ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
 July 2015

July is Rolling Month  


Stop, Drop & Roll...No, it's not a fire drill! July is Rolling Month and we are so excited to get it rolling along:) During this month, every class will spend some extra time focusing on skills/drills that involve rolling...straddle forward rolls, pike back rolls, handstand chest roll down, etc. Students will enjoy learning new and fun variations of the skills they have already been learning in class. There will also be a big emphasis on safety falls! It is so important that all students understand and know how to move into and out of skills safely. Safety falls teach kids how to roll out of a skill in a way that will protect their head, neck and arms. Beyond learning gymnastics in a fun and challenging environment, one of our main priorities is safety. We are looking forward to a fabulous month! Time to roll on in to Rolling Month!  Click here for the July newsletter. 


Gymster Gymnastics

Gymster Theme: Dino Days   

During the week of July 18th-31st Gymster students will get "prehistoric" as we go back in time and enjoy Dinosaur themed stations, games and activities. Don't miss this ROARING good time! Check out our Gymster Gazette for more info by clicking HERE!  


Bring a Friend week is coming!

The week of August 3rd-8th Gymster students are invited to bring one friend to gymnastics class to tumble, jump and play! Look for a flyer about this event later in the month.

*All guests must have  a waiver and registration form filled out by a parent or legal guardian prior to participation.  Click Here 




Summer Fun! 


The clock is ticking...don't miss out on the exciting activities that ATA is offering this summer! Get out of the heat and tumble, flip and fly in our super cool, air conditioned gym!


*July 7th  Novice/Intermediate lunch bunch


**July 11th Super Saturday


*July 21st Advanced/Power tumbling lunch bunch


**July 25th Super Saturday


July 27-31st:Acro Boot Camp  


*both lunch bunches are only $25 each for a two hours of work out with half an hour of lunch provided by ATA.

**Super Saturday-enjoy  an evening out while we take care of your kids from 6:00pm-10:00pm. Current students $37

Dino Days

ATA  is going prehistoric! During the weeks of July 20th through August 1st, all Intro Tumblers (4-6 years) will travel back in time and tumble with the dinosaurs! All Dino Days activities will follow ATA's curriculum and help to develop student's strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.  Students will learn the following song and sing during circle time. Sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."


Stomp, stomp, stomp around on your great big feet.


Swish your tail, Turn around, Now go take a seat!


***Sing at home with your child!

Achievement Week July 6-11

At ATA every student is a STAR and we want to acknowledge each student's accomplishments!  During the week of July 6 - 11, all students will get an opportunity to perform a special/favorite gymnastics skill in front of an audience.  Students will then be awarded a special ATA ribbon! Family and friends are welcome to come and watch!


Acrobatic Gymnastics Team

It's hard to believe, but we have had the very last team practice at of the season at the gym!  We are so proud of all of our athletes!  There have been many challenges, highs and lows, but everyone has represented ATA and the sport of Acro Gymnastics with true pride!  At our annual ATA Team Picnic, coaches and management had a chance to take a moment and recognize many athletes on our team with special awards!  Congratulations to the following:  


Development Team:  Outstanding Base:  Elmer Latorre, Outstanding Top:  Evelyn Shih, Most Improved:  Brooke Lane, Sportsmanship:  Priya Gupta, Best Artistic Presentation:  Evelyn Shih & Ashley Hanmore, Most Improved Pair:  Elmer Latorre, Yuval Borenstein


Advanced Team:  Outstanding Base:  Cheyenna Jones, Outstanding Top:  Kaylee Witana, Most Improved:  Rylee Park, Sportsmanship:  Becca Graybeal, Best Individual Elements:  Kelly Hanmore, Best Artistic Presentation:  Emily Zhao, Dana Zhao, Jazmine Haratani, Most Improved Group:  Taylor Witana, Caitlynn Guzman, Jenny Hull, Best Individual Artistry:  Korrie Han


Courageous Spirit Awards:  Sohini Pillay, Alyssa Morris, Kelly Hanmore & Becca Graybeal


Wrapping things up for the season, Acro Gymnasts from all over the US will head to Nationals in Greensboro, NC this coming week.  Team ATA has spent the past 3 weeks on all the details in preparation for the biggest competition of the season.  Level 6 to Elite athletes will compete head to head with the best in the country and we believe they are ready to shine!!  Much appreciation goes to our awesome coaching staff for keeping everyone working hard, focused and in the best possible condition to do their very best at Nationals!  ATA would like to recognize with distinction, Head Coach:  Alayna Davis  Advanced Coaches:  Suzanne Lytle and Allison Tokunaga and Development Team Coaches:  Taryn Kies and Kaitlyn Kennedy.  We could not have gotten here without your devotion and passion for the athletes and the sport!


Let's do this Team ATA!!  A!  T!  A!  ALL THE WAY!!  WHOOT!!  WHOOT!!



Post Nationals Wrap Up 

Athletes from all over the country and in multiple disciplines, came together this past week in Greensboro, NC to compete at the US National Gymnastics Championships!  Team ATA brought over 40 athletes from level 6 to Elite to compete against the best in the US!  Greensboro was a huge success with ATA bringing home 7 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal!  We are so very proud of all that was accomplished this season!  Junior National Team was also selected at this event and we are happy to congratulate Kaylee Witana, Romina Gupta and Cheyenna Jones for being named as National Team Members.  We will begin a new season with tryouts the beginning of August and look forward to welcoming new athletes to this successful group!   


Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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