ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
  February 2016

February is Flexibility Month

At ATA it has become a tradition to FOCUS on FLEXIBILITY during the month of FEBRUARY!  Flexibility helps improve posture, reduce soreness, decrease the risk of injury and improve physical performance.  Flexibility from student to student will vary greatly; however, studies have shown that with consistent practice, flexibility can improve.  During this month, coaches will not only start off every class with the regular warm up/stretching time, they will include stretching throughout the class by incorporating it into the circuits and stations.  In addition, the last 5 minutes of every class will also be spent stretching, when muscles are warm.  Students will do toe touches, pancakes, splits, over splits, straddles, back & shoulder stretches, etc.  Encourage your child to practice these stretches at home.  Better yet, clear out some space in your living room and make it a family event:)  Here are some guidelines...
  • Always warm up the body prior to stretching, as this increases blood flow around the body, which in turn makes the muscles more supple.
  • Ease into a stretch, relax, and don't push or bounce. You should feel a stretch in the muscle which may be a little uncomfortable, but not painful.
  • Remember to breathe regularly and rhythmically. Do not hold your breath.
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Gymster Gymnastics

February Gymster Theme: Friendship
It's the season of Friendship at ATA! February 1st-13th Gymster students will enjoy stations and group activities that encourage friendship, cooperation and teamwork. For more information about activities, skill of the month and to read the article "10 More Reasons Your Preschooler Should Do Gymnastics (That have Nothing to do with Gymnastics)" check out our Gymster Gazette by clicking HERE!

Bring A Friend Week

All Gymster students are encouraged to invite a friend for FREE* to their regular gymnastics class the week of Feb 8nd -13th. This special class will be filled with friendship building activities, games, songs and more! Stay after class for a snack (provided by ATA) and chat with your BEST BUDDY.  Don't miss out on the FUN! Call to RSVP at the front desk TODAY! 408-224-5437

*Age restrictions apply.  See front desk for details. All friends must have a waiver filled out by a parent or guardian before class to participate. To fill out the waiver please visit our website at 

February's Safety Tip

A gymnast's attire is incredibly important to his/her safety.  Below are ATA's policies on dress code .
Girls:  A clean leotard / Gym shorts are ok with a fitted shirt / No midriff tops / Hair must be tied back / No jewelry except post type earrings / Feet should be bare
***Check out our Pro Shop for Leos & shorts!!!
Boys:  A clean T-shirt / Clean gym shorts / Feet should be bare
20% Savings!

20 percent off. Discount 20. 3D illustration
Beginning March 2016, ATA is introducing our same great quality classes at a 20% savings on selected days and times!

Monday 3:30: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuesday 3:30: Intro to Tumbling 5-6 yrs., Novice 4-8 yrs., Intermediate

This offer will extend through August 2016.
Valentine's Sleepover

When: Sat. February 13th
Time: 7:30pm to 8:00am
Ages: 6-12 years
Cost: $48 enrolled students/ $53 non enrolled students
Space is limited. Sign up today!!!

Friendship Month: Intro 4-6 yrs

As a lead up to Valentine's Day, our Intro Tumblers (4-6 yrs) will spend the first two weeks of February participating in activities that focus on friendship.  What's better than doing gymnastics?...doing gymnastics with a friend!!!   Students will learn the importance of teamwork as they perform fun partner skills. 
Acrobatic Gymnastics Team

With the holiday season behind us, Team ATA sets our sights on the competition horizon!  Our Development Team athletes will get their first chance to experience the new season this weekend at the SLO Acrobatic Spectacular hosted by Central Coast Gymnastics in San Luis Obispo.  Pairs and Groups have been working hard, perfecting skills and practicing their presentation and artistry for this first meet.  This past week, our in-house judges had a chance to see firsthand all that these talented athletes have accomplished.  Last Friday, our Development Team put their best feet forward and practiced their routines at a Mock Meet.  Everyone did very well and looked impressive.  The coaches and management staff are very much looking forward to showing off these athletes in a few days!
Meanwhile, ATA's Pre Team athletes are working hard and showing they are ready to work on harder skills!  Very soon they will be ready to show off skills at ATA's Spring Celebration Show, scheduled in March.  There is so much to do yet in preparation, but they are definitely up to the challenge.  We can't wait to see awesome acrobatic skills and performance by these newcomers!

Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




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