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Brit Milah
Brit Milah (Circumcision) is NOT a Crime!
Defend Religious Freedom
A Denver Jewish Community Demonstration

Join all people of good will and conscience next Sunday, September 2, at 11 a.m. outside the German Consulate at 425 S. Cherry Street.  Tell the world that Brit Milah (ritual circumcision) is NOT a crime!

For the first time in the Federal Republic of Germany, a Jew has been criminally charged for practicing Judaism.  This is 2012 - not 1939!

Rabbi David Goldberg, a spiritual leader of the community of Hof in Northern Bravaria, has been formally charged with the crime of brit milah, ritual circumcision.  This comes in the wake of a Cologne court ruling that criminalizes ritual circumcision.

As Rabbi Ben Greenberg of BMH-BJ Congregation notes:  "We cannot and must not stand idly by as human rights are once again being violated in Germany."

The German Consulate of Colorado and Wyoming is located just across the street from the King Sooper's supermarket nearest to the JCC on Leetsdale.  Bring along your family, friends and neighbors for a show of unity and strength. 
Tonight's Guests: 6:30 p.m. - 990 KRKS AM


The 1927 Yankees. The 1970 Orioles. The 1975 Reds. All of them champion teams; none of them able to boast the same record as the 2012 HEA-brews: #1 Team for 7-years in a row!


Rabbi Bruce Dollin
Rabbi Bruce Dollin

Join us this week on Radio Chavura as we speak with Loren Knaster, former captain of the HEA-brews and current commissioner of the Denver Jewish Softball League. He'll tell us about the history of the DJSL; the recent thrilling game against the BMH-BJ Silver Bullets which propelled the HEA-brews to the finals against the Sinai Mitts-vahs; and the importance of softball to our community.


Leppek and Isler
Leppek (l) and Isler

We'll also hear about a ghoulish slaughterhouse from two local horror writers - Chris Leppek and Mani Isler, authors of the recently released novel, Abattoir. They'll talk about their love of the horror genre; tell us the story of how they first teamed up; and identify some of the Denver landmarks that helped inspire the setting of Abattoir.


Caroline Glick
Security Expert Caroline Glick

Finally, we'll hear a clip from an exclusive Radio Chavura interview with Caroline Glick, highly respected senior contributing editor for The Jerusalem Post. In the full interview, available online at, Ms. Glick explains the impact that the U.S. Presidential elections will have on Israel's national security and the growing global Jihadist movement.


Can't listen tonight? You can hear the full show (and all previous editions) tomorrow at:

Last week: Rabbi Daniel Alter on the importance of Jewish day schools. Also, Randy Shapiro Weiss and Wendy Greenwald - directors of the Jewish Denver Drama Girls.  Listen now!


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