When it comes to choosing high-quality proteins, beef is a nutritious choice with an unbeatable taste. Naturally nutrient-rich beef gives you more essential nutrients (10 to be exact!) in around 170 calories per serving. Team Beef members know first-hand how beef helps their bodies build and maintain muscle mass, recover after long training runs, and fuel them to the finish line. Consider joining Team Beef at the 2016 MCM and enjoy the camaraderie of other beef enthusiasts. A limited number of spots are available so please contact Team Beef ASAP! Details Here.  

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's SafeTrack initiative will begin in June 2016. This program involves an accelerated track work schedule intended to rehabilitate the Metrorail system to improve safety and reliability, altering the transportation practices of the residents, commuters and tourists across the national capital region for next ten months. Potential impact on the early opening across the Metro system on MCM morning, as well as periods of expanded service, has not yet been determined, as MCM continues to collaborate with various jurisdictional partners.
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