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January 2014

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Swimming for Life,
Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming
Oh, Those Prerace Jitters!
Use nervous energy to your advantage
Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, and dry mouth-these are the calling cards of "nerves" that all competitors have probably felt before a race. They're not pleasant, but the key is to use those jitters to your advantage; don't let them overwhelm you.

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Do-Bee Drills Worth Doing
Masters swimmers can learn from Romper Room?!
As a child, long before Sesame Street was on TV, I watched an educational show called Romper Room. Frequently, a large bumblebee character called Mr. Do-Bee presented good and inappropriate behaviors to young viewers. These behaviors were called "Do-Bee's" and "Don't-Bee's." Perhaps not surprisingly, the "Don't-Bee's" always led to disastrous consequences. Amazingly, Romper Room philosophy can be applied to Masters swimming.

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Go the Distance in 2014
And earn cool rewards from Nike

Back for another year in 2014 is the ever-popular Nike Go the Distance

fitness event. It's easy (and free) to participate and the more you swim, the more prizes you earn. Sign up via your MyUSMS page and enter a goal number of miles you'd like to swim this year. Then, update your FLOG (Fitness Log) to keep track of how far you've swum. If you're curious about how you stack up, you can check the daily results, which includes everyone in the GTD program. Don't forget to update your FLOG regularly. You'll win useful prizes from Nike for some of the bigger milestones you cross: a free cap at 50 miles, a drawstring bag at 250 miles, and a Nike suit at 500 miles. You can do it!

Important! For 2013 GTD swimmers, you have until January 10 to log all your 2013 miles, and until March 10 to address any questions or concerns about prizes:
Open Water Festival?
We need your opinion!
Open Water
Should USMS offer an Open Water National Championship Festival? We want to hear from you! Take our survey and let us know what you think. Currently, our OW National Championship events are held in different locations across the country on different dates.

Are You in the Top 10?
Then show it off with Top 10 patches
USMS publishes the official Top 10 swims for each age group, both individual and relay, for SCY, SCM, and LCM on the USMS website three times annually. If you are among the Top 10 and if you'd like to commemorate your accomplishment, you can order an official USMS Top 10 patch. Most years back to 1982 are available.
Mighty Monofin
Special Advertorial
When most people think of a monofin, they probably visualize a mermaid gracefully undulating through a fictional underwater paradise. Not just the stuff of fairytales, this large, single-blade fin can be found on pool decks around the country and has contributed to many Olympic gold medals.
This Aquatic Life
Patrick Weiss Goes to Camp

USMS member Patrick Weiss (right) and 18 other Masters swimmers got to spend lots of quality time with some major names in swimming while getting high-powered coaching and training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Col. during a recent USA Swimming Foundation Fantasy Camp. Rowdy Gaines, Janet Evans, Ricky Berens (left), Coach Dave Marsh, and Mel Stewart were all on hand to help camp participants rise to the next level. And Weiss even got to try on Berens's Olympic gold medal. Looks like a good fit!


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Trimmer, faster, better swimmer
New York resident Bob Unger, 56, swims with the Seawolves Masters in the Metropolitan LMSC. He started as a middle distance runner in high school and college, but an injury and life got in the way of his keeping up with running. About 20 years ago, he suffered a vertebral fracture, which went undiagnosed until relatively recently. As he got older, the pain worsened and his middle thickened. He tried to get back into running, but the pain was too great. He decided to try swimming instead. He had swum as a kid, but had never really developed a strong interest in it..

Seen on our Facebook page
A few weeks ago, an 1883 quote by William Wilson got a lot of shares and comments on the USMS Facebook page: "The experienced swimmer, when in the water, may be classed among the happiest of mortals in the happiest of moods, and in the most complete enjoyment of the happiest of exercises." A lot of people agreed, though Rob Poste noted, "...unless that swimmer is doing a 400 IM." See what else they wrote and join the conversation! 
About U.S. Masters Swimming
U.S. Masters Swimming, founded in 1970, is a membership-operated national governing body that promotes health, wellness, fitness, and competition for adults through swimming. It does so by partnering with more than 1,500 adult swim programs across the country; promoting information via the bimonthly member magazine, SWIMMER, monthly e-newsletters, STREAMLINES, and website,; and by sanctioning and promoting pool, open water, and virtual events and competitions. More than 59,000 adults are registered members of U.S. Masters Swimming.
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Speedo 1-Hour Postal Championship
Only in January!

You'll probably swim an hour sometime this January anyway, so why not use that pool time to log some national competition as well? Just swim as far as you can in one hour, have someone write down your splits, submit your results, and be ranked with everyone in your age group across the country. 


More than 5.5 million miles logged by USMS members
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