ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
 August 2015

August is Balance Month




Having completed a successful "Rolling Month" during July, we are moving onto another extremely important aspect of gymnastics...Balance!   It is essential for all gymnasts to continually work to improve their balance and body control. During the month of August, all recreational classes will spend some extra time working on drills and skills that focus on balance. Whether your child has been doing gymnastics for one month or is a seasoned gymnast with years of experience, balance training is so important and will in turn, have a positive effect on the overall progress of your child. During the month of August, students can expect to work on some of the following drills and skills: Mountain tripods, Tripods, Headstands, Elbows stands & Chest stands, Handstands (various positions), Scales (Y-scale, Ring, etc.). Balance training not only helps students perform static holds, such as the ones listed above, it helps to improve core strength. Encourage your kids to practice and show you the balance skills at home that they have been learning in class! Practice makes Perfect!

Gymster Gymnastics

Gymster Theme: ABC's and 123's 

As older siblings get ready to go "back to school" Gymster students will enjoy our ABC-123 theme weeks August 10th-22nd. Activities, stations and games introduce your child to early literacy, phonics and numbers while practicing gymnastics skills.


Don't miss: Bring a Friend week!


The week of August 3rd-8th Gymster students are invited to bring one friend to their gymnastics class to tumble, jump and play! Friendship themed games, circle time activities and songs are sure to be a hit! Students and their friends will be paired into classes by age.

Please call TODAY and RSVP your friend for this FUN FREE event.


*All guests must have completed an online profile and waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian prior to participation.   

Complete online profile by Clicking here then fill out the gymnastics waiver: Click here.



Gymster National Gymnastics Day 2015

Join us for a SPECIAL Adventure hour on Friday September 18th, at 11:15-12:15 to celebrate National Gymnastics Day! We will have free play, activities and games, face painting, goodie bags and popsicles, all to celebrate our LOVE of gymnastics!  

Friends 5 and under are welcome to come for FREE. Invite your friends to this FUN event!

*Sign Ups start September 1st. RSVP for this fun event!

Safety Tip

Before participating in any physical activity, a proper warm up is essential. At ATA, all classes begin with a warm up period which includes cardio and stretching. This time helps to prepare the body for the physical demands of gymnastics. Because this time is so important, it is critical that your child arrives to class on time. In order for your child to get the most out of every class, we ask that you make punctuality a priority!

Back 2 School Sleepover  



Bring your sleeping bag to an unforgettable night of organized games, relays, obstacle courses, supervised free play and more...Space is limited so sign up today! *ATA will provide dinner as well as a breakfast snack.

When: Aug. 8th  

Time: 7:30pm-8:00am  

Ages: 6-12 yrs

Cost: $45 ATA students

$50 non enrolled students

ABC's & 123's 


During the weeks of August 10th through August 22nd, ATA will be getting into the Back to School spirit! All Intro Tumblers (4-6 years) will practice the alphabet and counting as they perform their gymnastics skills! You would never guess that the ABC's and 123's could be so much fun! All theme activities will follow ATA's curriculum and help to develop student's strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.

Acrobatic Gymnastics Team

Acro Caribbean Style!



It doesn't matter where you go in the World, kids love learning and performing Acro!  On a visit to Antigua the beginning of July, island athletes got an opportunity to learn basic acrobatic gymnastics!  Alayna Davis and Nancy Davis, coach and team manager of ATA, spent time teaching athletes from Antigua Gymnastics Club fun, exciting and easy acrobatics to supplement their tumbling program.  The program, run by Brigitte Murphy, is the only gymnastics program offered on the island of 60,000 in the Southeastern Caribbean.  The 2 day clinic played host to about 2 dozen athletes ranging from age 5 to teens.  Athletes learned pair skills and group skills with some time left over to work on upper level tumbling such as aerial cartwheels and back handsprings.  This was the third trip to the island for the San Jose folks who always enjoy being hosted by Brigitte and her family.  During their stay, they were also treated to boating, beaching and a special trip visiting Sting Ray City where they got to pet, feed and admire beautiful Sting Rays.  The gentle sea creatures are located on a sand bar out in the Atlantic Ocean!  The pair look forward to visiting again in the future, and will naturally want to continue fostering and mentoring the local gymnastics school in the sport we all love, Acro!!



Meanwhile, here at home, following the outstanding success at Nationals, athletes from both our existing team, plus new invitees from our recreational program, have been mixing it up with open training during the month of July! Athletes have met a few times each week to train flexibility, strength, dance and artistry and mix and match acrobatic partner skills. With our team try outs scheduled to start the first week of August, excited athletes want to stay in shape or learn the team training ropes to give them a shot at joining our 2015/2016 competition team.  Just this week athletes got to show off new skills together and look forward to new adventures ahead.  We are excited for our new season and fresh beginnings!




Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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