ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
 January 2015

Happy & Healthy!

First, we would like to say congratulations to all of our students on a fantastic week of Christmas shows last month!!! What a fabulous way to end 2014! Now, it's time to look ahead and start 2015 on the right track! ATA's Recreational program will spend the month of January focusing on healthy living. During each class, a few minutes will focus on learning how to keep our bodies strong and healthy through exercise and healthy eating. We also want to encourage you to incorporate healthy living choices at home. Here are some ideas to try with your family this new year:  


  •  Get your kids involved in the food preparation - Kids are more likely to give new, healthy foods a try if they participate in the prep. Find age appropriate ways that they can contribute in the kitchen so that they can take pride in what's put on the table.
  •  Make exercising FUN! - Round up the whole family and go for a walk or jog. Ride bikes, roller skate or turn on music and dance. Be creative and build an obstacle course & time each other. Think outside the box!
  •  Gradually replace sugary drinks with water - 1 can of Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it and 8 oz. of Apple Juice has 6 teaspoons! Sugar is hard on the liver and over consumption can lead to childhood obesity and diabetes! To switch your child to water, gradually try adding a small amount of water to their juice and increase the amount over time.
  •  Start Small
    - Take 1 day a week to focus on healthy living (Try a new food Tuesday, Water only Wednesday, Fitness Friday, etc.). A lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating isn't always easy or convenient, but passing it on to your children is definitely worth it!

Gymster Gymnastics

January Gymster Theme: Happy and Healthy  


Happy New Year! In January, your Gymster will learn how to keep their body happy, healthy and strong! We will discuss how making healthy food choices and exercise can take care of our amazing bodies! To check out our Gymster Gazette for more info on this month's theme activities, articles on the benefits of gymnastics for your preschooler and more, click HERE!

January is Double Referral Month!

Refer a friend to ATA's Gymster gymnastics!

When your referral mentions you at sign up, you get $10 off your February tuition and they get $10 off too! If you LOVE ATA, now is the time to tell a friend! Now that is a sweet New Year's deal!  


New Classes Opening Soon!

Our Gymster program is growing! We will be offering new class times on Mon and Thursday mornings to offer more flexibility for your busy schedule, opportunity for make-ups, and classes for younger siblings! Check out these upcoming classes on our website and get on our interest list TODAY!


Safety Tip!


Before participating in any physical activity, a proper warm up is essential. At ATA, all classes begin with a warm up period which includes cardio and stretching. This time helps to prepare the body for the physical demands of gymnastics. Because this time is so important, it is critical that your child arrive to class on time. In order for your child to get the most out of every class, we ask that you make punctuality a priority!    

ATA's Spring Celebration Show 


ATA's 2015 Spring Celebration show is just around the corner. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to show off what they've been learning in class! Space is limited & our sign up procedures have changed, so be sure to check out the details on our website or pick up a flyer @ the front desk.

Date of Show: Saturday, March 14, 2015 @ 7:00pm   Location: Chaboya Middle School     Sign up dates: 2 days only- Sat. Jan. 17th & Sat. Jan. 24th from 10:30am to 1:30pm (space is limited, sign up early)


If You're Happy & You Know It!


Intro to Tumbling classes (3-6 yrs) will be learning the following song this month.

If you're happy and you know it do a tuck; If you're happy and you know it do a pike; If you're happy and you know it, in gymnastics class you'll show it. If you're happy and you know it do a straddle.


***Sing at home with your child while performing the gymnastics shapes!

Acrobatic Gymnastics Team     

Learning to perfect skills and get in extra training is what ATA's competitive team athletes got to do at the Region 1 Athlete Clinic, held in Livermore, CA the weekend of December 6-7!  Athletes from all over California, and some from Nevada and Arizona were treated to extraordinary clinicians who have amazing experience and know how!  It's a great time of year for a little boost as we ramp up for the competition season!


Right on the heels of the athlete clinic, were ATA's annual Christmas Shows!  Athletes from our competition team performed amazing and playful group routines.  Some of our audiences enjoyed the excitement of our advanced team showing off their competitive routines.  Of course our coaches also joined in the fun!  We are very grateful for all our team athletes and our amazing talented staff!



The acrobatic Pre Team enjoyed getting their first performance under their belts during the ATA Annual Christmas Shows!  Each group spent time preparing for the event by learning show acro and semi-complex dance movements and formations!  They looked sharp and performed well given the short amount of time they had to prepared.  We are truly excited to see how they will continue to develop as they begin training again in the new year.



Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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