April 2015
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P is for.... Persistence




You know you have a great story to tell. You've done research, crafted a pitch, and assembled your team to be ready to answer questions. You call or email the reporter you've identified as the right fit for your story.


Then you encounter radio silence.


Yes, it can be frustrating, and make you question your news judgement. Our advice: be persistent. 


Here are 10 simple steps to nail down your story: 


#1 Always follow up. Make a follow-up phone call, or send an email a day or two after your initial pitch.

#2 Rethink your timing. If you pitched a reporter in the morning, try the late afternoon next time (and vice versa).

#3 Tweak your pitch. Think of a new angle, change your introduction, or add a statistic or fact that better interests the reporter.

#4 Identify timely context. Explore whether a larger issue related to your pitch has been in the news recently. Make that newsworthy and timely angle prominent in your pitch.

#5 Reevaluate the story itself. If you pitched a story for print, consider whether it's better suited for television. (But, make sure you have the right visuals, such as b-roll, high-resolution photos, and logos.)

#6 Pursue another reporter at the same outlet. If your pitch to one specific reporter hasn't worked, try another reporter or call the media outlet's assignment desk. If you've been pitching the assignment desk, then try a specific reporter at that outlet instead.

#7 Use your connections. If you know another reporter at the same outlet, reach out for advice on how best to contact - and interest - his or her colleague.

#8 Repurpose your pitch. Use your pitch to craft an opinion piece or letter to the editor.

#9 Give the pitch a new hook. If the story you're pitching is about an ongoing initiative, tie a timely event or exciting stunt to it. Events are a great opportunity to generate buzz and create great visuals (photos and video) to be featured on television.

#10 If all else fails... save your pitch for a later date. It may become timely again, or you may identify a different reporter or outlet that could be a better fit. 
Remember, persistence pays off. Make it work for you!


Welcome Bich Ha Pham


We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our team - Bich Ha Pham.


Bich Ha has nearly 20 years of advocacy, policy analysis, and strategic communications experience in New York City and New York State. She most recently served as the Director of Policy, Advocacy and Research at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies. Prior to that, she was the Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network of NYS.   


Bich Ha has developed and executed advocacy plans that generated significant press coverage, awareness, and change for nonprofits and their policy and advocacy agendas; she has helped organizations identify policy advocacy issues and develop messaging based on the Framework Institute, Center for American Progress, and the Center for Community Change; and, she developed and executed comprehensive advocacy plans that included e-advocacy and an evaluation component.


She has co-authored a number of research and policy publications, including "A Community Indicator System for NYC", "The State of NY's Social Safety Net for Today's Hard Times", and "Improving TANF in New York State: New TANF Regulations and Opportunities for State and Local Advocacy".





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