honoring Dr. Peggy Kasloff, Cantor Zachary & Trude Kutner, and Jeff Wilson @ 5:00 pm




It's Time to Address Jewish Day School Tuition 


Denver has five top-tier Jewish schools - Beth JacobDenver Academy of TorahDenver Jewish Day SchoolHillel Academy, and Yeshiva Toras Chaim
We Support Jewish Day SchoolsSadly, these schools are often under-funded, and parents increasingly must struggle to afford Jewish day school tuition.

As 2012 drew to a close, hosts Maxwell and Dean Rotbart shared two of their ideas for solving the day school tuition crisis without raising rates, refusing students, or turning to government funding. How is this possible? 


Hear the full show online now by clicking here


Listen to the full show - without music - by clicking here.


We invite you to share your thoughts on how to best fund Jewish day schools.  Email: [email protected] or phone 1-855-JEWISH-4.


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Dean and Maxwell Rotbart
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