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August 2013

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This month we will discuss merging Google plus business page with Google places listing, tips on engaging your customers and tips on optimizing Google places listings. We will also talk about using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. You may visit our website at www.centextech.com or give us a call at 254-213-4740 if you have any questions. 
  google plus

In an interesting feature introduced by Google, business owners can now merge their Google Plus business page with their Google Places listing. While this may sound a little confusing because of the similar names, it is actually as simple as merging any of your social network profiles with your Google Places listings. This means that whenever anyone views your listing on Google Places, you can further market your business through your Google Plus business page. Interestingly, Google allows you to merge only if you have a physical address where you service your customers. Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to carry out this merge: read more...

Tips On Engaging Your Customers 
engaging customersAs anyone involved in online marketing would know, referral marketing is emerging as a key component of the online marketing strategies of businesses, laying emphasis on the need for effectively engaging one's customers. Contrary to what one might think, this engagement marketing is not merely about having lofty feel-good conversations with customers on your Facebook page or blog comments, but is actually about the depth and value of this communication. The following tips highlight some effective ways to engage your customers and generate visible results for your business-  read more...


google places
With local search queries dominating Google, optimizing your website or local business on Google Place listings is a strategy that you cannot overlook. Ever noticed how local maps sit right at the top of search results on Google? With the relatively scarce competition in local search, it is a realistic aim to have your business showing in those very maps when users perform a local search for your business on Google. Take a look at these simple tips to optimize your business on Google Places listings-  read more...


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Abdul Subhani
Managing Principal
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How To Merge Google Plus Business Page With Google Places Listing
Tips On Optimizing Google Places Listings
Using Unsecured Wi-Fi Hotspots
Using Unsecured Wi-Fi Hotspots
Public Wi-Fi hotspots are trendy and popular, for the obvious convenience that they offer. No wonder most restraints, cafes, hotels, and other public places are jumping on the bandwagon and allowing visitors to freely access their Wi-Fi networks without needing a password. Despite how tempting it is to simply go ahead and connect to these networks, you need to be prudent while doing so, as you could unknowingly put your computer at a risk of getting hacked.
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