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Dr. Wendy Heckelman was a featured speaker at the 16th Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum in Washington, D.C.
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Field Based Monitoring and Today's Compliance Challenges

Pharmaceutical organizations today face a growing challenge: enabling commercial success while operating in an environment with ever-increasing compliance demands on promotional activities.  As pharmaceutical organizations develop new methods to engage customers based on broader changes in the healthcare marketplace, it is critical that their compliance department works closely with commercial teams to mitigate risks associated with new tactics for product promotion and selling activities.
Compliance must demonstrate a high level of responsiveness and willingness to understand and align with the goals of commercial teams. Collaborating with these functions in the development of compliant best practices will reduce internal challenges and ensure accountability in the organization. 

Compliance leaders are charged with deciding which activities and metrics should be included in their field monitoring programs. A number of factors need to be considered
: depth and frequency of oversight, expertise of the monitors used, and the behaviors, knowledge, and skills that will be evaluated.

Integrated field based monitoring processes connect compliance policy, monitoring, reporting, and remediation with sales coaching, training, and effectiveness. Field rides can be used to gather insight that will increase the impact of coaching and training efforts.
  Compliance leaders should be prepared to explain how the behaviors being evaluated reinforce compliant behavior and enable sales success.
Effective field based monitoring programs help pharmaceutical organizations to mitigate avoidable risks and foster a "culture of compliance." With sufficient processes, consistent observations, and reliable reporting tools in place, a monitoring program will help improve compliant sales activities. If field based monitoring is not an integral part of the organization's overall compliance strategy, the changes should begin today.  The end result will be a company with fewer compliance challenges, more productive sales and marketing teams, and a more profitable organization.
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