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Happy New Year! I hope the new year finds you well. We have much to celebrate, and many new things to anticipate this year. Spring is just around the corner, and with it, much activity in the phenology world. We're doing our best to make it as fun and simple as possible to track these events using Nature's Notebook . I welcome you to read about some of the improvements you can expect to see in the next few weeks below. 

And as always - thank you for your participation and support!




What's in this issue 

Website relaunch!

What your data show: seasonal migrations in American goldfinch

Earn "badges" for your Nature's Notebook accomplishments

Explore and/or download your Nature's Notebook observations

Look out for these species this winter

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websiteUSA-NPN and NN website relaunch!

Designed with your needs in mind.


Going live January 24th...we've redesigned our website to improve navigation and make it more user-friendly for you. 


You'll enjoy a separate streamlined

Nature's Notebook site, with much improved graphics and images. The USA-NPN page will house much other content less related to Nature's Notebook. Come check it out!

goldfinchWhat your data are showing
Seasonal movements of the American goldfinch  

Your Nature's Notebook observations reflect goldfinch migration patterns. Not surprisingly, more of these colorful finches are observed in southern states during the winter months. Conversely, more birds are reported in northern states during the warm summer months. Learn more. 
badges New Badges for our Observers
Add some color to your 

Nature's Notebook profile!

We want to acknowledge your efforts! This spring, you'll be able to earn badges within your Nature's Notebook profile based on your participation. 
Badges will be displayed in your Nature's Notebook account and on our leaderboards
dataStay tuned for campaigns this spring
Special emphasis on cloned plants, lilacs, and "MOP" species

Image of lilac in bloom. This year, we'll be emphasizing phenology monitoring of several important species, including cloned lilacs and dogwoods, common lilacs, and several regionally important maple, oak, and poplar ("MOP") species. Specific details will be coming to your inbox in the coming weeks - watch for it!

recom.speciesLooking for species to observe this winter?
William H. Majoros, Wikimedia Commons
It can seem like nothing is happening outside during the long, cold winter months. Depending on where you live,

lots may be happening! Here are some suggestions, by region, of what to watch for until spring beings to appear. 


Thank you for your efforts!


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