Falling For The Coast

October 2014




California State Parks and Beaches are now on Google Street View.  So, put your feet up and check out some of the great trails and vistas that await you in California, including Marina State Beach along our Walk The Route.

Google Trekkers explored many of California's State Parks and beaches carrying 40-pound video units featuring a 360-degree spinning camera with 15 lenses.

Check out this article for more information.  

Better yet, come on a Slow Adventure and check out dozens of State Parks and State Beaches for yourself.



 2015 DATES

Walk The Bay
Trips going both directions
 in 2015!

April 12-17 

April 26-May 1

May 10 - 15 

May 24 - 29 

June 14-19

July 12 - 17 

July 26 - 31

Aug 9 - 14 

Aug 23 - 28 

Sep 13 - 18 

Sep 27 - Oct 2 

Oct 11 - 16 

Oct 25 - 30 

Bay to Bridge 

April 12-17

April 26-May 1

May 10-15

June 7-12

July 26-31

August 9-14

August 23-28

September 20-25

October 4-9


Click here to inquire about a date and receive an itinerary of the trip. 


Your Slow Adventure can be arranged on other dates and times of year.  Just ask.


Happy beta testers

How Fit Are You?

The New York Times ran an article this month about fitness and simple tests to tell you what your "fitness age" is. 

When you're not out on the trail or at the gym, take a minute to look at this test and do a few simple calculations.

Fun and informative.  

Keep walking!



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Fall offers the best walking weather and trail conditions. The tourists have all gone home, our lodges are quiet and peaceful, the pathways are uncrowded, the birds and sea mammals are migrating south. You can fully enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings all to yourself. So, sign up for an October Slow Adventure in 2015 and "be one with nature"!

Our first walkers from Washington DC enjoyed their Walk The Bay Slow Adventure (Santa Cruz to Monterey).
Five sisters (from New York, Virginia, California and South Carolina)shared their "Sisters' Weekend" experiencing the Bay To Bridge walk from Half Moon Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Here they are on Day Three at the cyprus grove at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

"Walk The Bay" in October treated these Southern Californians to the cool views along the Monterey Bay!

These six friends from around the USA (Texas, Michigan, Oregon, Colorado, and California) enhanced their Slow Adventure with a picnic lunch along the trail.  

This husband of a walker, joined his wife at the Golden Gate Bridge. We are pretty sure he wished he had walked the entire Bay To Bridge trip after witnessing the joy of the finish!

Twin sisters still getting along after four days of non-stop togetherness!

Catch the sights, sounds, and scents of the California Coast and
sign up for a Slow Adventure in 2015.  

Margaret and the Slow Adventure Staff.