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The USMS Open Water/Long Distance Season has concluded.
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Congratulations to all participants in our 2013 Long Distance Championship series. You can check out all the results online. We look forward to another great season of racing next summer!
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Do you have a story to tell? We are always interested in hearing from our members about their swimming experiences. We may feature your story on the Web, in STREAMLINES, or in SWIMMER magazine. Write to us at


With Summer Nationals behind us and Convention right around the corner, there's a lot going on inside USMS and this issue! 


Swimming for Life!
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Safety Tips for Open Water Swimming
by Coach Yvette McKechnie, DCRP Masters

I prefer open water to a pool any day. It doesn't mean I don't have a healthy fear of the critters below or other variables, I do. (I could go on and on about lifeguarding drills, feeling nudges in the water, seeing shadows while surfing, and so on.) But one thing is certain, it hasn't stopped me yet! I love the open water and you can embrace it, too, but not without sturdy safety practices and a few basics. Read more...

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3000/6000 Postal Season Gearing Up

Lap SwimJust as the long course postal championship season is winding down (Sept. 15 is the deadline for swimming the Speedo USMS 5K/10K Postal National Championship), the short course postal season is just kicking off. Don't miss this opportunity for both a good workout and a chance to compete nationally from the comfort of your own pool. The Speedo USMS 3000/6000-Yard Postal National Championships open on Sept. 15 and runs through Nov. 25 and can be done in any 25-yard or 25-meter pool. Hosted by Central Illinois Masters, the event is easy to take part in; simply swim the distance and have a counter make note of your split times on the handy split sheet. Then, once you've dried off, you can submit your results and see how you stack up against the competition across the United States. It's a great way to get in a long workout while also getting a taste of some national-level competition. Good luck and swim fast! 

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by Coach Kim Lloyd, Colby-Sawyer Masters

What makes some people winners time after time, while others seem to fall short just as often, or at best, get lucky once in a while? In the recipe for success, a properly set goal is one key ingredient. The other is perseverance--the steadfast pursuit of that goal and a stubborn refusal to accept defeat. Perseverance is a trait that springs directly from attitude. Perseverance is about self-confidence, self-respect, and self-control. It's about loyalty, integrity, and honor. Without perseverance, setting goals is a waste of time. With it, the sky's the limit. The good news is that perseverance is a priceless skill that can be developed through continual study and practice. Read more...

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It's a Wrap for Summer Nationals! 
The 2013 Marriott USMS Summer National Championship was an amazing meet full of fast swims and fun opportunities to connect with swimming friends old and new. Thank you to all the participants for helping make this meet a memorable one. We've posted video coverage of each day, hosted by Olympic gold medalist Misty Hyman and USMS Executive Director Rob Butcher, who had tons of fun making these unique videos each day--don't miss them. 

In addition to the video recaps, you can also view and purchase video footage of your swims thanks to with support from Southern Pacific Masters. Sorted video footage is available to view for free. If you'd like to get a copy of your races, there are download and disc options available. All supporters of coverage buying $25 or more of races will get their names listed as supporters on the video on-demand page.

null And check out the amazing photos Mike Lewis took at the meet for SWIMMER. Lewis is selling images through his website; these photographs make great souvenirs from a memorable meet! He also produced a fun behind-the-scenes video.
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P2LifeInforgraphicSpecial Advertorial

Did you know: One in three Americans over the age of 20 is obese and after age 50, we lose 1 to 2 percent of our muscle mass every year? These and other interesting and possibly worrisome facts are included in P2Life's infographic of the standard American diet. 
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Swimming World Media Partner Offer

SwimmingWorldCoverImageApr2013 An exciting new member benefit is available for USMS members: a 25% discount on a subscription to Swimming World magazine. The Total Access Subscription includes online access to all Swimming World issues, which date back to 1960. Time to take a trip down memory lane--perhaps you'll see your name in old age group meet results. Even better, the subscription includes online access to SWIM magazine, the predecessor of SWIMMER.

Your total access subscription will include the following:

  • UNLIMITED access to and Swimming World Mobile content
  • A print copy of Swimming World magazine MAILED TO YOUR DOORSTEP every month
  • Digital access to all Swimming World Magazine issues, dating back to 1960
  • Access to online archives of SWIM magazine
The magazine, designed as a print and fully interactive digital publication, presents complete national and international coverage of competitive aquatic sports, including swimming, open water, diving, synchro, and water polo. The magazine includes stunning photos, columns, and personality features of age group, high school, college, elite, and Masters athletes; all levels of the sport!
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Great Response From Swimmers!

Researchers at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University were thrilled with the response they received from the callout in the August issue. However, they still need about 30 male swimmers to participate in a research study looking at the long-term effects of sports-related concussions and other brain trauma. If you fit the profile: male 40-69, two years collegiate or higher level swimming, no history of contact sports or brain injury, and are interested in participating, please contact Nate Fritts via email or by phone at 617-414-8391. More information about the study is available online.


Muscle Swim The Sports Medicine and Science Committee is grateful to the more than 1200 respondents to their survey on the drylands habits of Masters Swimmers. The data collected will help the SMS Committee design effective dryland training programs for Masters swimmers. In the next issue, we'll announce the winner of the drawing for some swim gear that was associated with that survey.


Thanks to all who responded for these important research projects!

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Really Cool Website of the Month
With easy-to-navigate event and results listings right on the home page, Minnesota Masters Swimming makes it easy for swimmers to find places and races to swim and keep track of how they did afterward. Making swimming easy is really cool, and so is this website!


To be considered for RCWOM, be sure your club's website includes the current USMS logo and Join/Renew membership button. Submit your club name and web address to
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We've Got Spirit!
Masters of South Texas (MOST)

When one thinks of South Texas, home of 10-gallon hats and cowboy boots, pink bathing suits and fairy wings probably aren't the first items of clothing that spring to mind. But for Henry Hallf and his MOST angels, this is the style du jour in the Lone Star State, at least among this particularly spirited group of Masters swimmers who showed off their wings at Summer Nationals! Glowing in pink from left to right in the back row are: Connie Lindsey, Susan Ingraham, Linda Callaway, Rosana Andrade, and Chris Mayew. From left to right in the front row are: Diane Wheatley, Patricia Cuero, Henry Hallf, Colleen Holloway, Ronda Nisman. Nice wings, gang, but we have a question: Do they help during the 200 fly? If so, we want a pair!
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An interesting discussion is underway on our Facebook page: to use equipment during workouts or not? Matt Yuen suggests you should always bring pool toys to workouts, because: "Otherwise, what are ya gonna throw at the coach when he decreases the interval?" What do you think? Find out what they're saying and join the debate!

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