October 2015
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  Your Benefit Can Benefit From Good Communications

Gala season is right around the corner. Start planning now.

Galas are a great opportunity to connect with and engage potential and new supporters (you've got them captive for hours!), so don't miss the chance to move them to action. How? Make communications a priority from the outset:

Tell a story.
Before you do anything else, identify a gala theme that tells a good and persuasive story (something meaningful that speaks to what you do, why your work is important, your impact) and supporting messages that will move your audience. Get all of your speakers on board to ensure they deliver remarks that are on-message. And, make sure that all of your materials are on-message and on-theme: the promotional materials, the event materials, and the take-aways.

Plan it out.
Map out everything you may need written, designed, and produced, including invitations, curtain-raising social media content, meaningful centerpieces, video, posters and other signage, remarks, auction items, promotions collateral, postcards, and post-event "thank you" letters. And, create a timeline to get it done. Figure out who you'll need to hire (e.g., a photographer) - and line them up.
Plan for press?
We always get asked about whether or not organizations should invite press. Here's what we say:  If there's something unusual about your gala or you have society folks or celebrities on hand, you may be successful at attracting press attention.

For example, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York has their caterer make special desserts out of different types of Girl Scout cookies. The Wall Street Journal's Heard and Scene writer, Marshall Heyman, found that interesting enough to write about. The New York City Mission Society's gala is typically packed with New York Society, drawing reporters like Bill Cunningham of The New York Times.

Before you make any decisions, ask yourself: What will gala press get us? Will the outcome be worth the effort?

There are three other priorities. To discover what they are, click here to visit our Tumblr blog.

Welcome Jaime Williams

Jaime is the newest member of our team.

She began her career at The Bronx Times, where she reported on local news in education, government, and business. She previously worked with the Macon Telegraph and Columbia Missourian newspapers as an intern reporter. She also worked as a research assistant in the PRIME Lab, a media psychology research center at the University of Missouri. A Queens resident, Jaime is a graduate of the University of Missouri, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism degree with a concentration in print and digital news.

Pitching Notes: 

Ben Max, Executive Editor

Gotham Gazette


Ben Max is the Executive Editor of

Gotham Gazette, an online news publication focused on New York politics and policy. Prior to heading Gotham Gazette, Ben started and ran DecideNYC.com, a comprehensive guide to the 2013 New York City elections. Before that, Ben spent about ten years working in K-12 education, including six as a high school history teacher. Ben was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens.


What differentiates Gotham Gazette?


Gotham Gazette is focused on substance, on in-depth reporting that adds to the public conversation, educates, and holds government accountable. Our publication provides much-needed context to key issues and decisions affecting New Yorkers. We are less focused on day-to-day politics and more on big picture issues and policy matters.


What role does Gotham Gazette play in the greater New York City area?


Gotham Gazette aims to be a trusted, informative source for substantive reporting on New York politics and policy. A non-profit, public-interest news service of Citizens Union Foundation, Gotham Gazette seeks to both educate the public and hold elected officials and government entities accountable. Our in-depth reporting on city government as well as how state government is affecting New York City is well-read by New Yorkers looking to better understand and evaluate their government.


To read the full interview and learn how you can reach Ben, click here to visit our Tumblr blog.


Anat Gerstein Welcomes Our 

New Clients



Critical Communications

The following column by Anat Gerstein was published in the September issue of New York Nonprofit Media.

I often encounter nonprofits - those with budgets ranging from under $1 million to several millions - that tell me that they simply can't afford a strategic communications program. My response is always the same: You can't afford not to have one.

The fact is, nonprofits that get their story out and make their case to stakeholders do better than those that don't. They experience smarter growth, they attract more funders, they have stronger and more productive relationships with supporters, and they have better outcomes for clients. Communications pays off. 
You can read the full piece here.




Anat Gerstein, Inc. is a full-service communications firm that works exclusively with nonprofits, big and small. Our clients represent a range of organizations, including social service, health care, education, and youth service groups; cultural, arts, and theater institutions; business and community development nonprofits; advocacy organizations; and foundations.


We specialize in helping nonprofits build brand recognition and reputation, and deepen and expand stakeholder relationships and partnerships. All of our work is focused on assisting organizations to reach their goals, including increased fundraising, volunteerism, client recruitment, attendance and participation, and furthering an advocacy agenda.


We currently work with 16 nonprofit organizations on a retainer basis--providing them with year-round services ranging from media relations to functioning as their outsourced communications department. We also work with nonprofits on a project basis.  


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