ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
    April 2016

April is Handstand Month

Bryan Allen, pictured to the left, competed on ATA's competitive team & was a member of Acro Army, the acrobatic group that won third place on America's Got Talent in 2014.  Bryan was a pro at you can see by his superb form and balance in this one arm handstand.  While this skill is extremely advanced, the basic handstand is something that students of all ages and abilities can learn.
As a foundational skill in gymnastics, the correct technique is critical because it carries over into the higher level skills.  Performing an ideal handstand requires a great deal of balance, strength & body control. 
Although all ATA classes include handstand practice, there is going to be a stronger emphasis on this skill during the month of April.  Depending on the level, students will work on a variety of drills and skills that will help to perfect and build upon the all-important handstand!  Click here to view our April Rec. Newsletter.

Gymster Gymnastics

April Gymster Theme: Teddy Bear Picnic.
Calling all Teddy Bear lovers! April 11th-23rd Gymster students are encouraged to bring their favorite teddy bear stuffed animal with them to Gymnastics to roll, tumble and crawl like Bears at our Teddy Bear Picnic! Its sure to be a roaring good time! For more information about this month's theme, an article about how to help your preschooler have a successful Gymster class and summer make ups click HERE to view our April Gymster Gazette. 

Show and Tell
The week of March 21-26th students will have a chance to show off their favorite gymnastics skill as they share all they have learned so far this year! Students will receive a special ribbon to commemorate their achievements! 

Vote for ATA in Bay Area Parent Magazine's "Best of the Best!"
It is time to vote for Bay Area Parent Magazine's, "Best of the Best".   Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey. Below, find step by step instructions to help you fill out the survey. The deadline is May 5th, 2016.
2. Go to the section: Classes and Camps. Click on the drop down under "Gymnastics Class" and select Aerial Tumbling and Acrogymnastics.
3. Continue to fill out the Best of Best Survey - This is a great way to nominate your favorite business throughout the Bay Area. You can fill out as much or as little as you like.
4. Make sure to continue to the last page where you will be asked for your email address. These fields must be filled out to properly submit your survey. Click SUBMIT and now you have completed your Survey! Yay!
Thanks for voting and make us the best Gymnastics Center in Silicon Valley! 

February's Safety Tip

Keeping hydrated is always important.  As warmer weather approaches, it is even more critical that your child drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Purchase a reusable water bottle in your child's favorite color/design and encourage them to take it, gymnastics, park, pool, etc.  Encourage them to drink and refill it as often as possible. 


Teddy Bear Picnic

During the weeks of April 11th through April 23rd, ATA will be spreading out the checkered picnic blanket and inviting all Intro Tumblers (4-6 yrs) to bring along their favorite furry friend.  From teddy bears & giraffes to puppies & elephants; all are welcome!


***Stuffed animals should be no larger than the one shown to the left. 

ATA's Sun-Sational Spring Show

Congratulations to everyone who participated in last month's Sun-Sational Spring Show!  It was an entertaining night with great performances by our recreational, pre team and team athletes, as well as a fun finale by our coaches. 
Sizzlin' Summer Fun at ATA!
Looking for summer activities for your child/ren??? Look no further...ATA has the perfect solution with parent's night out, clinics & sleepovers!  Check out our website or pick up a Summer Activities flyer at the front desk.  Sign up today!!!
Acrobatic Gymnastics Team

The competition season is in full swing!  It's been a busy month with now 3 meets in the books and our Annual Spring Celebration Show for all our teams, including Pre Team!  March 6 was our first meet of the season where all levels attended!  Hosted in Fresno by Gymnastics Beat, it was a very successful event for Team ATA.  All of our pairs and trios earned qualifying scores and many medals!  The following weekend, we had late comers Rylee, Romina and Kaylee compete for the first time up in Sacramento at the NorCal Classic.  Again, they had a great performance and earned qualifying scores.  

Finally, this past weekend ATA hosted the 21st Annual Silicon Valley Classic at Chaboya Middle School.  The event hosted 9 clubs with over 190 athletes from all over the state.  It was a lot of work, but we could not be more proud of how our team did on home turf!  Everyone has qualified to State Championships and we will be pushing hard to polish those skills and perhaps include some upgraded skills.  For many, it will be their first Championship meet, and we are excited for them to experience it.


ATA's Pre Team looked fantastic at the Spring Celebration Show.  These athletes really worked hard to learn fun and engaging group routines that showed off clean developmental skills, basic dance and tumbling.  This group of athletes is one of our most advanced groups yet.  We have been so impressed with their natural talent and enthusiastic attitudes.  We will have about a month now to prepare for the final event of the season.  The ATA Pre Team Meet will be held Saturday, April 30.  We are looking forward to a great event and giving the athletes some competition experience!

Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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