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Special Audio: Caroline Glick on the Threats Facing Israel and the American Elections


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The rumors surrounding Israel's possible use of force against the Iranian nuclear weapons program has reached a new high-level watermark.  With the U.S. presidential election less than 100 days away, many pundits believe Israel - with or without support from the United States - will act very soon.


Caroline Glick believes that Israel faces its greatest threat ever from Iran, Egypt and the increasingly powerful Muslim Brotherhood movement throughout the Middle East.  She is a sharp critic of the Obama Administration, which she contends is deliberately undermining Israel's security and its ability to respond effectively to the existential threats it faces.


Whether you agree with Ms. Glick or stand in opposition to her views, this is must-listening for American Jews who wish to be informed.  Please pass along this email and its audio link to family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.


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Recorded: August 21, 2012

Length: 23 mins

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Caroline Glick is Director of the Israel Security Project at The David Horowitz Freedom Center and a Senior Contributing Editor of The Jerusalem Post.


She is interviewed by Radio Chavura co-hosts Dean and Maxwell Rotbart.


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