ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
 April 2015

April is Handstand Month  


It seems that some gymnasts prefer spending the majority of their time upside down in a handstand rather than right side up on their feet! You may have noticed this by the fact that your child no longer walks through the house, but cartwheels through the house!

One of the core skills in gymnastics is the handstand.   Although it is a foundational skill, it can take quite a long time to perfect. The correct technique is critical because this skill carries over into the more advanced skills. Performing an ideal handstand requires a great deal of balance, strength and body control.

Although all ATA classes include handstand practice, there is going to be a stronger emphasis on this skill during the month of April. Depending on the level, students will work on a variety of drills and skills that will help to perfect and build upon this important skill.  Click here for our April Newsletter. 


Sizzlin' Summer Fun at ATA!

Looking for summer activities for your children??? Look no further...ATA has the perfect solution with camps, clinics, sleepovers & more! Click here to check out our website or pick up a Summer Activities brochure at the front desk. Sign up today as space is limited!!!  

Gymster Gymnastics 

Spring Show Reminder!

Don't forget to sign up for the Spring Show and Easter Party on Saturday April 4th at 4:00pm! GymJumpers, Bees and Crickets have been working hard on their performance skills during class and you don't want to miss the fun! Click here for more details. 

Sign up at the front desk today!

April Theme: Perfect Pets

In April students will explore friendly animals that live in their homes and how they move! For more information about the April theme, suggestions for helping your child have a successful gymnastics class, and information on our make-up policy check out our Gymster Gazette by clicking HERE!

Adventure Hour closure

There will be no Adventure hour on Thursday April 16th due to the Gym closure for Spring Break. To check current Adventure hour operating dates go to our calendar page.



Gym Closed

Please note that ATA will be closed April 14th -16th for Spring Break.


Please note that makeups are not needed for this scheduled time off, as tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month over a 1 year period.


Safety Tip!




Keeping hydrated is always important. As warmer weather approaches, it is even more critical that your child drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Purchase a reusable water bottle in your child's favorite color/design and encourage them to take it, gymnastics, park, pool, etc. Encourage them to drink and refill it as often as possible.


ATA's 20th Annual Spring Celebration Show



Congratulations to everyone who participated in last month's Spring Celebration Show! It was an entertaining night with great performances by our recreational and team athletes, as well as a fun finale by our coaches. Be sure to check out our website for pictures from the event!






Amazing Animals


During the weeks of April 17th through April 30th, all Intro Tumblers (4-6 yrs) will take a walk on the wild side as they tumble into the world of animals! From hopping like a kangaroo to swinging like a monkey, students are sure to have a blast! All Amazing Animal activities will follow ATA's curriculum and help to develop student's strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility. Students will learn the following song & sing during circle time. Sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus."

The wings on the bird go up and down

Up and down, up and down

The wings on the bird go up and down

Go birdie Go

The hooves on the horse go clop, clop, clop

Clop, clop, clop   Clop, clop, clop

The hooves on the horse go clop, clop, clop

Go horsy Go

The cute little bunny goes hop, hop, hop

Hop, hop, hop   Hop, hop, hop

The cute little bunny goes hop, hop, hop Go bunny Go 

Acrobatic Gymnastics Team


ATA has hit the competition ground running this month with three local meets, one being our own Silicon Valley Classic!  While the month of February was spent wrapping up preparations for the meet season, this month has been an opportunity to jump in and test all that hard work and training!  It's been an excellent start for our competition athletes!   The first meet, held at Central Coast Gymnastics, earned medals as well as important local qualifying scores.  It was great to put all that training into practice and get some competition experience under everyone's belt!  Also, it was exciting to have two trios successfully pass skills testing for level mobility.  Congrats to Taylor Witana, Caitlynn Guzman and Jenny Hull as well as Neena Deshpande, Taryn Kies and Allison Tokunaga for making it look easy to move up to the Jr Elite level.











This year was a special year for ATA as we celebrated 20 years in business and 20 years competing in the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics.  There was great enthusiasm and many familiar faces present at this year's Annual Silicon Valley Classic.  Many alumni came out to say "hi" and watch the competition!  Saturday night all of us celebrated with our Spring Celebration Performance!  Stellar performances took place with fun group routines by our Development and Level 8 Team members.  ATA's Pre Team joined all together to show off the basics they have been learning in their season.  And special, exciting performances were done by our Advanced and Elite team athletes!  It's full steam ahead now with upcoming meets and we are all look forward to seeing the work pay off!



Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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