Wow, from the activity we're seeing in Nature's Notebook and beyond, it is apparent that spring is really popping across the country! Things are humming in our office too, and we have much to share with you in this edition of The Connection.

Read on to learn about the Botany Primer that is now available, Nature's Notebook on the PBS Kids show, SciGirls, upcoming webinars, and more. Enjoy the spring!


What's new at Nature's Notebook and USA-NPN
Nature's Notebook SciGirls episode airs! 


Season 3 of the Emmy-award winning PBS Kids show, SciGirls, features six different citizen science programs. Episode 2, Flower Power, is all about Nature's Notebook! Join Claire, Elle, and Jordan as they track plants through the spring and consider why their plants break bud so late in spring, 2014. 


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Botany Primer is here!

In case you missed the announcement last week, the Nature's Notebook Botany Primer is now available. Don't miss this beautiful and very informative resource for improving your botany skills!

Publication summary: Is the phenology of root and leaf production related?

Just as new leaves or needles grow in the springtime, roots also have a period of growth, or production. The authors of this study evaluated patterns in the timing of leaf and root phenology in deciduous and coniferous trees.   


Nature's Notebook 

Don't miss out! The next webinars on the agenda include:
Webinars take place at 11am Pacific (and AZ), 12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern. 

Recordings of webinars hosted earlier this year are available for viewing on the USA-NPN YouTube page.

New data visualization tool coming soon 


Curious to see how your observations compare to those in your region? How about to previous years? Does the timing of phenological events in your region seem to be driven by temperature, precipitation, daylength, latitude, or elevation? You can explore all of these patterns and more in the new USA-NPN data visualization tool! We hope to launch this tool in a matter of weeks; we'll keep you posted!

We will provide an in-depth demonstration of this tool's functionality in a webinar on July 14 (11am Pacific and AZ, 12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern). The webinar will be recorded. 



Recent happenings in the field of phenology
CPP site engaging faculty, students, volunteers, and the public

The California Phenology Project at Stebbins Cold Canyon is offering a new twist on engaging public. This spring, CPP Stebbins is offering a seminar that bring students, faculty, our volunteers, and members of the public together to talk about the science of phenology, climate change, and citizen science. This for-credit seminar is open to students and volunteers alike.

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Signs of the Seasons Sings

The Portland Press Herald recently interviewed Esperanza Stancioff of the Signs of the Seasons: A New England Phenology Program. It's delightful to see this great USA-NPN partner receiving some well-deserved media attention! 

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Especially for Local Phenology Leaders
Nature's Notebook "test" site keeps fake data out of your account


Hosting a training for volunteers? Consider using the new training group sites in the online Nature's Notebook system. These training sites allow participants to get comfortable using Nature's Notebook before they join established walk or trail sites that you've created, keeping "fake" data out of your group account!  

For more information, email  LoriAnne. Also, be sure to check out the training materials available for your adaptation and use.


Stuck at square one?

Are you interested in using phenology and Nature's Notebook as part of your science or outreach programming but don't know how to get started? Here's help! Our education coordinator, LoriAnne Barnett, recently provided a walk-through everything you need to know to get started, from establishing goals to creating a Nature's Notebook account to using the data once you've collected it.  


Quarterly calls for Phenology Network Leaders

Do you coordinate Nature's Notebook volunteers at multiple institutions or organizations? We are now offering monthly conference calls for you to share ideas, resources, training methods, funding ideas, and more with other leaders. Phenology Network Leaders are those who are organizing multiple groups of observers (not just multiple sites) using Nature's Notebook


Email LoriAnne if you fall into this category, if want to know more, or if you are interested in a similar regular call-in opportunity for Local Phenology Leaders who are organizing volunteers for a single location.

More ways to get involved
Is your group a Geographic Affiliate?

USA-NPN Geographic Affiliates are groups that are geographically organized and exist for the purpose of observing phenology. We welcome you to register your Geographic Affiliate on the USA-NPN Geographic Affiliate tool, so that others may connect with you.


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