A note on my retirement
I'm fortunate to have been CCCA's Executive Director from its inception over 7 years ago and privileged to have worked with many wonderful members who contributed greatly to the success of the association and its impact in the structured cabling industry.

Dave Kiddoo, our new Executive Director, has been a long term contributor to CCCA as a member and now in his new responsibility will bring both passion and competence in leading the association to the next level.

To all of you within the industry that I have worked with over many years, I sincerely thank you for your graciousness and professionalism in working with me. I wish you health, success and happiness.

Welcome to Dave Kiddoo, CCCA's New Executive Director

This is an exciting opportunity for me to continue my active involvement in CCCA. I look forward to continue working on your behalf, my industry colleagues, to further enhance the value of CCCA to our global cable/connectivity industry.
Dave Kiddoo
Note: Our emails will be coming from dkiddoo@ccccassoc.org starting with the next
one. Please be aware of the new address, add it to your address book, and be sure to continue opening these CCCA emails for the latest info on hot topics.
Major Alliance for Sustainability Tool in the Smart Building ICT Space!

The STEP Foundation's recent announcement on its alliance with the Green Building Initiative (GBI) means GBI has become the first major green building rating system to acknowledge STEP practices and to work toward incorporating rating systems specific to the smart building ICT space.

Green Building Initiative logo
Through GBI, the structured cabling industry can expect greater recognition of environmental sustainability for cable and connectivity products and new commercial opportunities.

CCCA has been an active member of the STEP Foundation, focusing on recognition and rating systems for manufacturers of cabling and connectivity products.  Watch our website and newsletter for progress reports.

We regularly examine websites for communications cable and "specifications" from online distributors of unknown brands and pedigree. We've noticed a shift in tactics...aimed at deception.

In the past, we encountered unauthorized use of listing marks and worked closely with UL to stop this practice. Today, we notice that listing marks from either UL or ETL may be totally absent from boxes and labels, yet cables may be represented as "CMP" of "CMR", which of course they are not.

If there is no listing mark, then the cable is counterfeit. Even with a listing mark, if the brand is unknown or not familiar, then we recommend verifying legitimacy with the listing agency. 

UL has been leading the anti-counterfeit effort with CCCA and offers a quick and convenient way to check. 

You can also check the UL file number via CCCA's CableCheck app.

2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) Underway

With the deadline for Public Inputs (PI) ending November 5, 2014, the NEC entered its next cycle for the development of the 2017 version.

 CCCA submitted over 120 PIs related to structured cabling, including many for code recognition and language specific to cable routing assemblies.

A key part of CCCA's mission is to monitor and contribute directly to the NEC and other codes. Our goal is to continue to enhance safety and code enforcement, as important work to complement other CCCA quality and anti-counterfeit initiatives.

CCCA Educational Programs Welcomed by Industry Conferences

7x24 Exchange International Fall Conference - Phoenix, AZ
Choosing a Cabling System for Fat-Tree Designed Data Centers
CCCA presentation at 7x24 conference

Great audience response and interest in the ramifications of cabling system choices in fat-tree designed data centers.

BICSI-North East Region - Sturbridge, MA
Update: Counterfeit and Non-Compliant Communications Cable
 Todd Harpel presented, then discussed the topic with individuals later at the exhibits.
IWCS International Cable-Connectivity Symposium - Providence, RI
Non-Compliant & Counterfeit Cable - an International Problem


Incoming CCCA Executive Director, Dave Kiddoo, updated the international audience on dealing with the issues and trends counterfeiters are using with communications cable.  Had lots of Q&A interest.


Q&A at IWCS  

Our next opportunity to see you is at BICSI in Orlando in February.
We'll have a booth there and will update you in our next newsletter what we have in store for you this year. After the cold spell throughout the country this week you're probably just as ready as we are to get to the warmth of Orlando! 

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