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Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher
Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher - Denver Community Kollel
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With an expected daytime high of only 22�F and humidity levels at 83%, Denver weather forecasters are telling us that this coming Tuesday there is a 40% chance of becoming - as Jewish songwriter Irving Berlin once dreamed about - a white Christmas.


As exciting as that is for our non-Jewish neighbors, the forecast leaves many Jewish kids disappointed. Chanukah's eight days are long gone... December 25th is a federal holiday, meaning most businesses are closed... television stations are airing Christmas specials all day long... and, with the prediction of snow, a picnic is out of the question.


What can Jewish families do with their children on Christmas Day? Thanks to the Denver Community Kollel, the possibilities are limitless!


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Children's Amusement Park! Laser Tag! Rock Climbing! Bumper Cars! Ice Skating! Ferris Wheel! Teacup Ride! Kosher Hot Dogs 

Kollel Jewish Extravaganza


On tonight's edition of Radio Chavura, we showcase the Jewish Family Extravaganza, held annually as a "friend-raiser" for the Denver Community Kollel. Our guest is Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher, director of community education for the Kollel, who also shares with listeners details of the Kollel's mission and many Jewish learning opportunities.


The Extravaganza will be held at the South Suburban Family Sports Center (6901 South Peoria Street * Centennial, CO * 80112) from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on December 25th. The event is open to the entire community for only $13/person.




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We Support Jewish Day Schools Denver has five top-tier Jewish schools - Beth Jacob, Denver Academy of Torah, Denver Jewish Day School, Hillel Academy, and Yeshiva Toras Chaim. Sadly, these schools are often under-funded, and parents increasingly must struggle to afford Jewish day school tuition.

As 2012 draws to a close, Radio Chavura
co-hosts Maxwell and Dean Rotbart share two of their ideas for solving the day school tuition crisis without raising rates, refusing students, or turning to government funding. How is this possible? Be sure to tune to 990 KRKS AM next Sunday at 6:30 p.m. to find out...



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