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STREAMLINES for Volunteers

As the year hurtles toward its end, we'd like to take moment to thank our volunteers for all you do for U.S. Masters Swimming. 


Swimming for Life,
Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming
Convention Wrap-Up
Final minutes posted
Thank you all for a wonderful and productive 2014 Annual Meeting! House of Delegate minutes have been finalized and approved, including all the committee meeting minutes. You can access those online. Now that the 2014 Convention is in the rearview, be sure to mark your calendars for the 2015 Convention scheduled for Sept. 30 through Oct. 4 in Kansas City, Mo. We look forward to seeing you there!
Major Rules Changes for 2015
Summary of changes from Convention
Starts: At the referee's long whistle, a swimmer may take a position with one foot at the front of the block or deck but on the command "Take your mark" is required to place at least one foot at the front of the block or deck. (Article 101.1.1)


Warm-up: Backstroke starts are permitted only in designated lanes during warm-up at meets.(Article 102.4.2)


Entries: A swimmer shall enter a meet with the full name as it appears on the USMS registration card. (Article 102.7)


Qualification of Officials: The list of USMS-approved certifying bodies for officials has been moved from 103.3.1, 103.3.2, and 104.5.10B to Appendix B.


Meet Committee: The list of responsibilities has been expanded to include verifying proper certification of pool length and completing record applications. (Article 103.5)


USMS National Championship Meets: With the approval of the Championship Committee, dates other than August 1 - September 15 may be considered for a long course national championship meet. (Article 104.1.2)


Meet schedules for USMS national championship meets have been removed from the rule book. The Championship Committee will publish the meet schedule for each national championship meet at least six months before each meet. A schedule used at one national championship meet will not be repeated for at least two years. (104.5.2A)


The Championship Committee may choose one or more of the following entry limitations for the 800/1000 and/or the 1500/1650 freestyle: 

a) each swimmer may enter only one of those events, 

b) only swimmers who meet the qualifying times in both events may enter both events, and/or 

c) one of those events may be restricted to only those who meet the qualifying times. (104.5.3C[2])


The Championship Committee may establish an entry receipt deadline. The postmark deadline for entries has been deleted. (Article 104.5.4C[3]).


The meet host of a national championship meet shall appoint a meet referee, an administrative referee (definition added to glossary), a head starter, and a chief judge subject to standards established by the USMS Officials Committee. Minimum stroke and turn judges include: two turn judges at each end of each course (jurisdiction not to exceed 5 lanes per judge), one stroke judge on each side of a 50-meter course, and one official at the 15-meter mark of each course for all starts and turns except breaststroke. (104.5.10B)


Pool Measurement: A bulkhead placement confirmation measurement is required for USMS records set at events sanctioned or approved by USA Swimming. (Article 105.1.7E)


Water Conditions for Open Water Events: Temperature and water quality guidelines are now in place for swimmer safety in open water swim events. (Article 302.2.2)

Drafting in Open Water Swim Events: In any swim in which individual escorts are required and motorized escorts are allowed, drafting of any kind is prohibited. (Articles 303.3.5 and 303.3.6)

Swimwear in Open Water Events: Body coverage of the swimsuit has been extended to more closely match FINA rules; see Article 303.7 for a complete description. Neoprene caps are not permitted when the water temperature exceeds 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Navigation devices and audio players are not permitted. (Article 303.7)

Independent Safety Monitors: An independent safety monitor is required at all USMS open water swims. (Article 308.3)

Calendar of Events Updates
Make sure members can find your events!

Want to boost participation numbers in the events you work hard to organize? Then make sure your events are listed in the Calendar of Events for 2015. Our goal is to make it easy for all of our members to find USMS events, wherever they may be taking place, while making it easy for LMSCs to access all the events in their areas. Check it out and add your events!

LMSC Officer Changes
We need your updates!

Has your LMSC elected new officers or appointed people to new positions? Make sure the National Office has these changes. Check your LMSC's officer listings by selecting your LMSC from the list. If this listing is not correct, report any updates to Anna Lea Matysek at the National Office.

Change in One-Day Registration Fee
New fee increases to $15
In 2015, the one-day USMS membership registration fee is changing to $15. If you direct or are involved with a meet or event that allows one-day registrations, please make note of this change and update your documents accordingly. 
Some potential participants may balk at the increase. However, this increase shows that the annual registration option is the better deal; swimmers participating in just three events over the course of the year will get a better value by purchasing an annual membership.
ALTS Webinar Opportunity
Learn about this initiative from Bill Brenner and Bill Meier
Missed the first date? No worries, as The Bills will be delivering their informative and inspirational presentation on certifying adults to teach adult learn-to-swim lessons again on Monday, Dec. 1 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific | 8:30 p.m. Eastern 

Invitations have been emailed to all LMSC chairs, registrars, and many other volunteers, but if you didn't receive one, contact your chair, registrar, or the
LMSC Development Committee for the dial-in information.

Appendix D Changes Deadline
LMSC boundary change proposals due February 1
LMSC Boundaries Map

In odd years, proposed changes to Appendix D: Zone and LMSC Boundaries can be submitted to the LMSC Development CommitteeThe deadline for submission of changes to LMSC Boundaries is Feb. 1, 2015. This allows the committee time to ensure all parties are involved in the conversation prior to the publication of proposed changes to the House of Delegates. See the convention section of the Guide to Operations for detailed instructions and the form for submitting proposed changes to the rule book.


Peer-to-Peer Teleconferences
Dates set for information swap events
Need to Know
Mark your calendars for the next three peer-to-peer teleconference calls for: 

Treasurers Sunday, Jan. 11, 5:30 p.m.  Pacific | 8:30 p.m. Eastern 

Meet Directors Wednesday, Jan. 14, 5:30 p.m. Pacific | 8:30 p.m.  Eastern

Sanctions - February, exact date TBD

The goal of these calls is to provide an opportunity for you to pose questions, get answers, discuss challenges, and share successes as you fulfill your role. In turn, we can use the information shared to help build a repository of best practices for each of our volunteer positions. 


Prior to the call, we encourage you to log on to the LMSC Administration Forum to post questions or topics of interest that you would like covered. Email notifications are sent 2 to 3 weeks prior to the respective volunteer and to the LMSC chair. 

Notes from each P2P teleconference are posted to the appropriate USMS forum for that role (typically under LMSC Administration). Or contact the  LMSC Development Committee for a copy. The committee held two P2Ps for registrars in October and November. Notes are being posted to the Registrars forum (which is private) and emailed to all LMSC Registrars and LMSC Chairs.

In addition, the Peer-to-Peer LIVE! workshop at Convention in Jacksonville was very well attended and generated a lot of great discussions. Notes from those "brainwriting" discussions are being compiled for publication and use by the LMSC Development Committee.
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