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The 5C's of Transition Leadership™
A program to enable leaders to successfully
lead and execute change efforts.
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A Framework for Equipping Leaders to Successfully Lead their Teams through Transformational Change


Organizations face new pressures every day. To survive, they need to be able to plan for and execute large-scale change. These businesses also need effective transformational leadership because when companies need to change, leaders throughout the organization are called on to make it happen.


Unfortunately, most companies do not equip their team leaders for success. This is one reason for 93% of change initiatives failing to meet goals. Team leaders are either provided very little support and guidance, or they are provided with an overwhelming amount of change management tools and templates without clear direction on how to use them.   In either case, too much time is spent trying to figure out the next move and how to successfully transition their teams.


Alternatively, organizations need to develop leaderhip's ability to lead and manage change. Team leaders also need to manage the critical variables that will help their team transition through the change and move to accelerated performance.


The 5C's of Transition Leadership was developed by WLH Consulting, Inc. ("WLH") to provide a structured approach for leaders to improve their capabilities around leading change and managing the unique team, organizational, and marketplace challenges.  The 5C's Model of Leadership Transition™ is a proven and practical model that has been used with leaders at all organizational levels to execute large scale change with teams and individuals.


The 5C's Model helps team leaders:


  1. Improve their personal commitment and buy-in to an announced change
  2. Develop an effective transition plan to lead their teams through the changes
  3. Mitigate business risks and impact as the organization undergoes transition
  4. Quickly build high performing teams
  5. Enhance transition coaching capabilities so individuals can meet their performance goals
  6. Effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders throughout a change initiative 

To learn more about the 5C's of Transition Leadership and how it can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and the challenges of change management, please email Dr. Wendy Heckelman at wendy@wlhconsulting.com or you may call her at (954) 385-0770.




Wendy Heckelman, Ph.D.


WLH Consulting, Inc.


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