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November 2013



As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends later this month, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for you, the coaches who make U.S. Masters Swimming much more than just another exercise routine. 

Swimming for Life,

Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming

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Kick Got You Down?divider swoosh
by Coach Scott Bay, Team Blu Frog

Scott BayHow to improve novice swimmers' flutter kick

Recently, a coach told me about watching his novice swimmers flutter kick. Despite a lot of effort, they weren't going anywhere. The coach had tried wall kicks and a few other techniques to improve propulsion, but the swimmers' skills were not advancing. He checked to see if they were pointing their toes, and they were. He had them wear fins, but that didn't help either. What could he do to help his novice swimmers improve their flutter kick? Read more...

Are Your Swimmers Registered?
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Register Early Registration Discounts

2014 member registration is now open, and USMS is again offering sponsor discounts for those members who register between November 1 and December 31. Members registering during this period will receive coupon codes via email from the following sponsors:

  • Aqua Sphere: 20% off of entire order
  • blueseventy: 25% off of orders $50 or more
  • Colorado Time Systems: 10% off on all training products*
  • FINIS: 25% off of entire order*
  • Hammer Nutrition: 10% off of total purchase*
  • Nike: 20% off of entire order*
  • P2Life: 25% off of entire order*
  • Speedo: 20% off of entire order*
  • TRISWIM: 40% off of all TRISWIM, FOGGLE and TRISLIDE products
  • 10% off USMS product & Sporti products*
  • X-1 Audio: 25% off of entire order

*Certain restrictions apply, see below. All discounts expire Jan. 15, 2014

USMS Online Coaching Program
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computer 100 Apply for 2014 

The USMS Online Coaching Program provides regular themed practices from qualified coaches to interested members through the USMS website. Applications for the 2014 program are now being accepted. Once again, this highly acclaimed and highly successful program will include seven different training themes: High Volume, High Intensity, Strokes & IM, Fitness for Beginners, Open Water, Triathlon, and Swimming for Expectant Mothers. Coaches who wish to participate in this program, which includes a stipend for your time, should follow these application instructions. All applications should be emailed to Erin Matthews. The application deadline is December 1, 2013.

Questions from Coaches
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with Bill Brenner, Club and Coach Services Director

What types of community events can our Masters swim program host?

Bill Brenner

Questions about growing your club, managing club business, or becoming a better coach? Club and Coach Services Director Bill Brenner has answers.  


Q: My club wants to get more involved with the local community and host events. What types of community events should our Masters program consider?


A: Being a good citizen in the community can be rewarding for your members and can build goodwill with your swimming facility. Hosting community outreach events at your pool will require varying degrees of logistical planning, depending on the size and scope of the event. It's important to assemble a support team that shares in the planning and execution of the events. Don't try to do everything yourself. Have a goal of giving ownership to many volunteers. It will add to the overall success of the event when many hands are working as one.

Examples of community outreach events requiring pools:

  • Adult learn-to-swim clinic
  • Special Olympics
  • Senior Games
  • Police and Fire Games 
  • Wounded Warrior Project, Warrior Games
  • Paralympics
What Rule is THAT?!
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Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair

Are there any rule changes in Masters competition?

Cathy Kasey

Q: Are there any rule changes regarding competition? I have heard there are some rule changes to breaststroke allowing a quick arm stroke into the wall and allowing a dolphin kick off the walls before the first arm stroke has been initiated on the pullout. 


A: The stroke cycle for breaststroke has not changed. It remains one arm pull followed by one breaststroke kick, in that order (101.2.2). An incomplete cycle into the wall on turns and at the finish is allowed; that is, if the swimmer reaches the wall at the end of an arm pull and touches the wall without doing a breaststroke kick, that is not a disqualification (101.2.4). However, if an arm pull is followed by a second, quick arm pull into the wall without a kick, that is a disqualification.   


The rule governing a dolphin kick after the start and after each turn in breaststroke has not changed either. The dolphin kick is not allowed prior to the initiation of the first arm pull (only high school rules have made a change regarding the dolphin kick). After the start and after each turn, one dolphin kick is permitted during or at the completion of the first arm pull. That single dolphin kick must be followed by a breaststroke kick. (101.2.4)


There have been three major rule changes governing pool competition.


Breaststroke and Butterfly: At each turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated and simultaneously at, above, or below the water level. (Articles 101.2.4, 101.3.4, and 101.3.5)


Swimwear: Power bands and adhesive substances are not permitted. (Articles 102.12.1E and 102.13.9)


Facility Standards: The provision allowing a pool recirculation system to be turned off during competition has been deleted. (Article 107.5)


There has also been an administrative rule change that impacts pool competition.


Unattached Swimmers: All competitors in pool competition must belong to a club that is registered with a member Federation. Unattached swimmers will be assigned to UC (Unified Club). (Article 201.3.4)


All rule references are from the 2013 USMS Rule Book.


For any questions about competition rules in Part 1, contact Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair. For any questions about administrative rules in Parts 2 and 4-6, contact Meg Smath, USMS Legislation Chair.

Certification Opportunities
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Upcoming Coach Certification Classes
USMS Certification Pin
Levels 1 and 2

Jan. 5, 2014 Oahu, Hawaii - Online Registration

Jan. 12, 2014  Maui, Hawaii - Online Registration    

Jan. 18, 2014 San Mateo, Calif.

Feb. 24, 2014 Charleston, S.C.

March 8, 2014 San Diego, Calif.


Level 3 (Level II a prerequisite)           

2014 dates to be announced


Contact Bill Brenner for more information.
USMS Coaches Needed for Worlds in Montreal
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computer 100 Help out USMS swimmers attending Worlds

If you're planning to go to Montreal for FINA Worlds Masters next year, and you're a qualified coach who is interested in helping out USMS swimmers at the meet, you can download the application. Apply today to help other Masters swimmers succeed in international competition!

Club and Coach Services
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Need help getting your club up and running?
Help Button

Club and Coach Services Director: Bill Brenner


Club and Coach Services Coordinator: Mel Goldstein 

Free marketing materials are available for USMS programs. Caps, stickers, brochures, etc. 

Small club? Just starting out? Don't have an advertising budget? We have created free templates that you can use to promote your program, your swim meets, and your open water events.

Masters Coaching Opportunities
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Looking for a coach? Looking for a club?
Coaching on Deck
USMS maintains a discussion forum on to match coaches with the clubs that need them. The Coaching Forum has several current threads posted; check back frequently for updates. And remember, if you are hired as a coach or you hire another coach for your club, please update your posting on this helpful forum to save time for others.
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