Congratulations 37th MCM Finishers
Congratulations on mission accomplished at "The People's Marathon." The Marine Corps War Memorial finish line welcomed over 23,000 finishers, the largest total in the event's 37-year history. The Marines, volunteers and staff were honored to support all runners on another outstanding MCM Day and remain motivated by the demonstrated resolve of these individuals to run despite the threat of the surging hurricane. Results are currently available online and are unofficial until final review has been completed during November. A special thank you to all the volunteers who supported MCM Weekend!
Celebrating the Top MCM Finishers

Augustus Maiyo, a U.S. Army specialist from Colorado Springs, CO, and native of Kenya, was the top finisher in the 2012 MCM with a time of 2:20:20. His teammate, Army Capt. Kenneth Foster, also of Colorado Springs, finished in second place at 2:22:39. Joining them at the podium was Birhanu Tadesse of Silver Spring, MD and a native of Ethiopia, who took third place at 2:23:03. Ethiopian runners also led the charge for the women with Hirut Beyene Guangul, finishing first overall in 2:42:03, while her teammate Wayinshet Hailu finished in 2:47:04. Guangul's finish time was the sixth fastest in MCM history among female participants. Erin Richard of Rochester Hills, MI placed third among the women, finishing her first MCM in 2:48:11. The top hand cycle participants were Leonardo Varon of Spain (1:23:17) and Carrie Finale of Pensacola, FL (1:52:18). The MCM hosted 99 hand cycle and wheelchair participants.

MCM10K Hosts 6,700 Finishers
The MCM10K celebrated its new course by welcoming more than 6,700 finishers including Glenn Collins of Novi, MI, who topped all runners at 46:34. Susanna Sullivan of Falls Church, VA was the first female finisher crossing under the arch at 47:31. The MCM10K experienced a delay at mile four. The run was briefly stopped as a result of a security and safety check, executed in partnership with local law enforcement, who swiftly managed the course shutdown in effort to minimize the delay for participants. The MCM and its law enforcement partners appreciate the compliance and cooperation of all MCM10K participants.
2012 MCM Certificates to be Available on Finisher Webpages
An individualized webpage has been created for each MCM finisher. The page includes MarathonFoto images of the runner, map track and soon, downloadable official finisher certificates. The finisher database will be made official in late November at which time the certificates will be accessible. MarathonFoto photographers took over 650,000 images during MCM Weekend. Runners can expect to preview more than a dozen action images on the course, in front of DC's landmarks and at the Iwo with medal in hand. Digital images are available for purchase or in a variety of meaningful keepsake products.


Now That You've Run It, Watch It
Go back and watch video of the MCM start or look for yourself crossing the MCM finish line. Comcast SportsNet offers access to time-stamped finish line video allowing runners to shuttle directly to their segment capturing all the glory of being a MCM finisher.

Building the Punch List-MCM Finisher Feedback Survey
Share your insights, favorites, recommendations, and suggestions. Kindly take a few moments to complete the 2012 MCM Finisher Survey.
Commemorate Your Achievement
Celebrate mission accomplished with MCM finisher merchandise including plaques, personalized products, photos and, while supplies remain, Brooks apparel. Special offer for all those reading this newsletter--Lasting Commemoratives is offering a $20 discount. Enter "Marine" at checkout to receive the discount of personalized products depicting original MCM art. The MCM finish line banner will be repurposed into limited edition tote bags and duffle bags by priorLife. Fond Memories offers classic plaques with finish data and medals. Visit the MCM Shop for a selection of licensed vendors.

Mark Your Calendar for March 27, 2013-MCM Registration Opens
There will be no time for indecision. No room for delay. In a blink, MCM registration closed this year. How quickly can it close in 2013? Make sure your plans to run MCM in 2013 are not derailed by missing out on the limited window of opportunity when MCM registration opens on March 27, 2013. The 38th MCM will be held on October 27, 2013. Active duty discount begins on the anniversary of Iwo Jima flag raising, February 23, 2013. MCM Runners Club and 2012 runners who deferred to the 2013 MCM must follow registration instructions that will be emailed in February.

Easiest Way into the 38th MCM...Run the Marine Corps 17.75K in March 2013
The MCM hosts the Marine Corps 17.75K on March 23, 2013 in Prince William Forest Park, not too far from Marine Corps Base Quantico. The 17.75K distance (11.03 miles) commemorates the year the Marine Corps was founded. All finishers receive a guaranteed entry for the 38th MCM just days before online public registration opens. Registration for the 17.75K and the entire MCM Event Series, including Run Amuck, opens on January 23, 2013. 

Marine Corps Historic Half Weekend Includes 13.1, 5K...and now 10K!
The greatest half marathon in history, the Marine Corps Historic Half marathon is perfectly situated in the timeless city of Fredericksburg halfway between the capital of the Commonwealth in Richmond and the nation's capital. Historic Half Weekend features the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, the Semper Fred 5K, the Historic Half and, starting in 2013, the Marine Corps Historic 10K. The new Historic 10K and Semper Fred will unveil point-to-point courses, both tackling Hospital Hill. Registration opens on January 23, 2013. Everyone loves running with the Marines. Not everyone knows where Fredericksburg is, though. Easily accessible off I-95, the Historic Half is no more than a quick 50-minute drive from DC or Richmond.

Five-time Finishers Join MCM Runners Club
Any runner who has finished the MCM five or more times is eligible to join the prestigious MCM Runners Club. Membership provides a guaranteed spot in all future MCMs for life, plus special patches for each five-year milestone. Runners Club registration for the 2013 MCM will be available beginning in April. The most well-known members of this club, the Groundpounders, successfully completed the 37th MCM extending their consecutive streak of MCM finishes. The four Groundpounders have run and finished every MCM since 1976. Congratulations to Will Brown (5:37:33), Al Richmond (5:50:23), Mel Williams (5:51:59) and Matt Jaffee (6:35:44).

MCM News Sprint
Congrats to this year's MCM runners! Ready for your next big run yet? DSW has the athletic shoes you need to keep in shape and the dress shoes that'll have you lookin' good year round, too. Shop and over 350 stores nationwide, including our two new D.C. locations in Friendship Heights and Columbia Heights!... Did you like the band TUNNEL at Mile 9 in Georgetown? If so, vote for them as part of a national teen battle of the bands competition... Congratulations on a job well done at this year's MCM! Brooks recommends all runners treat themselves to a big slice of cake and a comfy bed with no alarm clock in sight..."Salute," the official MCM event program, is online in an interactive format...Check out MCM Weekend photo album...Share MCM Weekend photos on Instagram or Facebook.