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Josh Greenman
From: Josh Greenman
Op-Ed Page Editor
New York Daily News


What I do:

I edit the op-ed page and am an editorial writer at the New York Daily News. My job is to commission and oversee publication of columns and outside voices - while also contributing to unsigned staff editorials. I occasionally write opinion columns under my own byline, but that's only when I have the time or the paper has the need. And when have a moment to breathe, I tweet.

How I got here:

My route to the Daily News was circuitous. After college, I landed at the office of the Special Commissioner for Investigation for the New York City School District - where I assisted on investigations, did legal research and dealt with the press, including a pesky education reporter named Jeff Simmons. I then found myself working as a speechwriter to then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani, followed by a stint in Washington as a speechwriter and communications advisor to Senator Joe Lieberman. I returned to the city to do communications and political
strategy work for an education reform non-profit before getting hired by the News in 2006. It's a great job with the best colleagues one could hope for. I've been there since.

What we consider:

There's no single standard for consideration of unsolicited op-eds, but we try to judge how interesting a given piece is, how newsworthy, how well-written, how timely, how engaging to readers. Though we specialize in local issues, we always want to cover a wide range of topics - including the occasional personal narrative or cultural
essay. We are a tabloid, so that means we put a premium on strong, direct opinions, forcefully argued.


Submissions should be 650 to 750 words (we have a couple different standard slot sizes in print; online, there's more flexibility in length). Direct them to me at, and/or call me at 212-210-1951. I generally want full pieces on spec, not pitches.
And if you submit to the Daily News, please, please make it exclusive. If you've concurrently sent a given op-ed to others, it produces all
kinds of headaches for myself and other editors. I'll do my best to let you know if I'm interested within a couple of days, and then you're free to offer it elsewhere.  

Issue: 12 February 2013



In the previous issue of this newsletter, we provided tips on writing well.  In this issue, we hope to help you put that good writing to use by giving you tips on drafting and placing an op-ed.


Josh Greenman, the Op-Ed Editor for the Daily News generously shares tips on getting an op-ed placed in the News.  He also shares information about his background, so perhaps you can find a connection to build your relationship with Josh.


We hope this newsletter helps you get your message and your expertise in front of your target audience. 


The Anat Gerstein, Inc. team

Tips for Writing an Op-Ed



Newspaper stack



Op-eds, also known as guest editorials, are a great way to reach opinion makers and leaders and establish or build your thought leadership. They are also hard to write and even harder to place - but the reward is worth it. Here's a checklist to get your op-ed drafted and placed:


Make it newsworthy. Timing is essential. Have your op-ed ready to go when an issue is in the news - whether it is controversy over a government policy proposal or the latest hot topic. For example, following Superstorm Sandy, Community Healthcare Network's CEO penned an op-ed for the Huffington Post about health care impacts and future recommendations. Read it here.


Think about placement in advance. Different outlets have different op-ed styles and interests. For example, The New York Times is interested, for the most part, in national issues, whereas the Daily News is interested in more local issues. Have a publication in mind when you write the op-ed so that the end product is in line with a publication's interest area and style.


Make a single point -- well. You cannot solve all of the world's problems in 650 words. Be satisfied with making a single point clearly and persuasively and have a clear editorial viewpoint. If you cannot explain your message and main point in a sentence or two, you're trying to cover too much. For example, WHEDco's Nancy Biberman focused on just one public education challenge in this Daily News op-ed.


Offer specific recommendations. An op-ed is not a news story; it is your opinion about a newsworthy issue, so offer recommendations. How exactly should New York City safeguard its environment, or schools change their bullying policy? Rely on your expertise and experience to make your case.


Showing is better than discussing, but don't forget your facts. People remember colorful details. When writing an op-ed, look for great examples that will bring your argument to life. But, don't forget to base your opinion on factual and researched information.  For example, check out this recent op-ed from Downtown Alliance's Liz Berger.


Make every word, every paragraph count. Op-ed editors receive hundreds of op-eds. The ones that get published are timely, present an interesting point of view, offer recommendations, and are well written. Make sure every word, every paragraph is both necessary and important to making your point.


How to submit an article. Some outlets - like The New York Times - list the op-ed email online. For other outlets, call the main number and ask for the opinion page editor. Or, you can ask a reporter you know for help.

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