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October 2013

October is Handstand Month!

It seems that some gymnasts prefer spending the majority of their time upside down in a handstand rather than right side up on their feet!  You may have noticed this by the fact that your child doesn't walk down the grocery aisle, but cartwheels down the grocery aisle!

One of the core skills in gymnastics is the handstand.  Although it is a foundational skill, it can take quite a long time to perfect.  The correct technique is critical because this skill carries over into the more advanced skills.  Performing an ideal handstand requires a great deal of balance, strength and body control. 

Although all ATA classes include handstand practice, there is going to be a stronger emphasis on this skill during the month of October.  Depending on the level, students will work on a variety of drills and skills that will help to perfect and build upon this important skill. Click here for our October Newsletter 


Pumpkin Parade

During the weeks of October 17th through October 31st, ATA's going Orange!  A Pumpkin Parade will be rolling through the gym in celebration of Fall!  A harvest time theme will be incorporated into all Intro to Tumbling (3-6 yrs) gymnastics activities, which will follow ATA's curriculum and help to develop student's strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.

Celebrate in the festivities & send your tumbler to class in costume the week of the 25th through the 31st.  (Please make sure that your child can still tumble in their costume. Please no scary costumes, wings, long dresses, wigs or hats).


***Students will learn the following song and sing during circle time.  Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques (Are you Sleeping?)   


Sing at home with your child!

Pumpkins growing, Pumpkins growing

In the ground, In the ground

Look at all the pumpkins, Look at all the pumpkins Orange and Round! Orange and Round!


National Gymnastics Day 2013!

On Saturday, September 21st, approximately 200 kids celebrated National Gymnastics Day at ATA!  In addition to games, free play and thrilling team exhibitions, participants learned a little more about the Children's Miracle Network.  If you would like more info on how you can bring in donations for the Children's Hospital in Oakland, please call or stop by the front desk.  We will be accepting donations through Saturday, October 12th.  Thank you again to all of our National Gymnastics Day participants!


Gymster Program

Happy Harvest! During the month of October all Gymster students will be heading to the Pumpkin patch to enjoy harvest themed activities! For more info and to check out our skill of the month click HERE to see our Gymster Gazette!

Don't miss our Happy Harvest Dress-Up Party October 25th-31st during your child's regular class! Come in costume! For more info pick up 


Gymster National Gymnastics Day was a HUGE success! Students and friends loved our bounce house, face painting and snacks! We had a blast playing with you and your family! Thanks for joining us to tumble, jump and celebrate gymnastics! Can't wait to play again next year!


Harvest Sleepover
Saturday, October 26th

Our popular Harvest Sleepover for ATA recreational tumbling students and friends ages 6-12 is fast approaching  Space is limited, so sign up in advance. Click here for more details.




Acrobatic Gymnastics Team

Every month is a busy month for Team ATA.  With most of our team paired in their partnerships for the season, training got underway.  All the athletes are enthusiastic and motivated and we are excited to see them progress and grow this year!  This month, our team athletes had two special events to showcase Acro!  First, we participated at the National Gymnastics Day event at ATA.  There were special group routines by all our teams.  Special performances were also enjoyed.  Thanks to Shannon, Kaitlyn and Kendall, L10 Women's Group, Samantha Servellon & Madeline Bones, Elite Women's Pair and our incredible elite Men's Pair, Bryan Allen and Brennan Atsatt! Job well done!


A special contest opportunity was put forth this month by the Acrobatic Gymnastics Foundation.  The AGF is an organization that got underway in the past couple years with the mission to provide more exposure nationally for our wonderful sport and with the hope of giving assistance to athletes throughout the country to follow and realize their dreams.  The contest was to create a flash mob highlighting acrobatic gymnastics.  The point was to celebrate National Gymnastics Day the "Acro" way.  Our entire team participated by flash mobbing at the Plant in San Jose.  Athletes broke out their crazy dance moves and incredible Acro partner skills and wowed the local businesses and unsuspecting patrons!  It was great fun and we are hoping we win the contest with a prize of $1000!  Our video was uploaded to Youtube.  Help us win and can cast your vote for Team ATA by going to the following link and liking our video!  Click Here! 




Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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