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Trail Building-Mount Evans 
July 31 
Don't miss this opportunity to leave your mark at Mount Evans by helping us reroute a current trail that the students use! Sign up now before it fills up!

Trail Building-Mount Evans 
August 20 
This is another great opportunity to get up to Mount Evans and help with trail work. Won't you join us? Sign up now before it fills up! 

Outdoor Lab Alum, Tyler Groff, assisting during GT week at Mount Evans
6th grade students enjoying some initiatives at the beginning of GT week at Mount Evans.
Because of YOU, Outdoor Lab continues to change the lives of Jeffco students
20 years ago, Outdoor Lab gave Tyler an unforgettable experience 


Nearly 20 years ago a young boy named Tyler Groff attended Jeffco Schools Outdoor Education Laboratory School just like all of his sixth grade classmates. While most students experience an inspirational week at Outdoor Lab, Tyler took away something more. When he looked at the night sky through the telescopes in the Kiwanis Observatory at Mt. Evans, he was more than inspired - he was changed. Suddenly he knew what he wanted to study in life - astronomy. He was invited back to Outdoor Lab to participate in High Potential Week - an opportunity for promising young students, who are nominated by their teachers, to study one subject in-depth for an entire week. Tyler signed up for the astronomy course.  Under the tutelage of a team of instructors that included a licensed teacher, an electronics technician and some high school leaders who had attended High Potential Week themselves, Tyler's newly-discovered love for astronomy grew into a full-fledged passion.


Tyler returned to Outdoor Lab again and again - as a high school leader for several times and then as a leader for High Potential Week several more times. Tyler returns to Outdoor Lab every year during High Potential week, but it is no longer as a student or a leader. He now returns as a visiting teacher.  A teacher whose 'regular-job' is a research scientist in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University. Tyler Groff, PhD, is now working on innovative new devices that can visually detect planets around distant stars, planets that we would have never known existed otherwise. We now know that the planets of our solar system are just one set in a universe that contains thousands of other planets, and Tyler is trying to find more! Our world is illuminated by Dr. Groff's work - and Dr. Groff's passion for astronomy was illuminated by Outdoor Lab! 

In Memory: Genevieve Cravens
A BIG thank you to all the donors who gave this month in honor of Genevieve Cravens, mother of former Windy Peak Principal, Karen Cravens, who passed away on May 19th.  She had a huge place in her heart for Outdoor Lab and we are honored that we had her support and now that of her loved ones who give in her memory.

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Intern Spotlight: Peter Chesbro

Windy Peak Intern

What is your favorite part about being an intern?
Positively impacting the lives of children. . 

Families joined us for our 1st ever Sasquatch Hunt on June 7th. The kids participated in initiatives, archery, and a nice hike on site with Foundation staff member, Stephanie Ferguson. Thank you to all who made it up there!
Intern Spotlight: Bridgett Durfey
Windy Peak High School Intern

What advise do you have for future interns?
Don't take this time for granted. Do and learn as much as possible about the people and place that is around you. 

SAVE THE DATE: Outdoor Lab After Dark 
September 26, 2015

Dust off your boots because the hottest event of the season is coming! Join us for our 2nd Annual After Dark event on September 26, 2015! 

It is an evening filled with live music, entertainment, food trucks, and dancing! This is an event you DON'T want to miss. Tickets WILL sell out.  

Intern Spotlight: Zeke Student
Windy Peak Intern

What do you hope to have gained from this experience?
I have definitely increased my leadership potential as well as general confidence and teaching ability. I hope to gain leadership as well as more confidence and become a better teacher. 


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