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Vol. 14
November, 2012
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Fabtech 2012
Amy Childers
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10 Year Anniversary

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Fabtech 2012  


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Motorum 3048
M3048 Front   
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"Your products and services are fantastic!"
Great machine - great people"
Mike Bumgardner
Charlotte, NC
New Motorum 2558T Owner

New Website Launch

Recently, we launched our new website (www.turret punchpresses.com). 

The website features clean, contemporary navigation and spotlights MMUSA's design, building and engineering capabilities.


Customers can review product specifications, videos of Muratec systems and easily locate their local authorized dealer.


Distributors can login to access and download a wide range of brochures, videos, pictures, software and business documents through the new Intranet feature attached to the site.


We hope you'll take a look at the new website and tell us what you think.

Inuyama Plant Marks 50th Anniversary
This November Murata's Inuyama plant commerates its 50th year since the start of operations.

The Inuyama Plant, located in Inuyama City, Aichi, Japan is an expansive site the size of approximately 55 soccer fields.  The plant serves as the hub for new projects for all divisions and business expansion.

As of June, 2012 1,820 employees of the 5,602 employees in the Muratec family work at the Inuyama Plant (32%).
Inuyama Plant

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Cary Teeple
Cary Teeple

We are pleased to announce Cary Teeple has accepted the position of Sales Manager-Fabrication Products.  Cary is now responsible for sales and distribution of Muratec fabrication products throughout North America.    


Cary has over 20 years in the fabrication business with his most recent position being Murata Machinery USA Central Regional Manager.


In his spare time Cary enjoys cycling, music and being with his family.  Cary and his wife reside in Indianapolis, IN.

Motorum 3048 and SL-1250 Launch at Fabtech 2012

Don Angel
Don Angel


By Don Angel-Applications Engineer



This November, not all the excitement will be on the Las Vegas Strip. Visit Murata Machinery USA, Inc. during Fabtech 2012 at Booth #C3028. Murata continues to provide manufacturing solutions to improve productivity and the bottom line. Two automated punch press systems will be displayed this year.


The first system reintroduces our Motorum 2048ST turret punch press with the new SL-1250 automation system. This combination provides an introductory system to our customers with a smaller budget or who are looking to get into automation for the first time.


The M2048ST has 22 tons punching capacity and will handle a 4' x 8' sheet without a reposition.  Along with the usual efficient punching capabilities, we will be showing other examples of process integration on this machine. A bending tool will show interior and exterior part bends up to 90 degrees. A progressive punching tool in our large 4.75" station will punch out Murata's own Ace of Hearts.  Other examples of process integration will include, part marking, forming and wheel tool operations. 


M2048ST SL 1250 Diagram   


SL-1250 Loader
SL-1250 Loader Video

The SL-1250 Swing Loader provides two functions. Full sheets up to 4' x 8' can be automatically loaded and unloaded using the vacuum cup system. The system also allows full sheets to be loaded and the finished product manually unloaded on the opposite side of the machine. This works well for parts difficult to unload with the vacuum cups, allows the operator immediate access to a nested sheet to break out parts or parts can be moved directly to the next process.


Murata's second product offering is the new 33 ton Motorum 3048 with the proven FG-1250 pick and sort load / unload system. This high end system covers the other end of the automation spectrum with higher capacities and more capabilities.

M3048 FG1250 Diagram  

The M3048 is the latest innovation in the Motorum Ram Axis Servo controlled machines spanning back to their original introduction in 1994. Along with the higher punching tonnage, this machine provides faster processing speeds, an indexable multi-tool, and a new Windows based user interface.  Types of process integration shown on this machine will include punch-extrude-tap, part marking, deburring and wheel tool operations.


The FG loader system provides the ultimate in automation by integrating most operator activities. Material is loaded, single parts are unloaded and stacked, and the sheet skeleton is unloaded and stacked.  This system has a number of unload zones including a full 4' x 8' pallet, two roll away carts and two small part boxes.

New Fabrication Applications Engineer
Amy Childers
Amy Childers
Amy Childers


We'd like you to introduce you to Amy Childers, the newest addition to our applications engineering staff. 

Amy's hometown is Rock Hill, SC.  She graduated from York Tech with an AS in Machine Tools and a secondary degree in Industrial Maintenance.  She's always loved working with her hands, making things and watching them being used. 


Amy operated a Wiedemann for over three years at her previous job learning programming and software.  She knows manual machining as well as CNC and never thought she would be on this side of machining, learning the ins and outs of the turret punch.  In addition, she also has experience with turning machines.


We're very excited about Amy's addition to our Fabrication staff.  She is working closely with Dennis Niesborella and Don Angel as she transitions into her new job.

New Distributor

Gladwin Machinery & Supply - Western States 



We are pleased to announce Gladwin Machinery & Supply Company-Western States is our new fabrication distributor for the states of Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho.

Gladwin Machinery has been providing quality new and used fabrication equipment for over 35 years and are one of the largest suppliers in the United States.
In Closing . . .


MMUSA celebrated its 10 year anniversary in June with a picnic.  This milestone represents the consolidation of three Muratec divisions (Machine Tools, Textiles, Logistics and Automation) into one unit as Murata Machinery USA.
10th Anniversary Picnic  
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