July 2014

Non-Compliant & Counterfeit Cable: A Risk Too Real to Ignore

CCCA's article in BICSI's ICT Today magazine discusses how staying informed and maintaining a degree of due diligence can make or break your reputation in this industry. 

A side article highlights two real world cases of encounters with counterfeit cable that were reported to CCCA. These stories were shared to serve as a warning of how easily this could happen. Be sure to take a few minutes to read the cases - prevent it from happening to you.

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Have you seen the new CCCA website yet? 

Take a look! Win one of 3 Weatherman Multi-tools from a random drawing! 

 Intuitive and responsive design. Easy to find what you need to know, wherever you are.

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Emerging PoE Standard Aiming for 49W Per-port Minimum

Good summary on high power promise of IEEE 802.3bt by Patrick McLaughlin in CI&M.

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Risk, Responsibility, Reputation: 

What You Need to Know About Non-Compliant Cable


Our article in CABA's iHome and Buildings magazine addresses the safety, performance and liability risks associated with compliance. 

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Considerations for choosing top-of-rack in fat-tree switch fabric configurations 

Our article in CI&M continues the discussion about top of rack vs. structured cabling systems by applying the analysis to today's fat-tree switch fabric architecture.

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UL Warns of Potentially Hazardous Communications Cable (Release 14PN-08)

UL Public Notice


UL Brand Protection Conference Draws Attention to Communication Cables

During the UL Brand Protection Conference in June, several CCCA cable manufacturers shared information and collaborated to reduce the influx of offshore counterfeit and non-compliant communications cables. 

Portrait of business people in suit in a meeting room with laptop computers The special wire and cable session also included presentations by suppliers of new security technologies to identify and mark compliant cable products.


Through U.S. and international Brand Protection conferences, partnering with local and federal law enforcement and aggressive actions, UL responds to industry and user needs and public safety.  Read more



CCCA Elects New Officers and Executive Committee 

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2015 NFPA 90A - As It Relates to Cables in Plenum Spaces

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