ATA Gymnastics Newsletter
 October 2014
October is Safety Month


At ATA we strive to offer quality gymnastics instruction in a fun, challenging and positive atmosphere. Our goal is to accomplish all of the above in the safest environment possible. As with any activity, there is inherent risk in gymnastics. We want to provide our staff, parents and students with the knowledge and tools necessary for a safe experience every time they walk through ATA's doors. In order to do this, all recreational classes will be focusing on safety during the entire month of October.


Weeks 1 & 2: Safety Falls- Classes will discuss why safety falls are so important and practice performing safety falls going forward and  



Week 3: Earthquake drill- Classes will review and practice the steps that should be taken the case of an earthquake.


Week 4: Tumble Trak & Trampoline Safety-Classes will review and practice following ATA's Tumble Trak rules. 


Gymster Gymnastics

October Gymster Theme: Pumpkin Patch FUN!

This month students will enjoy pumpkin patch themed activities and games during gymnastics class, students can even dress up for class the week of October 27-November 1st! Don't miss the FUN!   



October is Safety Month at ATA! We will also be focusing on safety during the entire month of October. Gymnastics is FUN but also inherently risky. From tumble track rules to safe ways to fall, this month we will focus on how to stay safe in the gym! We will even have an earthquake drill! Check out the October Gymster Gazette for more information about Safety month by clicking HERE!



September's ABC/123 Gymster theme was a big HIT! Students loved dancing to our "ABC" theme song, counting on our balance beam number train and enjoyed our "A" is for Acro station!  


Pumpkin Parade


During the weeks of October 17th through October 31st, ATA's going Orange!  A Pumpkin Parade will be rolling through the gym in celebration of Fall!  A harvest time theme will be incorporated into all Intro to Tumbling (3-6 yrs) gymnastics activities, which will follow ATA's curriculum and help to develop student's strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.

Celebrate in the festivities & send your tumbler to class in costume the week of the 25th through the 31st. (Please make sure that your child can still tumble in their costume. Please no scary costumes, wings, long dresses, wigs or hats).

*ATA will be open on Friday, October 31st.


ATA's Harvest Sleepover


When: Sat. October 25th 7:30 PM-8:00 AM


Who: ATA students and friends ages 6-12


What: Games, Relays, Pumpkin coloring contest, Costume contest (G-rated, no scary costumes please) & loads of free play! All activities supervised by experienced senior staff who are Safety Certified.


Cost: Members $45.00   Non-members $50.00


ATA will provide pizza and a breakfast snack before departure.


Don't miss out on the fun, sign up NOW! Space is limited.


All activities supervised by experienced Senior staff who are Safety Certified.






Acrobatic Gymnastics Team




September has been a super exciting month with the final performances of Acro Army on NBC's America's Got Talent!  ATA's men's pair, Bryan Allen and Brennan Atsatt, along with top acrobatic athletes from around the country, got a unique opportunity to put Acrobatic Gymnastics front and center on prime time TV!  They displayed great performance, strength and acrobatic skills as they competed with the top 6 contestants for the win!  The excitement and energy was fantastic and helped to secure them a third place finish!  ATA is so very proud of how all the athletes did and feel very fortunate to have the sport we love so much get so much attention and critical acclaim!



ATA's competitive program is ironing out the last "kinks" and has gotten underway with new partnerships and new opportunities!  The beginning of October, 20 team athletes will travel to Karolyi's National Training Camp outside of Houston, TX.  National Team Training Camp gives athletes an opportunity to interact with other acrobatic gymnasts from all over the country as well as have the privilege of working with top clinicians in the US to gain greater knowledge and expertise.   




Acro Pre Team will begin in November.   For our current recreational students that would like to expand their gymnastics experience and learn additional skills in partnerships with the opportunities to perform for shows and participate in an in-house meet, this is just the thing!

Participants will learn fun, simple partner skills and combine that with tumbling and dance for a wonderful, performance based gymnastics experience.  Our Pre Team program is open to Novice level and up students! Check with the front desk on the details and to sign up!


Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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