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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of John Muir, naturalist, conservationist, explorer, writer, and walker. Muir was a key figure in establishing Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and the Petrified Forest. And he, with many of his friends wishing to protect and preserve these natural treasures, founded the Sierra Club. 
To honor his memory, we would like to encourage everyone to get out and take a long walk; maybe to a local, State or National Park you've never been to.  To inspire you, we'd like to recommend a great book written by avid walkers and historians, Peter and Donna Thomas, who researched and wrote about Muir's first trip to Yosemite.


They discovered Muir had walked from San Francisco to Yosemite in 1868. No one knew much about this trip, and no one had ever retraced it.  They decided to be the first and follow his footsteps to Yosemite.
The book will fascinate you and most likely serve to push you out of your comfort zone and on to the trail.


We hope to offer a Slow Adventure along the more "civilized" portions of the route in the near future.


Check out this website for more information about these wonderful walkers and authors.



Walk The Bay 
2014 Dates

April 13-18 
April 27-May 2 
May 11-16  
May 18-23
May 25 - 30 
June 8-13 (sold out) 
June 22-27 
July 20-25 
Sept 7-12 
Sept 21-26 
Oct 5-10 
Oct 19-24

Bay To Bridge 
2014 Dates

April 20-25 
May 4-9  (sold out) 
May 18-23 
June 1-6 (sold out)  
August 3-8 (ltd space)
Sept 14-19 
Oct 5-10 (sold out)

Click here to inquire about a date and receive a detailed itinerary of the trip. Your Slow Adventure can be arranged on other dates and times of year.  Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask about possible alternate trip dates or special events.
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The Slow Adventure 2014 season is gearing up and we look forward to welcoming many new walkers.  
This young couple tempted Mother Nature's potential winter fury, scheduling the Sunset Special (Half Moon Bay to Pacifica) adventure for late February.  Mild weather was on their side and, it being the off-season, they were virtually alone on their journey.  They're ready to return to do the 'whole nine yards' and walk the Bay to Bridge.  If you want to walk during the off-season, we'll do our best to accommodate you, so drop us an email.   But, remember, Mother Nature rules! 

  Happy walkers in Montara!


The official SLOW ADVENTURE season is a month away (April) and we can't wait to get folks on the coastal trails! California had a very warm and dry winter and although we need rain, the nice weather makes for great walking.
Our SLOW ADVENTURE season is already shaping up to be our biggest ever!  A group of seven sisters signed up for our Bay to Bridge Walk.  The sisters live in six different states and don't get to see each other that often, so their five-day SLOW ADVENTURE will give them quality time to visit, reflect, laugh, cry and remember.
We have couples celebrating anniversaries & birthdays. We have people celebrating recovery from injuries and being able to walk again!
Groups of old friends, new friends, parents walking with their adult children, avid hikers, and weekend warriors have all already signed up for a SLOW ADVENTURE.  As we talk with our walkers in the months beforehand, they are all very eager to report that they are out walking and training for their exciting SLOW ADVENTURE, and that, they say, has been a wonderful incentive to get fit and get ready.
Catch the sights, sounds, and scents of the California Coast and sign up for a Slow Adventure in 2014.  

Margaret and the Slow Adventure Staff.


How About a Fast Adventure?


We know many of you have family or friends who would prefer to take a fast adventure. We understand that different people like different things.  So, we've teamed up with the very best in fast adventures, Adventure Out, headquartered in Santa Cruz, for a special Slow Adventure discount.


Adventure Out is California's premiere outdoor school specializing in surf camps, rock climbing classes, back-packing trips, mountain biking, and wilderness survival skills instruction. With decades of wilderness experience, their mission is to share their expertise so you can stretch your limits and enjoy a wild and exciting adventure. In addition to insuring that their students enter the oceans and wilderness areas both safely and responsibly, Adventure Out strives to instill a sense of environmental stewardship in all their clients. See their exciting Northern California adventure programs at this website.


Do you have friends or family members looking for something to do in the area while you are on your Slow Adventure?  Send them on a not-so-slow Adventure with Adventure Out.  Use discount code 'slowadv' and save 15% off any Adventure Out class, clinic, or trip.



One of the great thrills to see on a breezy day along the shoreline is the magnificent spindrift off the surf. Spindrift is the word for the fine mist that blows back off of a cresting wave.  Nothing too scientific, yet memorable and awe inspiring.

During the off-season, I take time and great satisfaction in doing re-con along the SLOW ADVENTURE routes to personally view the condition of the beaches, rivers, and pathways.

This shot was taken along the Salinas River Beach, on the Walk the Bay route,  just before St. Patrick's Day.  This third day of Walk the Bay provides the most remote section of the adventure.  You're likely to pass these 7.5 miles of beach without seeing another person!   As we walked along the shoreline, we found interesting shells and placed them next to our footfalls on the sand. As we headed back, the breeze not only kicked up the spindrift on the surf, but it also brushed the dunes obliterating our footprints!  Now, where did I put those shells???