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Registration for 2016 is now open, and we hope you'll take full advantage of the generous sponsor incentives that early registration offers. You'll receive discount codes via email upon registration.  

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Strengthen Shoulders to Reduce Injury
Chris Ritter presents vertical pushing progressions
Shoulder Pain
One of the reasons swimmers experience shoulder problems is because they often don't target their shoulders with appropriate exercises to increase overall strength and mobility. If you have more durable shoulders, you'll be a more durable swimmer.

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The Happy Circle
Coach Terry "Speed" Heggy explains lane etiquette
Unless you own a private pool, you'll often need to share a lane with other swimmers. Here are some guidelines for making that process as enjoyable and productive as possible for everyone.

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Awards Round-Up
Congratulations to all these deserving volunteers!
Ted Haartz Award presented to Nadine Day at USAS Convention 2015
USMS values the contributions of our dedicated volunteers. Many of them were honored at the convention this year for their hard work and ongoing commitment to U.S. Masters Swimming. 

Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award: Meg Smath (Kentucky)

Speedo/USMS Coach of the Year: Marty Hendrick (Florida Gold Coast)

Dorothy Donnelly Service Award: Marc Anderson (Minnesota), Harold Boscovich (Pacific), Denise Brown (Michigan), Nancy Brown (Maryland), Linda Chapman (Pacific Northwest), Ed Coates (South Texas), Suzi Green (Wisconsin), Cathy Hallman- Kenner (South Carolina), Dan Kornblatt (Niagara), Sue Nutty (Nebraska), Robin Smith (Southern Pacific), Jeff Strahota (Potomac Valley), Joanne Wainwright (North Carolina), Mark Wussler (San Diego Imperial), Susie Young (Oregon).

Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award: Doug Springer, (Saddle Brooke Masters Swim Team), Kathy Coffin-Sheard (Grand Traverse Masters Swimming), Joel Wilson (Santa Cruz Masters), Victor Hecker (Las Vegas Masters), Rand Vaillancourt (Anne Arundel Amphibians), Dave Samuelsohn (Westchester Masters Swimming), Steve Hennessy (Fort Eustice Aquatic Center).

Club of the Year Award: Swim Fort Lauderdale (Florida Gold Coast)

June Krauser Communications Award: Rich Burns (Pacific)

National Championship Meets Award: Kim Crouch (Pacific Northwest)

Open Water Service Award: Jim Wheeler (Pacific)

USMS Fitness Award: Lisa Ward (Pacific)

U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award: Nadine Day (Indiana)

For more information about the awards, please visit our awards pageNominations are now open for volunteer awards for 2016-so, do you know anyone who deserves to be recognized?

Major Rules Changes for 2016
A summary of major changes from Convention
Swimwear: At swim meets governed by Part 1, swimwear includes no more than two caps. (Article 102.12.1B)
Backstroke Ledge: Backstroke ledges may be used for backstroke starts in pools with water depth 4 feet or more at the starting end. The toes of both feet must be in contact with the end wall or face of the touchpad. (Articles 107.2.3A and 101.1.2B)
Video Confirmation of Disqualifications: Only video from cameras approved in writing prior to the competition by the chair of the USMS Officials Committee (and the USMS Championship Committee chair for national championship meets) may be used by officials to confirm or overturn a call made on the deck.(Article 102.13.15)
Freestyle in the IM and Medley Relay: A swimmer is not permitted to swim backstroke, butterfly, or breaststroke at any point after the feet leave the wall in the freestyle portion of the individual medley or the medley relay. A backstroke start is not permitted as an in-the-water start for the freestyle portion of the medley relay. (Article 101.5.2 interpretation to conform to FINA)

Pool One-Event Registration: One-event registration forms for pool events must include the statement "Times swum under one-event registration are not eligible for USMS Top 10 or records consideration." (Article 201.1.3B)
Sanction/Recognition Fees: Beginning with competition in 2016, national sanctioning and recognition fees will be charged for both pool and open water/long distance events. LMSCs may continue to assess a local sanctioning/recognition fee. (Articles 202.1.1A(4), 202.2.1A, 203.3.2J)
Sanction Numbers: Sanction numbers are no longer required on paper entry forms; they may be included at an LMSC's discretion. Entry forms may not be distributed and entries may not be accepted before an event has been sanctioned. (Articles 202.1.1A(2), 202.1.1B, 203.3.3B, 203.3.3D)
Transfer of Sanctioning Administration: If a club wishes to hold a pool meet outside the boundaries of the LMSC in which it is registered, the sanctioning LMSC (the LMSC within whose boundaries the meet will occur) may transfer its sanctioning administration to the hosting LMSC, provided both LMSCs agree to the transfer in writing. All fees and sanction obligations will be transferred to the hosting LMSC. (Article 202.1.1H)
Grievance Procedures: Denying a member the opportunity to host an event is now specified as grounds for a grievance. In addition, if an LMSC's bylaws, rules, policies, or procedures preclude a USMS member from filing a grievance, the grievance may be filed directly with the National Board of Review. (Articles 401.2, 403.4.1D)
State of Incorporation: The state of incorporation for U.S. Masters Swimming has been changed from Ohio to Florida. (Articles 504.3.1, 506.4.2, 510.1)
Odd/Even Year Amendment Procedure: Amendments to all parts of the rule book may now be proposed every year and will be considered by the Rules, Legislation, Long Distance, or LMSC Development Committee, depending on jurisdiction. Previously, amendments to Parts 1 and 3 were considered only in even-numbered years and amendments to Parts 2, 4, 5, and 6, and Appendix D were considered only in odd-numbered years. (Article 601.4)

What Does Your Car Insurance Cover?
A special advertorial from the professionals at Nationwide
Nationwide Advertorial
You may know the name of your insurance company and the type of insurance you have, but how about what your policy covers? Here's a quick lesson, brought to you by Nationwide®.

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This Aquatic Life
The club that travels together, stays together
Naperville Waves training trip to Naples 2015
Members of the Naperville Waves, an Illinois-based Masters Club coached by Sue Welker, enjoyed some sun and warm weather in Naples, Fla., last month during a group trip to the sunshine state. Welker says 28 members of the team took part in the semi-annual "swimcation" that combines "training, yoga, sunsets, socializing, and team bonding." In addition, Five nonswimmers joined the group and got to enjoy yoga, boat cruises, and dinners with the gang. 

Seen on Our Facebook Page
Many of our Facebook fans shared and commented on a recent post we made about a new study that's shown that grip strength and mortality may be linked. Chris Ritter, a strength and conditioning specialist and frequent contributor to USMS.org wrote about the study for us. MaryLou Snow commented that "this is my inspiration. I am working towards this right now!" and we think that's great. Keep on working, swimming, staying strong, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. We'll see you at the pool. See what else they said and join the conversation.
About U.S. Masters Swimming
U.S. Masters Swimming, founded in 1970, is a membership-operated national governing body that promotes health, wellness, fitness, and competition for adults through swimming. It does so by partnering with more than 1,500 adult swim programs across the country; promoting information via the bimonthly member magazine, SWIMMER, monthly e-newsletters, STREAMLINES, and website, usms.org; and by sanctioning and promoting pool, open water, and virtual events and competitions. Nearly 60,000 adults are registered members of U.S. Masters Swimming.
U.S. Masters Swimming encourages all USMS members to subscribe to STREAMLINES, a monthly publication. However, if you'd rather not receive this update, please do not click the "SafeUnsubscribe" link, as that will remove you from all other USMS National Office mailings. Rather, click on the "Update Profile/Email Address" link to manage your subscriptions to U.S. Masters Swimming electronic communications.
3000- and 6000-yard ePostals Close Soon
Don't miss out!
Time is running out to complete the Speedo USMS 3000/6000-Yard ePostal National Championship. Swim 3000 and/or 6000 yards in any 25-yard or 25-meter pool by Nov. 15, have a counter make note of your split times, and submit your results. See how you stack up against the competition across the United States. It's a great way to get in a long workout while also getting a taste of some national-level competition. Time is running out, so get to the pool today and take part in this great event. 
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